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Game & Heart breaking GM Career design problem/error

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During my first GM job I got fired after 2.5 years. The following year the team (without me), with only 1 or 2 player changes, lost in the Conference Finals.

Coached my way from OHL to AHL to NHL and eventually got re-hired by the original team. I was #2 in the world as far as GM rep. goes.

I had a helluva situation to repair. Luckily I get to draft and manage free agency.

Once the season starts, I work on further improving the team but the Board was angry from the start, even when I started the season 7-2. From there it got rocky. Fired the coach, looking for trades and boom...fired at the end of November - two months into the season. I think my history from the first 2.5 years continued into the new phase. I've never seen such a lack of tolerance for a new GM.

I would think the team hires you again because they realize they let a great GM go. If that is the case, then the history should be reset.

It took me more than 300 hours to get back to the only team I wanted to coach only to find out it is not possible.

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Was this fixed with the latest patch?
Did you send you save in for Riz to look at?

Yours is the only mention of this issue I can recall.....

It took me more than 300 hours to get back to the only team I wanted to coach only to find out it is not possible
You do realize you can just assign yourself as a GM right?

If you let the game decide, you may not get what you want.....but as it is a game, there is the option just to assign yourself to a team

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Do you have saved games from your career that you could upload ? There are a lot of factors that come into play with GM hiring and confidence, so adjusting these things would require taking an in-depth look at the relevant saved games to see what is going on in the first place.

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I've uploaded 3 files to /fm/game-save:

- RWA.sav which is my last save file as the Red Wings GM (my job prior to getting hired by the Flyers)

- FlyB_1.sav which should be the earliest save file as the new Flyers GM (looks like an auto save)

- FlyB.sav which is the save soon after I was fired as the Flyers GM (the second time as their GM).

Again, I started my career as Flyers GM. I then became GM of Sault Ste Marie. Then the San Diego Gulls. Then the Detroit Red Wings. Finally, the Flyers for the second run. Fired pretty quickly. Much less tolerance than with any of my other jobs. I was the #6 GM in the world when I was hired by the Flyers for the second time.

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