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  1. Hi! I just recently decided to start posting, because I feel I've gotten decent enough at the game after months of research on all aspects of FM and then playing. Seems like thanks to others sharing their knowledge I've learned enough to share mine and give back I decided to write up a summary of my FM16 Sheff Utd save, unintentionally 'hijacking' a thread from another user who decided to play Sheff Utd in FM17. Took me 7 months to finish five seasons by being the most meticulous as possible, maximizing every profit, building the best scouting team in the game, scouting regens like crazy,
  2. Pretty good names, should make a profit on them in the future! Probably pretty obvious, but something I do in lower leagues when I believe I'll be able to move up with teams is give as little money upfront as possible and put as much as possible in the 50 match clause and int clause (if they'll bite). Though the player will cost more this way most of the time, it allows to invest into more players on a limited budget and the net profit at the end is higher, when upgrading the squad a season or two later. edit: Also, most of the time these aren't players I plan to build my team around for
  3. Oh btw. you can sell Louis Reed for significantly more after two seasons of development and good results. I only got 10m because I needed him the last year of contract and sold him during the winter break when most teams were not willing to give the full value due to the expiring contract. I reckon 16-20m is very doable for him at that time, maybe even more on FM17.
  4. Good luck! I did my main game on FM16 as Sheff Utd and challenge you to match what I've accomplished as encouragement! Sadly, the sugardaddy you're hoping to inject money only gave me a few mil over my career, but at least it was enough to invest in a few promising, cheaper regens after first season. First he injected a few after the first season, then a few more after the second. It was pretty disappointing, especially when soon after that he proclaimed the team in good standing and that he'd back off from active support. Also no luck with clauses for me, didn't cash in on them at all, no buy
  5. In the past it's helped to push it all the way to the left and it would 'unlock', where pushing back to the right would allow you to increase. I imagine because 17 is barely different from 16 in most things, it could still work.
  6. Hola, wasn't sure whether to put this in bugs/tac forum, or here, but figured it's too common to be a bug and is rather a match engine issue or a tactic issue. So I've noticed and consistently had this issue in my fifth season on FM16. Every time we retrieve or clear the ball for a counter attack around center field, my players (mostly regens) run wide with the ball, always aiming at getting as wide as possible. It doesn't matter whether they have a clear path to the goal or if it's a 3v1 situation, or whatever, they just dribble wide and aim to eventually cross or sometimes even run with
  7. I'd like to unbury this thread, because I encountered another similar issue in that save. So with Ramy not being able to obtain a WP or get loaned I finally decided to sell him and received offers, deal went through. However, now I'm having a problem with a regen I bought. He's a Colombian striker and has incredible potential. I can't get a WP for him yet, so I decided to loan him again (he's played on loan before). I received a lot of offers, but because I put the cost relatively high and I wasn't happy with the clubs that came (below Superb facilities and not from top leagues), I d
  8. Thanks so much for the replies guys! Aktsjon Mann, what you said made me think of another thing. In FM15 I've seen direct free hits result in goals at least some of the time, even by weaker players in that department, but in FM16 I don't recall it happen at all in the 6 seasons I played through. Is it anywhere close to real world, where top players score 10-15% of their direct kicks? More stuff that I'd like to ask about: I've often taught my players round keeper and lob keeper PPMs depending on their skillset, but I haven't actually ever seen someone dribble past a keeper or lob him. Is
  9. Hey there everyone! Dear friends who have had the opportunity to test the new product and have played for a bit. So just as many others I'm not exactly excited by what FM17 is bringing, but after hearing all the official hype about improvements to the engine—especially concerning players being smarter—I'm genuinely curious if some of the good old crappy things got fixed or if it's just the standard case of empty promises. So: 1. Do players still do dumb stuff that no sane real football player would do? E.g. not trapping the ball when in no immediate danger and just kicking/hea
  10. No, clubs are from all over Europe, so no wp issues for them. I suppose you're right, but can't believe that none of them would bite considering he would be a solid Championship player if he could play atm.
  11. He gets injured relatively often. Both cool talents - today together with Piotr Zielinski they were the midfield backbone of my Polish 2016 European champions team unbeaten while going through Italy 1-0, Sweden 2-0 and Belgium 4-2 in groups, Denmark 2-2 in Ro16 (penalties), France 2-2 in Ro8 (penalties), Portugal 3-1 in semis and Germany 1-0 in the final. Still can't believe we won all matches against such strong opposition with such a lacking team despite tiredness, injury problems and the obvious lineup quality gap.
  12. Hey guys! I've encountered a puzzling problem with loaning a player. I'm in Championship with Sheff Utd, 2nd season. His name is Ramy Bensabaini and he needs a work permit which he's been unable to get so far. I'd like to loan him in the meantime so he can get some play time. When I offered him on loan he's received interest from over 100 (!) clubs. I keep offering him everyday, he's listed too and the interested club list has been this high for over a month (70-120 clubs on average, most of them major interest). I tried disabling his loan status, I tried waiting a few days between offering h
  13. Awesome, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences with me, guys! Judging by this I assume this can be turned around then, based on what podunkboy says. I was worried it would go the 'spiraling out of control' way no matter what, like in your case Wizard boy. A month in-game time later he stills is in the same place. Can't say if he's playing worse, but no updates about this in any direction. So far so good. If he keeps complaining I'll just cash in the value and try to find someone equally promising. For anyone who might google this at some point and wonders what the result was: my p
  14. Hey guys, I know there are similar topics, I've searched. Unfortunately most of them are for other FM versions (don't know differences, this is my first one) and then also I didn't see anyone with this particular issue. So I had a winter break training camp and I couldn't add one of my stars to the roster, because he was unavailable traveling for international matches. He came back AFAIR shortly after it started and threw a big tantrum about how I left him out of the roster and how he'll make me regret it and ruin squad morale. Yeah, I know, wtf. Outside of this being very annoying, because I
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