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    After playing fm2019 beta for half a day

    Many of the random young players in the opening are high PA players. It is more realistic to reduce the random high PA young players in the later versions.
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    Enhancements that would help

    good idea
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    After playing fm2019 beta for half a day

    The League played three rounds, with an average injury of three people per game and a one or two month injury.
  4. There are too many injuries, and it's very easy to get hurt, and the injury is too long. It's very uncomfortable. And the penalty hit rate is a bit low. I hope the later version can be adjusted.
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    [Suggestion] Dynamic PA

    good idea
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    Market Value Graph

    good idea
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    Suggestion - Chairman personalities

    That's a good idea.
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    That's a good idea. I agree with you.
  9. 1.After acquiring a club, as the owner, you can formulate business strategies, select board members and interview coaches, and so on. You can even make suggestions on the purchase of players, or you can sell the profits at the right time and then buy other clubs. Watching all of their clubs grow up step by step, this sense of accomplishment is also very great. 2, buying personal appearance. When the kneading system began to emerge, it was possible to enrich the game and use personal wages to buy looks, such as hair changes, tattoos, clothes and looks. Of course, if you want to attract more attention and input from the players, I suggest adding more scenarios or pictures of the coach, such as talking to the players in the dressing room, attending press conferences, close-ups of on-site conductors, celebrating the championship after winning. 3. Improve personal abilities. At this stage, the personal ability of the head coach is very free. If you want to increase the game experience, you can also consider combining personal salary. For example, when you open the file, the head coach can only set a maximum of 100 points (total), earn money in the game, you can spend the salary to participate in coach training, in order to improve personal skill points. Or do it more interestingly, you can increase the options for paying for the team and paying for the study abroad, and you can quickly improve your personal ability. Another part of the non-training ability, such as the ability to communicate with young players, can be increased through paid interaction with the player (please gather, etc.). 4.Improve player status. When training has been unable to improve the team, players'morale, it may be useful to use some money can play a role in the options (see movies, team outreach dinner, etc.) to achieve the purpose of improving the players, team morale.
  10. Changes in players 1. player injury number changed to floating. It is recommended that a player's injury number be increased by 50% for every 3-6 months and by 1-3 points for every 3-6 months, and a player's injury number be increased by 2-5 points for every 6 months or more of serious injuries. The message box will say, "This serious injury makes the player's physique more fragile." Likewise, clubs can offer players who have increased the number of injuries due to injuries to the top sports specialist hospitals for rehabilitation treatment, which again reduces the number of injuries attributed to serious injuries. The price is 20,000 Euros per month, the 2-4-point casualty attribute is reduced randomly, the 2-month treatment price is 50,000 Euros, the 3-5-point casualty attribute is reduced randomly, and the 3-month treatment price is 200,000 Euros. After the treatment, the message box will say, "After the rehabilitation of the top international sports specialist hospital, the player's body will become more healthy and strong, not easily injured" words. Reason: In real life, a lot of players are injured early in their careers, but in the middle and late stages until retirement are very healthy; there are also many players who are very healthy early and have experienced many injuries late. Therefore, the players' injuries and injuries in the game are fixed. I think it is unreasonable. The advantage of changing injury numbers to floats is to give players more possibilities. The owners hope that there will be examples of players who have had a good early career because of one or several major injuries that have gone from bad to worse, and players who have suffered serious injuries in their early years but have recovered from patience. Players'careers are closer to reality and give our players who have suffered serious injuries a chance to return to the top of the game. 2. player's character increases "performance desire" a value. Players with high expressiveness and low professionalism are more likely to snatch free kicks from teammates, shoot rather than pass when opportunities are poor, and perform better when the audience is large. Players with high expressiveness and low professionalism are more likely to snatch free kicks from teammates, shoot rather than pass when opportunities are poor, and perform better when the audience is large. Club improvement 1. player history The system automatically records the CA peak values of stars such as Messi Ronaldo (players can also manually select a player) throughout their careers, and future players can always compare them with those who have been retired for many years. Reason: Make random players more "human" and more memorable, thus increasing the sense of substitution. 