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  1. Hi all, As posted in the other thread, we are currently internally testing a beta version of update 1.5 for the Steam version of EHM. As the pre-game editor features were taking a long time to implement and a lot of other fixes and tweaks have gone in since the last update, we decided to move the editor features down the line and start internally testing the 1.5 update already. To keep you up to date on what the next patch is expected to include, here's a preview of the current changelist: Changelist for 1.5.0f (work-in-progress, no release date scheduled yet) ===================== New features: ------------- - Improved Join Network Game screen to include option to remember the connected IP by name and a list of past games remembered (up to 5) - Added starting option to retain DB wages for players/staff without any possible adjustments (league min/max limits still apply) - Added config file option for limiting the Potential Ability of game created extra players at game start and newgens in historical databases until a given year (for usage see HISTORICAL_DB_PA_LIMITATION in extra_config.cfg) - Enabled waiver draft support for National League in historical databases (waiver draft needs to be set to "not extinct" in the database to enable it) - Added optional player attribute highlighting in the player attribute panel based on preferred role or selected role (only available for players who have a scouting report) - Added options in Preferences to control attribute highlighting (Disabled, Enabled All, Enabled Key/Essential only) - Added new random potential options in the database for player/non-player potentials: - PA -20 = random between 150 and 200 - PA -19 = random between 130 and 180 - PA -18 = random between 110 and 160 - PA -17 = random between 90 and 140 - PA -16 = random between 70 and 120 - Added functionality to help test custom database league structures with a Test Leagues option on the Selected Leagues screen on the first day of a newly started game Database and Importer changes: [apply to new games started with newly imported databases only] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Added extra rule for marking nations not counting as foreign in transfer rules (value 163) - Added extra rule for maximum number of foreign goalies (all teams) in transfer rules (value 164) - Added extra rule for maximum number of foreign goalies (domestic teams) in transfer rules (value 165) - Added extra rule for minimum contract length in years in transfer rules (value 166) - Added extra rule for overriding draft minimum age in draft extra rules (value 167) (only applies to the hardcoded drafts included in the game) - Added extra rule for overriding draft age cut-off date (player needs to be of minimum age before this date in the draft year) in draft extra rules (value 168) (only applies to the hardcoded drafts included in the game) - Added extra rule for overriding draft maximum age (domestic players, if lower than general max age) in draft extra rules (value 169) (only applies to the hardcoded drafts included in the game) - Added extra rule for overriding draft maximum age (all players) in draft extra rules (value 170) (only applies to the hardcoded drafts included in the game) - Added extra rule for defining the date of the waiver draft in draft extra rules (value 171) (only applies to the National League waiver draft if waiver draft is enabled, if not set the draft default date is Oct 1st) - Added extra rule to disable draft lottery (value 172) in draft extra rules (only applies to drafts with a hardcoded lottery) - Added extra rule to disable participation to Olympic tournament (value 173) in transfer rules (only valid for North American leagues) - Added extra rule to define the number of continental A licenses given out in transfer rules (value 174) - Added extra rule to define the number of continental B licenses given out in transfer rules (value 175) - Added extra rule to define the number of continental C licenses given out in transfer rules (value 176) - Added extra rule to define league as a candidate league for continental A licenses in transfer rules (value 177) - Added extra rule to define league as a candidate league for continental B licenses in transfer rules (value 178) - Added extra rule to define league as a candidate league for continental C licenses in transfer rules (value 179) - Added extra rule to define team to receive automatic continental A license every year in transfer rules (value 180) - note that you need to list all A-license clubs with this rule or alternatively not list any at all in which case the teams are picked from the defined A-license leagues - Added extra rule for marking nations that are considered non-agreement nations for defected players in relation to player rights to keep rights from expiring normally (value 181) - Added verification and fixes for invalid database version numbering when loading some custom databases to start a game with - Added support for "Regulation Wins Only" league sort rule (value 12) Gameplay changes: ----------------- - Club histories are now processed at the start of the game to find possible club records for most points etc. in custom DBs - Fixed regular season finishing position in manager history being duplicated in some leagues - Adjusted the minimum number of players needed on roster before emergency players are created - Improved logic for determining most suitable contract start date for signing players to contracts starting at the end of current contract or at the end of season - Fixed some transfer date issues for future transfers that need to go through after a few years based on the contract start date - Improved AI scouting accuracy for both current and potential ability to better reflect their judging abilities - AI GMs/scouts put more emphasis on raw potential when drafting - Fix to picking teams from lower league stages for situations where the league fate has not been set correctly even though the league has ended - Better support for custom cup competitions - Added notes about extreme low/high value of pass tendency into the player scouting reports - Fixed players with long term injuries not being counted against the cap on human teams despite not being on Injured Reserve list - Adjustments to player wage request levels - Adjustments to player interest levels - especially older players moving back to their native nations to end careers - Some fixes to player rights expiry handling - Improved AI managers signing pending restricted free agents to new contracts - When