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  1. This current version of EHM is not using the FM style translation system so it'll still remain something that will be looked at for future versions. It's not something that can be patched into the game in an update unfortunately.
  2. The earlier fix in 1.2.2 should have sorted this out but I'll have another look if someone still has it happen. A saved game from just before the current season switches to the next season (end of June) and a description of how to replicate it would be handy.
  3. The next update has been in the works for a while now but obviously this being the busy time of year with regards to FM development, the progress on EHM has been a bit slower than usual. But there is another update in the pipeline and the work on an editor also continues. So keep the suggestions coming, thanks !
  4. Thanks for uploading the saves, I haven't yet had the time to look them in detail but will try and investigate these for the next update.
  5. Possibly because the league is not setup to have divisional standings. This may well be the case if the divisional standings have no bearing on the playoff system.
  6. I'll investigate this for the next update, thanks for reporting.
  7. Found a possible issue here from the saves provided and a fix is in the pipeline for this as well. Thanks for the reports again.
  8. Thanks for the report, I'll try and look into these. If you guys have saved games where the issue occurs that a team goes over the cap during the playoffs due to a player coming off injured reserve, please upload a save and let me know so I can have a closer look.
  9. There will be a fix coming up as soon as we can release one for this as I've now verified it fixed from the saves provided.
  10. Thank you for reporting this. I've investigated the issue and it appears to be a rare occurrence in the Swedish leagues when two different stages are both waiting for results from the lower leagues before they can get setup. I'm working on fix to be included in the next update for this.
  11. Thanks for the reports, the issue is now being looked into and I'll try to have a fix out as soon as possible.
  12. You can use the FM folders to upload saved games.
  13. The issue of budgets not updating until the season update is something that is planned to be reviewed at some point in the future. I cannot guarantee it will be in the next update or so, but it is on the list of improvements to implement. I'll have a look at the other issue about the budget in this save in general.
  14. As noted before, unfortunately Win10 is not officially supported as a platform so on some systems (especially tablets/laptops) there may be compatibility issues and you may have to compromise on what graphics options you can use with the game. Hopefully we can improve upon this in the future. Edit: From a personal point of view, I'm developing on Windows PC systems only but with EHM development I have various extra personal systems at home that I use for testing to try and ensure we can support different platforms as well as we can. I've got some regular desktop PC's with Win XP, 7 and 8 on them, a Win 8.1 tablet and a Macbook. All of them currently run EHM fine (although I use PlayOnMac on the Macbook obviously). But as Win10 is not officially supported as a platform, debugging issues on that particular platform is a bit challenging at the moment.
  15. Issue has been located and it was a glitch in filling in empty fields and controlling the job related attributes at the start of the game. A fix is in the pipeline for this for new games.