2. increase the independent interface of "club honor room". Reason: The existing club "profile" or "milestone" interface is too simple, the club has won the awards and honors presented and introduced insufficient attention, the club has won the honor should be the most sacred place of the club, which represents the club's history and heritage, but also. The new players who can join the club can bring a sense of mission and motivation. It is proposed to increase the "club honor room" independent interface to the club's "history" column. The "Club Honor Room" interface will record some of the greatest moments in the club's history in the form of trophies and photographs against a window. And the photo is a picture of all the players who were the champions of the year. Click on the photo to show the player's history. Reason: Not only does it give players a great sense of accomplishment, but it also gives them a quiet place to relive the momentum of the game, to remember every hard-won Championship trophy, every golden moment, not just when they are exhausted by the devil's schedule one after another. After winning the championship, they will be forgotten by the players immediately. 3. club history Increase the difficulty of being the "admirer", "icon" and "legend" of the club, and become a legend to have the opportunity to name a bleacher, build a bronze statue outside the stadium, even name a new stadium (increased difficulty), and even the player himself has the opportunity to become a club legend and build one. A bronze statue, as players get more and more achievements in the club, has a higher and higher place in the club's history ("admirers", "icons", "legends") at a higher stage each player can participate more in the club's things, such as the "first stage" to a new one. Clubs can only do the most basic job of players trading tactics and so on, and after the "second stage" (appreciator) can be based on the player's preference for some satellite club selection, etc., until the "fourth stage" (legendary) players have been the club's godlike character, for example Sir Alex Ferguson's influence with Manchester United can even be said to be close to the board of directors, and he can now personally determine the club's main tactics (short pass control, direct counterattack, etc.) and team building programs (reuse of young players, reuse of domestic players, etc.) to participate in the pricing of tickets and season tickets, and now he can. The pressure on the board of directors, even if the request is rejected by the board of directors can also be disclosed to the media, the board dare not easily let the coach dismiss. 4. the relationship between players / clubs can float. Numbers of "annoying people" fluctuate, and the index can float or fall in hostilities (Keane and Harold) (Keane and Vieira) (Beckham and Simone) in important matches (finals, semi-finals, World Cup, European Cup, relegation upgrades, etc.) or in events such as serious injuries (Keane and Harold) (Keane and Vieira) (Beckham and Simone). Zidane and Materazzi (Neymar and Sunica) team rivals, rivals can float, some of the formation of the deadly enemy is not historical reasons, but in recent years caused by several opponents of the great controversy caused by the "deadly enemy" this hidden attribute can be "win or lose in the final", "red card" in the final. Accumulation of events such as being defeated by an opponent leading to relegation, being knocked out of the knockout phase by unexpected factors (misjudgement, red cards, etc.) (Barcelona and Chelsea) (Brazil and Germany) Personal information about favorite players, staff, clubs, and so on is based on color to distinguish degree, default color and player habitual position color is the same, bright green represents favorite, red represents the most annoying. AI system 1 substantially increase AI manager's intelligence Hope to be able to improve the role of AI coaches in the game, reflecting the ability of coaches between high and low obvious differences. Increasing prestige is important to coaches. Low prestige can lead to disobedience by some high prestige players and increase the preference of each stochastic coach. For example, old-fashioned British coaches like to buy tall and strong players, some coaches like to buy speed players, some coaches like to buy subtle footwork, some like to buy under 20 calves, some like to enjoy it. Buy veterans over the age of 30, some would rather use a lower CA air-power center than a higher Ca smart shooter and so on. The same team, different coaches brought out the results, the team mentality and play are very different.、 2. improving player trading system in AI Club The top AI coaches will take the initiative to enrich the diversity of the club's players, for example, after the team has many tall and strong centre-backs, they are more likely to look for some flexible and fast-moving centre-backs to supplement the team. After having a high center with strong headers, they are more inclined to find some players with strong ability to pass the ball. 3 improve the player's value system in AI club. Player pricing criteria should refer to "age", "capa", "attribute allocation", "historical performance score", "recent performance score", "historical injury situation". 