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How is it easy too....


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2 hours ago, highlanderfromhell said:

Is there an easy guide to doing it?*



*easy defined as my knowledge of computers ends writing BASIC on commodore16 

Not sure you could find a good guide explaining that in particular.

But basically what you will have to do is the following:

1. Start the Editor 2018
2. Click the Rules menu and then "Add nation rules"
3. Choose England and mark "Create New Competitions And Rules"
4. Choose Season Update Day and Season Start Date/End Date click Finish.
5. Now you've loaded up a "clean" English league system. 
6. Add Transfer Windows, Transfer Rules, Discipline Rules, Work Permit Rules
7. Add Divisions - Click on Divisions below Work Permis Rules. Click Add. Start with the Premier Division so choose "Single Division". Pick the Premier Division (11). Here you can set the Sub rules, Promotion and Relegation places as well as Match Day. Click Finish.
8. Click Divisions again, it will expand and show English Premier Division. You will have to edit all the settings there to your liking. You will find one line under English Premier Division that say "Prize Money". Thats where you edit who will get what.

Thats the basics of it. Now you will have to do step 7 to step 8 for every Division you want to add. Note that for Vanarama North/South and below you will want to choose "Contains Sub-Divisions" instead of "Single Division".

You will also have to add Cups, Reserve and Youth leagues and so on.

Hope that will help you enough to get going. If not, give me a shout and I can probably create it for you when I have the time.

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