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  1. Hello Have played about with the data too much before restarting another save but get error about nation must have at least one league or similar. Is there away to go back to raw data? In very layman's terms if possible :-)
  2. Enjoying this, please keep it up. Love the graph
  3. Which British player holds the record for most clubs signed for?
  4. Is there an easy guide to doing it?* *easy defined as my knowledge of computers ends writing BASIC on commodore16
  5. I'm about to buy fm18, how easy would it be to either: Change English leagues have 10 relegation/promotion places? Or Amend prize money so relegated team get most prize money and the champions get the least? Cheers in advance
  6. Scotland have no promotion to/from third division until recently. are there any leagues (without downloading leagues) with no promotion/relegation. I want to set all teams up as the same, ie rep, training ground, finances? thank you
  7. I have a career game going but, I like to do other odd saves to see how the game pads out, in past I've set all teams in Scotland to same reputation, put all teams in admin at the start. This time id to change the prize money for the leagues so that winner gets the lowest prize and relegated team gets the most? Is it possible?
  8. im about to buy FM15 but whats the most even league i can play from the choice of leagues at the start or can be added from the editors hideaway? one where theres not 3/4 dominant teams
  9. I mean, if I were to engineer a set of circumstances that all Premiership clubs fail FPP does it goto Championship team or is there some random FIFA rule that says only top tier teams can qualify.
  10. hello, looking for a bit of help. after getting bored of my long term save and deleting it. I went to start a new game but the performance and game speed star only show 1 gold star each, im sure they 4 and 4.5 when I started last game? any ideas what's caused this ? thank you in advance
  11. well that gives my age away. another question, playing as Man City, im 2 seasons in and had no youths come through at start of season, when are they generated ?
  12. get my squad to show as 2 columns rather than one that I have to scroll down?
  13. bit of a technophob. is my laptop good enough to run FM14 with all Eng/Scot leagues loaded. 4GB ram, 2.27 GHZ processor. if more info needed plz let me know, may need idiots guide to finding it.
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