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  1. Can you lot not play nicely? There are way too many posts causing me to have to read reported posts in Mods. Keep it friendly and respectful, OR ELSE.
  2. It's on the back of the manual.
  3. Buy two more copies from somewhere like for a total of around £35.
  4. No player tipping in this forum please. Use the Good Player Guide forum.
  5. a crash dump is created by the game to give the tech people at SI some insight into what caused the crash. These files are nothing to worry about, there's no need to delete them. I realise that this doesn't help you play the game, sorry.
  7. Now if all the people out there with rubbish graphics cards can upgrade then SI can get to work making more realistic looking crowds, with 3-d models not sprites.
  8. Please report this bug in the Bugs Forum and upload the pkm file for this match. Details of how to save and upload the pkm here.
  9. That's your cpu. You need to update the drivers for your graphics card.
  10. I guess he thinks you should be building the side around him, rather than slotting him in.
  11. In a word, yes. Unless you are doing a whole lot of video encoding that is. For FM you'd see no improvement in processing speed.