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  1. Hi all, As posted in the other thread, we are currently internally testing a beta version of update 1.5 for the Steam version of EHM. As the pre-game editor features were taking a long time to implement and a lot of other fixes and tweaks have gone in since the last update, we decided to move the editor features down the line and start internally testing the 1.5 update already. To keep you up to date on what the next patch is expected to include, here's a preview of the current changelist: Changelist for 1.5.0f (work-in-progress, no release date scheduled yet) =====================
  2. Since it has been asked about lately, I thought I'd post a bit of info on how we simulate the games in EHM and how this relates to the "Detail Level" options screen in the game: We have two separate simulation engines in the game: The full 2D simulation engine, which plays out the action in 1/4s slices and simulates every movement and action of the players on the ice for the whole game. Obviously this can be quite time-consuming since it really tries to mimic an actual game in full detail. This 2D engine is by default used for all leagues that have human managed teams in them.
  3. We are still working on an 1.5 patch at the moment. We're hoping to have some more news on this soon.
  4. Just a quick update here on what is going on with patch 1.5. So the editor features have turned out to be very time consuming and all the while there have been a lot of gameplay tweaks and small improvements done elsewhere in the game. So we have considered moving the pre-game editor feature to the next patch (1.6) and concentrate our efforts on getting all the other updates and improvements out to the public in a 1.5 patch. There is currently no release schedule set for this patch but obviously it would massively expedite the release of 1.5 if we moved the work-in-progress editor features one
  5. When we get to the stage where we have a beta ready, we can do a beta test via Steam I believe. If/when we can do that, I'll probably post here for volunteers.
  6. Unfortunately development is still slow and I've not had too much extra time to put into EHM so far this year. I am however working on the editor this week though and have completed some game-side changes earlier this year already as well. I did get some work done around Xmas as well on EHM, so there has been some progress despite all the quiet time here on the forums. One thing I can reveal from the 1.5 changelist at this point is something that has been asked for many times: editing contract details like clauses, performance bonuses and yearly salaries plus the contract cap hit will be a par
  7. Unfortunately 1.5 won't be ready for Christmas/New Year as it will require heavy testing first before it can be released as there is a lot to test with the editor functionalities for example. So even if the actual coding work is completed, it'll still take a bit more time after that to test and finetune everything for release again. I'll try and see if we can do a sneakpeak of the changelist at some point.
  8. Yes. With the FM cycle easing up a bit after the release, I've now had a bit more time for EHM as well again. Progress is slow but steady. The changelist for 1.5 is already quite long, obviously the editor features are a big chunk of it but there have been a lot of gameplay and UI tweaks as well already.
  9. Sorry for the lack of updates here, but this year has been a hectic one for me with regards to FM work, which has meant very little time allocated for any EHM development since early on in the year. The 1.5 update is still very much in the works, even though progress has been even slower this year than the year before. Unfortunately due to my work commitments with FM this year, any major works on the EHM update would have required me to work outside of normal office hours (much like I did earlier to bring EHM back to Steam). However, as noted before, that has not been possible as we have
  10. Not sure if you've seen my tweet about it, but yeah the Olympics related functionality tweak was to add a new extra rule that can be added to custom North American leagues to prevent them from sending players to participate in the Olympics.
  11. Yes, the plan is to add support for the new format in 1.5 as well (it's actually next on my to-do list after I finish a small Olympics related tweak I'm working on). I'm hoping to also add some more customization for the licenses given to include teams in continental comps to allow people to have more say in what leagues take part etc.
  12. The threads here do not go unnoticed even though they don't get posted in by SI staff. I'm pretty much working on the game alone these days again, but still working on it. Whilst I may not always respond to these threads, I will note them and add them to my to-do list to try and improve upon. Fixing multiplayer issues is a bit harder than other more generic game issues as normally reproducing the multiplayer issues requires setting up a number of clients to join a server running a debug version of the game etc. But I'll try and look at these issues as well in the near future.
  13. I'm not entirely sure where it was promised that EHM was returning to a yearly release cycle or continued periodical updates ? For the Early Access period we promised bi-weekly updates and that we delivered all the way until the full release on Steam. We've done several major updates to the game after the full release, going from 1.0 to 1.4 version all without any extra cost to the customer over the very reasonable original price of the game. After full release, I don't think many games tend to have regular updates and we certainly haven't promised a post-release update schedule anywhere.
  14. The situation at the moment is the same as before. As explained above, all the major updates since the game went from Early Access to Full Release have mainly been worked on by me alone. And for the last few months this year, I've been extremely busy with FM18 development cycle, which has meant there has been little time for EHM unfortunately. But the work on 1.5 update is still very much ongoing and once FM18 is out, I'm hoping to put some more time and effort on it. And yes, the 1.5 update is not just the built-in editor, but will again feature a bunch of gameplay improvements and bug f
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