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The end

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Having played and loved Championship Manager (for that is what it still is, in everything but name) for around 15 years since its very first incarnation, it saddens me to see what's happened to the game over the last two years. As far as I'm concerned, all the things I enjoyed so much about the series have been leeched out of it in favour of completely pointless additions that don't so much hinder gameplay as utterly ruin it. The beauty of, say, the 2003 or 2006 updates was the relative intelligence (you made sensible changes - they mostly worked) and the reliability of the game database. Now even that seems to have been compromised, and design appears to have been undertaken with cosmetics first and underlying mechanics last to the extent that the game is whittled down to a series of seemingly uncontrollable random events.

Very disappointed - can anyone point me to an up-to-date Mac database for 2006/2007?

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