4. random person system: Random man's CA must be drastically reduced, reducing the probability of high-Ca players, to eliminate the opening three or four years after the emergence of a group of 17-year-old C Ronaldinho Messi did not play a few games out of the team can become the core of the monster! It is more reasonable to brush out the relevant attributes of players in different positions. For example, the height of the defender can not be less than how much, the shorter the player is more flexible, header and bounce attributes can not be more than 50%; similar speed and explosive attributes can not be more than 50%, corner and free kick can not be more than 50% difference and so on. Random person's PA must also be reduced to a certain extent, reducing the probability of high PA players, eliminating the sudden emergence of a group of 20-year-old or so after the opening three or four years of ca, 190 PA monsters, the country's annual average of all random person's PA must be equal to the average of existing national players, and according to their national team And the league's prestige changed slightly. For example, five years after the start of the Chinese Super League has become Asia's top prestige league, China's national team ranked first in the world in Asia, China's young players Pa will also be slightly improved. The Italy League is not as good as a year, but after a few years, the PA of the calf should also be slightly reduced. As for random players, a few years after the start of the game, we often see a team suddenly appear without warning of an 18 or 19-year-old genius, as if he had not popped up the day before. Moreover, the initial attribute of the first team is no less than the main force of the big teams. If one day a future superstar like Ronaldo Messi appears on Earth, it is impossible to wait until he is 19 to be discovered. So it's obviously not true that a 19-year-old Maverick who joins a professional club has the potential to reach 190. I think it would be nice to have such a setting. The maximum CA limit for the 19 year old man is 130 and the PA limit is 150. The maximum CA limit for the 18 year old man under the age of 19 is 130 and the PA limit is 160. The maximum CA limit for the 17 year old man under the age of 18 is 125 and the PA limit is 170. The maximum CA limit for the 16 year old man under the age of 17 is 120 and the PA limit is 180. The maximum CA limit for the 15 year old man under the age of 16 is 115 and the PA limit is 190. The upper limit of Ca for random people under 15 is 110, and the upper limit of PA is 200. That is to say, those who enter professional clubs at the age of 14 are more likely to become top stars in the world, if you want to become a high-potential Mavericks you have to undergo years of professional football training, from an early age. Messi, for example, is a very small number of talented teenagers, 14 years old when the Ca 110, PA value 195, 15 years old when the Ca went up to 125, 16 years old the next year when the CA rose to 140 to start a rotation, the effect is good to start playing the main force to 17 years old has been almost 160 ca, this time basically stable first, a few years later become a team. To the core! Random people are 90 percent more likely to have their own idols, famous stars in their own countries or world stars in the same position 10 to 20 years older than themselves. Random people have a 30% chance of having their favorite number, goalkeeper 90% likes No. 1, striker 50% likes No. 9, waist 50% likes No. 10, winger 50% likes No. 7 and so on. 5. data statistics: Increase more detailed statistics and personal statistics, such as "the number of goals / shots" and "the number of shots per game", "the number of shots per game", "the number of shots per game", "the number of shots per game", "the number of team goals / shots per game", "the number of shots per game" and "the number of shots per game" and all statistics can be switched at will during each season. 6. competition 3D picture: The height difference between the players in the 3D picture is not obvious, and I hope it can be improved. Increase the number of celebrations such as clapping, hugging and folding arhats, increase the number of caddies picking up balls for three days, increase the number of unexpected events in the game, such as a team with someone being tackled, there is a certain probability that a few good teammates with him will rush up and argue with the foul, a minimum probability of a few relatively low sports ethics, dirty appearance. Fight against high teammates and opponents. For teammates who are not good at internal relations, they will not pass the ball with each other and reduce their performance. A variety of special moments, such as the club's legendary player's "club XXX appearance commemoration ceremony", can be seen in the game before the start of the ceremony. 7. training: Increasing unexpected events in training Players who have bad relationships in training may fight with each other and get hurt. They can be warned or punished.