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FM16 - can't loan: lots of interest, no offers


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Hey guys! I've encountered a puzzling problem with loaning a player. I'm in Championship with Sheff Utd, 2nd season.

His name is Ramy Bensabaini and he needs a work permit which he's been unable to get so far. I'd like to loan him in the meantime so he can get some play time. When I offered him on loan he's received interest from over 100 (!) clubs. I keep offering him everyday, he's listed too and the interested club list has been this high for over a month (70-120 clubs on average, most of them major interest). I tried disabling his loan status, I tried waiting a few days between offering him again, targeting him directly at a few of the interested clubs, but nothing has helped - I'm getting no offers. In the meantime I've managed to loan out similar players for nice monthly fees, but poor Ramy has been offered for anything from 0% salary contribution to 100% and a 40k monthly fee - nothing works.

Has anyone had something like this and did you manage to find a solution? I've googled, but haven't found a similar problem description.


/edit: forgot to mention that this one month period has been during the June-August transfer window.

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Are the clubs interested in areas where a wp wouldn't be an issue?

It may just be the case that the clubs are monitoring him and are interested in the player but don't actually see a loan for that particular player as viable.

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I'd like to unbury this thread, because I encountered another similar issue in that save.

So with Ramy not being able to obtain a WP or get loaned I finally decided to sell him and received offers, deal went through.

However, now I'm having a problem with a regen I bought. He's a Colombian striker and has incredible potential. I can't get a WP for him yet, so I decided to loan him again (he's played on loan before). I received a lot of offers, but because I put the cost relatively high and I wasn't happy with the clubs that came (below Superb facilities and not from top leagues), I decided to refuse them all and put him up again cheaper. I also specified the preferred position. However, this time I received no offers, despite 80 interested clubs. I've since tried everything I could think of, with the interested clubs always very high. I managed to get a WP affiliate (PSV), but I can't send him there either (the time message comes, I click ok and nothing happens). I even saved the game and created another manager to see if I could send an offer or receive an offer, but when I sent it didn't appear on the other profile both ways. I then decided to sell the player, but also without any offers, even at 1k (dude is worth 700k and huge potential). Because he's fairly loyal I told the player to find a new club, but that also didn't help. I checked all transfer options and all was in order.

Eventually, after giving him a new contract didn't work, I decided to release and resign him. I offered him a contract, he accepted after a few days and joined the team. Got the news pieces about him joining, accepted the signing, he's on the squad lists and in tactics (though still requires a WP), but in his profile it says he's available on free transfer (+FrA icon) and has wages on 0, the rest not listed. I can't offer him, can only offer to sign him (even though I just did...). So I did offer him to join the club again: same happened and now I have two copies of him on the squad :D:D Both with limited options (can move between squads, can approach to sign, get coach report, but can't e.g. do any training on him),

Did anyone have this issue and if so, how did you handle it? It seems like those refused loan offers completely broke him in game.

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