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Expectations and suggestions for future versions of fm


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1. The character of the player increases the "performance desire". A player with a high "performance desire" and a low "professionalism" will be more likely to "catch a teammate's penalty free kick". "If the chance is not good, choose a shot instead of a pass." In the case of the situation, it will be easier to perform better when the audience is more.
2. The system will automatically record the number of stars such as Messi Ronaldo (the player can also manually select a player) the highest value of the entire career ca, the future players can readily compare the values with these retired legends for many years.
Reason: Let those random players have more "humanity" and be more remembered by the players, thus increasing the sense of substitution of the game.

3. Increase the "club honor room" as an independent interface
Reasons: The existing interface of the club “profile” or “milestone” is too simple. It does not pay enough attention to the awards and honors presented and introduced by the club. The honor that the club has won should be the most sacred place of the club. This represents the history and heritage of this club, and it can also bring a sense of mission and motivation to the new players who join the club! It is recommended to add the “club honor room” as an independent interface to the “history” column of the club. The “Club Honor Room” interface will record some of the highest light moments in club history in the form of trophies and photographs. The photo is a photo of all the players of the champions who played in the tournament for a certain number of times. Clicking on a player will show the player's history. The introduction of the legendary players can be more vivid, the image can be made into a newspaper-like style, insert a few players' career highlights, screenshots or scores, and even awards. (The big game is a lore, the penalty is saved), and the text is added next to it.

4. Club history
Increase the difficulty of becoming a club "appreciating people", "signing people", "legendary" conditions, and becoming a legendary person can have the opportunity to name a grandstand, build a bronze statue outside the stadium, and even name a new stadium (increased difficulty) The bronze statue will be seen in the "club honor room", even the players themselves have the opportunity to become a club legend and build a bronze statue. As the players achieve more and more achievements in the club, the historical position of the club will come. The higher ("appreciating people", "signal characters", "legendary"), the player can participate in some of the club's things more at a higher stage, such as "first stage" new to a club only Can do some basic players to buy and sell tactics and other work, and after the "second stage" (appreciation of people) can be based on player preferences to select some satellite clubs until the "fourth stage" (legendary The player is already a club-like character, like Sir Alex Ferguson in Manchester United, and its influence can even be said. Forcing the board of directors, you can now personally formulate the club's main tactical guidelines (short pass control, direct pass counterattack, etc.), and team building programs (reusing young players, reusing domestic players, etc.), can participate in the pricing of tickets and season tickets, Now it is also possible to "test" the board of directors. Even if the request is rejected by the board of directors, it can be assured that the media will be released. The board does not dare to let the players go to class.

After the club reaches a certain scale, you can choose to hold some activities during the offseason or when the schedule is not intensive, such as “charity reception”, “visiting orphanage”, etc. The visual manifestation is short-term loss of money and slight fatigue of the players, in exchange for the club. After a while, the number of prestige and supporters increased. The same event is limited to 1 time per year.

Reasons: Not only can it give players a great sense of accomplishment, but also allow players to have a quiet place to relive when they are exhausted by one after another, and to regain the motivation for the game, remember Every hard-won championship trophy, every once-highlight moment, not immediately after being won the championship, is immediately forgotten by the player.

5. Player/club relationship can float
The value of “Nasty People” floats. This index can be used to redeem or reduce hostile relationships in important events (final, semi-final, World Cup, European Cup, upgrade relegation wars, etc.) or cause serious injuries and other events (Kien and Harold) (Keen and Vieira) (Beckham and Simone) (Zidane and Materazzi) (Neymar and Suniga) team competitors, deadly enemies can float, some rivals The formation is not a historical reason, but a huge controversy caused by several fights in recent years. The hidden attribute of the "dead enemy" can pass the "winning in the finals", "the red card in the final" and "relegated by the opponent". "The elimination of incidents during the knockout phase by accident factors (false judgments, red cards, etc.)"

6. Significantly increase AI manager (master)
I hope to improve the role of the AI coach in the game, reflecting the obvious difference between the coaches with high and low abilities. Increasing reputation is important to the head coach. Low reputation will cause some high-ranking players to disobey and increase the preference of each random coach. For example, the old-school English coach likes to buy tall and strong players, and some coaches like to buy speed. Some like the delicate technology under the feet, some like to buy the Mavericks under the age of 20, some like to buy veterans over the age of 30, and some prefer to use the lower air center of the ca, and do not want to use the higher dexterity of ca Shooter and so on. The same team has different coaches to bring out the results, the team building ideas and styles are very different.
7. Improve the player trading system in the AI club
Increase the rationality of AI coach buying, rather than squandering, non-luxury teams will not hoard too many players in the same position; the top AI coach will actively enrich the diversity of club players, for example, there will be many tall and strong central defenders in the team. After that, I was more inclined to look for some flexible and fast-style midfielder to complement the team. After having a strong high center with a header, I am more inclined to look for some players with strong cross-border skills.

