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  1. Do you have a save from 29th of June on this, before the contracts should expire ? Edit: I've fixed the crash itself on the contract panel for the next build as it is down to the contract years left being zero in these cases.
  2. Hi, thanks for reporting this. I'll get this fixed for the next beta build. Seems like an oversight with retaining players from the starting DB with regards to the new random PA ranges.
  3. Would it be possible to upload your saves from these games to our cloud so I can have a closer look ?
  4. Thanks for reporting this. There will be a fix in the next beta build for this.
  5. The issues with the boxscores should be sorted in the newest build now. The new build won't fix the old, already stored boxscores from games played with the previous build but any new games played with the new build should store the boxscores/highlights normally again.
  6. Thanks for reporting. We've identified an issue with going back to look at some past games boxscores/highlights and are working on a fix. But if you can replicate this in your save, please upload the save and let us know the details here.
  7. I think the issue with boxscores was something I also picked up late last night here, just working on a fix for it.
  8. A small fix was issued today to fix a crash on the Preferences screen: Build 1544388 ================== - Fixed crash on exiting Preferences screen
  9. This preferences screen crash should now be fixed in the latest beta build in Steam (build 1544388)
  10. It's actually independent of the resolution, just a problem that appeared with the game config screen itself with some of the lower level code changes in the last build.
  11. I'm looking into this tonight, hopefully we can get a fix in for the next build.
  12. Apologies, this is a known issue that was picked up only after the latest build went live. We are working on getting the build updated this week to fix it.
  13. This has been fixed for the next beta build now. It was just the agent news item coming through as it was missing some checks on the ability of the club to sign the player.
  14. I think this is unfortunately something that has always been an issue with the game. Simulating the full hockey game in this much detail puts a lot of strain on the CPU with the architecture of the game.
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