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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates here, but this year has been a hectic one for me with regards to FM work, which has meant very little time allocated for any EHM development since early on in the year. The 1.5 update is still very much in the works, even though progress has been even slower this year than the year before. Unfortunately due to my work commitments with FM this year, any major works on the EHM update would have required me to work outside of normal office hours (much like I did earlier to bring EHM back to Steam). However, as noted before, that has not been possible as we have a little daughter now in the family and family time supersedes any personal EHM dev time still. I'm hoping that once the FM19 cycle eases up a bit later in the year, I will again have more time to work on EHM and finally finish the 1.5 update.
  2. Not sure if you've seen my tweet about it, but yeah the Olympics related functionality tweak was to add a new extra rule that can be added to custom North American leagues to prevent them from sending players to participate in the Olympics.
  3. Yes, the plan is to add support for the new format in 1.5 as well (it's actually next on my to-do list after I finish a small Olympics related tweak I'm working on). I'm hoping to also add some more customization for the licenses given to include teams in continental comps to allow people to have more say in what leagues take part etc.
  4. Riz Remes

    Invalid Parameters

    Do you have a saved game where this happens that you could upload to the FTP ?
  5. Riz Remes

    Save Game Crash

    Could you possibly re-upload this save ? I did not manage to get it from the FTP.
  6. The threads here do not go unnoticed even though they don't get posted in by SI staff. I'm pretty much working on the game alone these days again, but still working on it. Whilst I may not always respond to these threads, I will note them and add them to my to-do list to try and improve upon. Fixing multiplayer issues is a bit harder than other more generic game issues as normally reproducing the multiplayer issues requires setting up a number of clients to join a server running a debug version of the game etc. But I'll try and look at these issues as well in the near future.
  7. Found the issue from that saved game. It was not related to the draft positions actually but the determination of the regular season champions. Will get that fixed for the 1.5 update as well. Thanks again for the save, I'm going to use it to run a few more soak tests to catch any other possible issues with 45+ team leagues.
  8. Thanks, will look into that save as well ! Edit: Forgot that the fantasy draft bug would have caused a crash before you could even save, but the end of season save is relevant without the fantasy draft element so that'll do nicely.
  9. Thanks for the reports. I've fixed the initial issue of the 40+ team fantasy draft for 1.5 update now but I'd like to look at the end of season issue as well. Do you have a saved game from the start, right before the fantasy draft with such a 48 team league ? If so, could you upload it to our ftp and let me know the file name so I can pick it up ?
  10. Thanks for reporting this, I'll try and track it down to get it fixed for 1.5
  11. I'm not entirely sure where it was promised that EHM was returning to a yearly release cycle or continued periodical updates ? For the Early Access period we promised bi-weekly updates and that we delivered all the way until the full release on Steam. We've done several major updates to the game after the full release, going from 1.0 to 1.4 version all without any extra cost to the customer over the very reasonable original price of the game. After full release, I don't think many games tend to have regular updates and we certainly haven't promised a post-release update schedule anywhere. I'm sorry to hear you are disappointed with the lack of recent updates, but the prospects of the EHM project were clearly defined when we released the Early Access version and we are following the roadmap as planned post-release. That is to keep on supporting the existing game the best I can with any time that I can spare from my regular FM duties. The original Early Access release of EHM on Steam was only possible following a huge personal investment of my own spare time, working on updating the old game to the state where we could even consider a new release. But that was before our first daughter was born, so I obviously had a lot more spare time to put on EHM back then and I'm not going to be able to work at the very same rate outside of office hours these days. The 1.5 update will be released when it's ready and done. After that, we'll have to see what the future holds for EHM, but even if the 1.5 ends up being the last major update to the current game, there are always some future plans that we hope to put together one day.
  12. The situation at the moment is the same as before. As explained above, all the major updates since the game went from Early Access to Full Release have mainly been worked on by me alone. And for the last few months this year, I've been extremely busy with FM18 development cycle, which has meant there has been little time for EHM unfortunately. But the work on 1.5 update is still very much ongoing and once FM18 is out, I'm hoping to put some more time and effort on it. And yes, the 1.5 update is not just the built-in editor, but will again feature a bunch of gameplay improvements and bug fixes. There are not going to be any more big new features added at this stage, outside of the editor but general gameplay improvements and tweaks are being done.
  13. You do know that not all the different options are available under "Calm" ? Some of the more extreme (either angry or delighted type talks) are only available under the more appropriate tones. There are a lot of contextual team talks options in FM. They have been in for a number of years now and a bunch of new ones were added again this year. Typically a pre-season match might only have one or two that refer to the match being just a pre-season friendly but there isn't much more context during the pre-season yet. Most of the contextual options appear only in competitive matches when there is actually more context around the match.
  14. No, you don't need to go through everything in your tactics. The pre-match tactical briefing is there to allow you to emphasise certain areas of the tactics to your squad based on what you think are the most important aspects for the upcoming match and to explain why you want to go with the given tactical options. The areas you emphasise will be affected differently in the next match depending on the player, their reaction to the emphasis and the related tactical aspects. Usually most managers keep the meeting short, only emphasising a few key things about the match tactics. As you can see if you let your assistant handle this.