evaluating last standings positions for teams before the draft, the top playoff teams are now sorted correctly behind the league champions - Fixed a bug with a player being drafted not getting the rights expiry calculated correctly - Adjusted the "most overrated" player in the team report to exclude players with high enough current ability in relation to club reputation - Improved handling of award reputations in the game and their effects on award winning player reputation (for full effects, new career game is recommended) - Adjustments to AI shortlisting and contract negotiations - Improvements on restricted free agent interest in re-signing with their current team - Fixed contract cap hit getting recalculated when a player is traded - Fixed contract sign date being updated when a player is traded - Adjustments and fixes to scheduling of games, especially in playoff stages - Adjustments to jersey retirements to prevent lesser players who played a long career at a club from getting jersey retired too often - Added a check for the "signing bonus counts against cap" rule on extensions (signing bonus was previously automatically always included) - Improved financial modeling for teams playing in a league in a country other than their domestic nation - Improved placement and career paths of young players in the US junior/high school leagues - Improved performance when checking league extra rules that are linked to particular club unique ids - Improved general AI accuracy of evaluating player potential in relation to judging potential ability - Fixed instances of Entry Level Contracts signed very late in the season but just before season update from sliding unnecessarily - Adjusted development of high potential players - Adjusted effects of player role on generated attributes and attribute development - Fixed inactive teams in leagues with upper age limits and no overagers allowed sometimes attempting to sign overage players - Fixed an issue with the secondary sorting of league tables in some edge cases when using regulation and overtime wins for sorting - Fixed initial unrestricted free agent contract demands (wage and contract length) in the first summer to be more realistic, especially in custom UFA DBs - Added more secondary positions for extra players generated at game start - Added more secondary positions for players loaded from the database if no secondary positions have been set UI changes: ----------- - Added link back to club screen on the club history screen - Added display in league information screen for the rule on which nations do not count as foreign - Added information to league rules page on trapezoid rule and shootout winning goal rule if used in the league - Fixed the comp information displayed on season schedule list - "Divisional Standings" view now also shows the playoff separators if the divisions are all separate initial stages - Some small fixes to the divisional/conference standings screens - Added contract start date to the contract details shown for pending future transfers in team transactions screen - Fixed the league link with logo in some places displaying wrong text next to the logo - Fixed the team link with logo in some places displaying wrong text next to the logo - Added "Buried Contract Cap Hit" information to player contract details panel if league has the applicable rule - Small fixes to drawing of dropdown menu buttons - Fixed the team calendar screen monthly view to use the European/North American date format preference for week start day - Fixed "Club Payroll Room" from appearing in the club finances screen when there is no salary cap in the league - Steam Workshop screen now shows the local path of the installed items as a tooltip on subscribed items - Select Leagues screen at game start will now show the Database author field in the screen subtitle if filled in the db data - Added display in league information screen for the rule on which nations are considered non-agreement nations for player rights expiry - Fixed a glitch where the "Description" panel on the Non-Player Profile was in some cases overlapping the player stats panel at the bottom if the person had a player profile as well - Scouting Report panel now also lists the player's own preferred role next to the career role evaluation of the scout - Some color clash fixes when checking team jersey colors - Fixed non-player/player bio to not display time at club when "club join date" was not set in the database - Fixes to alignment of generic club/comp logos on some screens - Off-season salary cap information displayed in comp financial rules if off-season cap differs from normal salary cap - Some layout improvements on Salary Cap Chart screen - Added Extension Signing Bonus to Contract Details screen if a player has a contract extension setup - Improved club Salary Cap Chart screen to show effective current season cap hit and nominal cap hit for each player if they differ currently - Added Club City Location data to be displayed on the team information page as latitude/longitude - Added Team Location view in League Information screen to visualize relative team locations - Fixed small team logo and team name text overlap on Team Affiliates in Team Information screen - Fixes to Club History Competitions screen when attempting to view histories of individual competitions that are in-active - Changed Age column on Team Screen - Other view to list Birth Place - Fixed new arena name not displaying in "Planned relocation" label on team info screen - Fixed fixed legacy label for "Based in" league information display for some leagues to display just the database information - Fixed grey error/info popups to redraw when switching back to the app window if focus had been on a different window - Added support for "Regulation Wins" column in league tables - Added the name of the database used to start the game on the "Selected Leagues" screen (new games only) Other changes: -------------- - Fix for custom databases that add new leagues with teams from other nations than the league nations, where small teams were sometimes not loaded into the DB due to low rep - Fixed "Select All" or selecting nation on the "Select Leagues" screen not activating All-Star games in some custom comps when multiple comps are linked to the same leagues - Added link to "League Rules" and a note to suggest reading the league rules to the team introduction news item - Fixed possible crash when terminating a scout contract after going into their profile from the scouting screen - Fixed season preview news item for very large leagues by limiting the number of reported