8. Random person system:
The random person's CA must be greatly reduced, reducing the probability of high ca players appearing. After three or four years of opening, there will be a group of 17-year-old small C Ronaldo Messi who have not played a few games and can become a team. The core prodigy! More reasonable brush out the relevant attributes of players at each position. For example, the height of the midfielder can not be lower than the height. The shorter the height, the higher the flexibility of the player. The difference between the head and the bouncing attribute cannot exceed 50%. Similarly, the difference between the speed and the explosive power cannot exceed 50%. The corner and the free kick cannot. The difference is more than 50% and so on.

The random person's PA must also have a certain degree of decline, reducing the probability of high pa players appearing, to prevent a group of people who are about 20 years old and reach 170 after the opening of the file, the monster of 190 or more pa, the country's annual brushing out The average pa of all random people must be equal to the average pa of the existing national players, and there is a small adjustment according to changes in the national team and league reputation. For example, after five years of opening the game, the Chinese Super League became the first league in Asia. The Chinese national team ranked first in Asia, and the Chinese calf pa that was brushed out would increase slightly. The Italian League is not as good as a year, and the pas of the Mavericks brushed out a few years later should be slightly lowered.

Regarding the random players, after a few years of opening the game, we often see that there is no sign in a team suddenly appearing a 18, 19-year-old genius boy, just like the previous day has not suddenly emerged. And the initial attributes of the coming up are no less than the main force of the majors.

If one day there is a superstar like Cromeis on Earth, it is absolutely impossible to wait until he is 19 years old to be discovered. Therefore, the situation that a Mavericks who joined the professional club at the age of 19 has a potential of 190 is obviously too unreal.

I think if you can have such a setting:
The random person who is 19 years old is capped at 130, and the upper limit of pa is 150.
The random person who is 18 years old and under 19 years old has an upper limit of 130 and a maximum of 160.
The random person who is 17 years old and under the age of 18 has an upper limit of 125 and a maximum of 170.
The random person who is 16 years old and under 17 years old has an upper limit of 120 and a maximum of 180.
The random person who is 15 years old and under 16 years old has an upper limit of 115 and a maximum of 190 pa.
The random person who is under the age of 15 has a cap of 110 and a limit of 200.

That is to say, those children who enter the professional club at the age of 14 have the opportunity to become the world's top players. If you want to become a high-latency Maverick, you must have to train for many years of professional football. For example, Messi, a very few talented youngsters, 14 years old, ca, 110, pa, 195, apprentice, 1 year, 15 years old, ca rose to 125, the next year, 16 years old, ca rose to 140, began to rotate, the effect is good, start playing The main force has reached the age of 17 already has almost 160 ca, this time basically stable first, and become the absolute core of the team in a few years!

9. Physical training facilities are classified according to various values

Enrich the content of the game, several attributes must be purchased for the corresponding training equipment, the various equipments are also different according to the price of the star, such as the price of the training player strength is 100,000 euros, the effect is 3 stars, but the training power The price of the facility is 30,000 Euros and the effect is only 1 star.

10.3d The player's height difference is not obvious, I hope to improve.

Increase clap, hug, stacking arhats and more to celebrate the action, increase the caddy's 3D picture of the ball, increase the various events in the game, such as the situation where someone in the team is shovel, etc., there is a certain probability that he has a good relationship with him. The teammates will rush to argue with the foulers. There are a few chances that there will be a few sports ethics that are relatively low, and the relatively dirty teammates and the opponents will fight. Teammates with bad internal relations, who have low professional ranks will not pass each other and reduce the performance of each other.
       Various special moments are added to the game screen, such as the club's legendary player's "The XXX appearance ceremony", and the ceremony can be seen in the 3D screen before the game begins.

11. Increase the number of emergencies in training
Team members with poor relationship during training may fight each other, get injured, and be warned or fined in the team.


Some of these suggestions come from what I have collected from other players or forums. I hope that the future officials can consider these suggestions. After all, we all hope that the fm series will get better and better.I really like fm!!!:):):)

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Finally, there is an immature suggestion. I hope to change the development cycle of the fm series. Each change will be released to mid-September (after two weeks of the European major league transfer deadline), from one year to two years, reducing the current situation. Some semi-finished products that come out of work to increase the maturity of the game. And after the release of the new work, a rich upgrade package will be released in mid-February and mid-September every year. Until 2 years later, the new package will be released. The patch package will be updated from the match engine to the player transfer to the database, including other content. But there is an extra charge, and the profit should not be too much worse than the annual one, but this will make each game content richer, more playable, more classic and more mature. (Bug fixes are not charged)

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