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  1. Does it happen every time you start a new game as well, when trying to continue after saving the first time ? Edit: Also, what OS are you running the game on and are you using Steam Cloud Sync ?
  2. It is, but this particular exploitation tactic was only raised here one week before the 1.4 update, so it was too late to start analysing it and re-balancing the 2d simulation for it.
  3. The 1.4 changes for the 2D simulation were mainly aimed at the fatigue aspects of using only a limited number of players, not the usage of specific tactical settings. So I wasn't expecting it to affect too much on the usage of some super tactics yet. I have this on my list for the next (1.5) update, so will have a look at how these exploiting tactics can be better balanced.
  4. Looks to be an issue with your database and the player runtime information, which is basically a cached set of some data that is needed often, like total games, goals, assists etc in the current league / team the player is in. Typically when using the importer and importing an old EHM 2007 format database, you should tick the "Recalculate runtime data" as that is needed for all the cached historical data for players to be correct. This makes sure that all the said runtime information is up-to-date at the start of the game However If you move players to different teams/leagues with an editor which edits the new game format database (ie. you edit the database after it has been run through the importer) that can invalidate some of the runtime data. So in these cases you need to re-calculate the runtime information in your editor. It might not be possible there yet though (assuming you are using the TBL editor) but if it is, then you'd need to do that before starting a new game on the edited database. The official built-in editor will (in time, when it is finished) take care of these things automatically as when you export a game format database from there, it will always re-calculate the runtime data.
  5. Ahh.. so you cannot edit it for the national teams ? The importer just copies this field from the old format data so I cannot make changes to it really as it is really a data issue with the original data you are importing from. But I'll see if I can do some sort of a check on that specifically.
  6. Okay, it seems as this is an old save, it might have been that it has picked up an old data file into the save from an unrelated save as there was a bug like that ages ago. And only now with some file loading changes in the most recent update this extra data file has started causing issues. However this should be fixable for the hot fix as well, just running tests now and managed to load your saved game okay. We are aiming for Monday for the hot fix at the moment. All these error messages are likely to do with the same issue, caused by the same extra data file. I believe all these are quite long term saves ?
  7. Thanks, can I ask what OS are you running the game on ? Edit: Managed to get a quick look at your save. It seems there might be at least two corrupted data files within the save. Was this an old save that you had loaded in 1.4 first succesfully and then saved later on after which it stopped loading ? The saved game database data seems to have been saved with the most recent version but some of the other game data files within the save don't appear to be using the most current data format.
  8. Sounds like it is a problem with the original 07 data. You should be able to edit nicknames in that format with the old editor I presume ?
  9. Doesn't appear in the default 2016 database so I think this may be an issue with your specific database in use ?
  10. Do you have a saved game you could upload so I can have a look ? Sounds like an issue with the player past information on how many games they've played etc.
  11. Can any of you upload the saved game that is giving this error when attempting to load it please ? Also, what OS are you running the game on ?
  12. Will have a look at that too. Edit: Issue located and a fix will be included in the hotfix.
  13. Looks to be a data issue with the USA League 1 All-Star teams which is causing issues when trying to add non-players to teams as it should not be processing the All-Star teams there at all. Looking into the needed fixes and we'll do a hot fix as soon as possible.
  14. Looking into this now, thanks for all the reports.
  15. I haven't managed to get any crashes starting new games here, so I'd appreciate any further information on if it happens again. Were the crashes already on the "Select Options Screen" after selecting the leagues but not the starting options ?