teams to maximum of 45 - Improved handling of custom league/cup draw date data - Fixed a bug with custom leagues in small nations where new teams with no reputation set were not found when setting up the league - Fixed a possible crash issue with teams with a nation set but no division set when creating exhibition games - Better support for custom leagues/cups where teams from another nation take part in a domestic league/cup of another nation - "CAREER_HISTORY_TEAM_NAME_CHANGE" commands from import_config.cfg can now also be added to extra_config.cfg - Historical team name changes logged with above command also apply to player draft information displayed in the game in various panels - Fixed player salaries that were not set in some custom historical dbs for National League being calculated to be too low at game start - Fixed some possible crashes related to the draft screens - Fixed an issue where the time of day was reverting to morning when loading a saved game that was saved in the evening - Fixed a crash with the fantasy draft when more than 40 teams are involved (maximum number of teams in fantasy draft is now up to 99) - Fixed possible crash with large custom leagues (40+ teams) when setting team last positions before draft - Fixed crash with large custom leagues (40+ teams) when setting up regular season winner at the end of the season - Added support in the editor/game to make Major Junior Import Draft extinct in the editor for historical databases - Upped the maximum possible number of teams listed in the draft lottery news for the first round order from 30 to 50 to better support custom leagues - Allow award histories more than 30 years old to be read in from the DB - Fixed some possible crashes when viewing club histories by competition - Fixed club histories position from database being displayed wrongly (one off) in club histories by competition - Updated club histories tracked by the game to list past standings data position and comp using the initial conference/division when appropriate - Fixed a crash when viewing some non-playing staff in custom databases with an invalid preferred job set - Improved error messages in case of problems when scheduling a league from a real schedule template - Improved processing of config file entries - Fixed a crash when processing an error from a league with a mismatch of promoted and relegated teams - Fixed an error message "ROSTER_MANAGER::compile_roster() - array overrun" appearing in some custom DB saves with a lot of team affiliations for one team - Fixed leagues with a host arena set for use with the playoffs/finals scheduling all games of the team playing at the host arena during the season as home games - Added support for custom leagues where an odd number of previous stages feed into a playoff stage with different amount of teams from each stage - Fixed a crash bug with a prospect update news item when a team affiliate had no division set - Fixed possible crashes related to loading up too many leagues/transfer rules when creating new games - Improved extra config file processing stability and fixed a number of possible crashes when reading config entries - Fixed league award histories to be loaded at new game start even if the winner for the past year is no longer an active person in the database - Fixed db based club records with no active person data but name strings loading up with random looking names - Added a progress dialog when parsing config files when starting a new game to help track possible errors in custom config files - Fixed a possible crash in historical databases with staff/player nation set to an extinct nation - Fixed a possible crash in custom databases with linked comps set unnecessarily - Prevented creation of extra players at game start for clubs set to extinct nations - Fixed a possible crash when using custom databases setup with a comp that starts on an Olympic year but is also set to run at 4 year intervals and set to skip Olympic years UPDATE: The 2d engine changelist was missing from the initial post, so here it is added: In-Game Engine v85 ========================= - Scoring level adjustments in general - Adjustments to better bring out the technical abilities of the very high end players - Adjustments to the number of shots taken In-Game Engine v84 ========================= - Adjustments to energy and condition levels during game based on tactical settings - Adjustments to penalty calling AI - Scoring level adjustments
  2. Since it has been asked about lately, I thought I'd post a bit of info on how we simulate the games in EHM and how this relates to the "Detail Level" options screen in the game: We have two separate simulation engines in the game: The full 2D simulation engine, which plays out the action in 1/4s slices and simulates every movement and action of the players on the ice for the whole game. Obviously this can be quite time-consuming since it really tries to mimic an actual game in full detail. This 2D engine is by default used for all leagues that have human managed teams in them. A “quick sim” engine, which is similar to the old sim engine in the freeware EHM, that sims the match in much longer “slices” and the action is modelled in a lot more abstract way based on what unit/players are on the ice for the current shift. This quick sim engine is used by default in the background leagues where there are no human managers. We also use the quick sim engine to produce the stats for leagues that are not selected to be active at all in the current save. You can control which leagues use the full 2d simulation and which leagues use the quick sim in the “Detail Level” menu of the game. You can have different settings for different stages of the leagues, to allow playoffs to be simmed in more detail for example. For any game simmed in the full 2d, you can go back and view recaps of the goals and any action in the game for a certain amount of time after the game was played (depends on how many leagues you are running with the full detail). For quick simmed games, you can only review the stats after the games. As the two engines are totally separate, there may be some differences to the stats they produce in some cases. With every update, I always try and balance both engines to produces as realistic results as possible, but due to the differences in the detail allowed by the two engines, there can be areas where the stats over a full season can vary between the two. This is why the game by default tries to use the same sim engine for the whole league, to keep the statistics constant across the league and between games.
  3. We are still working on an 1.5 patch at the moment. We're hoping to have some more news on this soon.
  4. Just a quick update here on what is going on with patch 1.5. So the editor features have turned out to be very time consuming and all the while there have been a lot of gameplay tweaks and small improvements done elsewhere in the game. So we have considered moving the pre-game editor feature to the next patch (1.6) and concentrate our efforts on getting all the other updates and improvements out to the public in a 1.5 patch. There is currently no release schedule set for this patch but obviously it would massively expedite the release of 1.5 if we moved the work-in-progress editor features one patch further down the line. We are currently already playtesting 1.5 internally and hope to have more news soon on the progress.
  5. When we get to the stage where we have a beta ready, we can do a beta test via Steam I believe. If/when we can do that, I'll probably post here for volunteers.
  6. Unfortunately development is still slow and I've not had too much extra time to put into EHM so far this year. I am however working on the editor this week though and have completed some game-side changes earlier this year already as well. I did get some work done around Xmas as well on EHM, so there has been some progress despite all the quiet time here on the forums. One thing I can reveal from the 1.5 changelist at this point is something that has been asked for many times: editing contract details like clauses, performance bonuses and yearly salaries plus the contract cap hit will be a part of the 1.5 editor. This year also saw another new addition to our family as Baby Boy Remes arrived, so my free time outside of office hours has been reduced even more. However I'll try and start teaching him coding and the Eastside way as soon as possible
  7. Unfortunately 1.5 won't be ready for Christmas/New Year as it will require heavy testing first before it can be released as there is a lot to test with the editor functionalities for example. So even if the actual coding work is completed, it'll still take a bit more time after that to test and finetune everything for release again. I'll try and see if we can do a sneakpeak of the changelist at some point.
  8. Yes. With the FM cycle easing up a bit after the release, I've now had a bit more time for EHM as well again. Progress is slow but steady. The changelist for 1.5 is already quite long, obviously the editor features are a big chunk of it but there have been a lot of gameplay and UI tweaks as well already.
  9. Sorry for the lack of updates here, but this year has been a hectic one for me with regards to FM work, which has meant very little time allocated for any EHM development since early on in the year. The 1.5 update is still very much in the works, even though progress has been even slower this year than the year before. Unfortunately due to my work commitments with FM this year, any major works on the EHM update would have required me to work outside of normal office hours (much like I did earlier to bring EHM back to Steam). However, as noted before, that has not been possible as we have a little daughter now in the family and family time supersedes any personal EHM dev time still. I'm hoping that once the FM19 cycle eases up a bit later in the year, I will again have more time to work on EHM and finally finish the 1.5 update.
  10. Not sure if you've seen my tweet about it, but yeah the Olympics related functionality tweak was to add a new extra rule that can be added to custom North American leagues to prevent them from sending players to participate in the Olympics.
  11. Yes, the plan is to add support for the new format in 1.5 as well (it's actually next on my to-do list after I finish a small Olympics related tweak I'm working on). I'm hoping to also add some more customization for the licenses given to include teams in continental comps to allow people to have more say in what leagues take part etc.
  12. Do you have a saved game where this happens that you could upload to the FTP ?
  13. Could you possibly re-upload this save ? I did not manage to get it from the FTP.
  14. The threads here do not go unnoticed even though they don't get posted in by SI staff. I'm pretty much working on the game alone these days again, but still working on it. Whilst I may not always respond to these threads, I will note them and add them to my to-do list to try and improve upon. Fixing multiplayer issues is a bit harder than other more generic game issues as normally reproducing the multiplayer issues requires setting up a number of clients to join a server running a debug version of the game etc. But I'll try and look at these issues as well in the near future.
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