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  1. I've uploaded 3 files to /fm/game-save: - RWA.sav which is my last save file as the Red Wings GM (my job prior to getting hired by the Flyers) - FlyB_1.sav which should be the earliest save file as the new Flyers GM (looks like an auto save) - FlyB.sav which is the save soon after I was fired as the Flyers GM (the second time as their GM). Again, I started my career as Flyers GM. I then became GM of Sault Ste Marie. Then the San Diego Gulls. Then the Detroit Red Wings. Finally, the Flyers for the second run. Fired pretty quickly. Much less tolerance than with any of my other jobs. I was the #6 GM in the world when I was hired by the Flyers for the second time.
  2. Well right now it's broken because demand is out of control and there is no way to accommodate it. So most teams over spend for some great players and have to fill in the rest with up & coming stars or wait until near the start of the season and hope a bargain is available. If you do the math, it is clear that in this version teams 10 years later need more money to have a similar roster. Also, it's not a few players asking for more...overall...high end players are asking for about 2 million more per year. There are 25 times more players over 10million than at the start of the game. I don't care about the "theory". The reality is that player salaries and team salary caps are not aligned. Final edit: I bet if I export both leagues and total up the salaries for top starters the numbers are much higher 10 years later
  3. During my first GM job I got fired after 2.5 years. The following year the team (without me), with only 1 or 2 player changes, lost in the Conference Finals. Coached my way from OHL to AHL to NHL and eventually got re-hired by the original team. I was #2 in the world as far as GM rep. goes. I had a helluva situation to repair. Luckily I get to draft and manage free agency. Once the season starts, I work on further improving the team but the Board was angry from the start, even when I started the season 7-2. From there it got rocky. Fired the coach, looking for trades and boom...fired at the end of November - two months into the season. I think my history from the first 2.5 years continued into the new phase. I've never seen such a lack of tolerance for a new GM. I would think the team hires you again because they realize they let a great GM go. If that is the case, then the history should be reset. It took me more than 300 hours to get back to the only team I wanted to coach only to find out it is not possible.
  4. Regarding salary cap: I'm at 2025 and Claude Giroux was asking for close to 12M before I had to let him go (and then he signed elsewhere for 4M). Anthony Mantha is the highest paid player at 12.4M. More than 50 players are getting paid 10M+ while in the actual NHL only two players are getting that much. So yes...the game is exceeding current standards and salary cap needs to rise over time.
  5. For almost a week the people over at reddit /r/EHM have been discussing desired enhancements for the game. Below, is a summary... Must-Haves The calendar should show more events including: All Star game Start of free agency (North American and European) Draft International transfer date NHL Rights expiry date Trade deadline [*]If the captain is injured, he should remain captain. We prefer not to change the captain for a three day injury. Maybe move the pop-up to assigning the captain to IR [*]An option to "give praise" to a player who's been playing very well, in congruence with the "discipline player" option. High Demand Open net (no goaltender) shooting is way too accurate. Many players even score from behind their own goal line. Reduce the accuracy. Manually pulling the goalie is often ignored by the game. It is frustrating. Add a scouting option for Free Agents Yearly rising salary cap. Each year players are asking for more money, yet the salary cap stays the same. The discussion noted that devs said salaries do not rise and then evidence of seasonal demands exceeding current numbers was provided. Steam Achievements Enhance AHL coaching. Possibilities include: NHL coach asks for opinions on AHL players AHL coach can suggest needs for draft AHL coach can assist during the draft (perhaps suggest a player similar to the way scouts, assistant GM and head coach suggest players) AHL coach can recommend not re-signing AHL players AHL coach can recommend calling up/re-signing a player playing very well AHL coach can submit an AHL report at the GM's command (instead of every 6 months like they do now). Moderate Demand There is an area in front of your own net where a team never passes. This game passes there way too often. The puck should be going along the boards instead. In the AHL, the board often said "it's a shame fan support for the team is waning". At the end of the season I set a franchise record for attendance. These need to align. Waivers should better align with the NHL. Waivers should stop at the end of the season and start again 12 days before the season starts. More info at this site The option of giving a player a conditioning stint in the AHL if they've just come off a long-term injury, as described in the link above. Fix the Hall of Fame. Right now pretty much any forward who hits like 700 pts and any dman who hits like 300-400 points gets inducted into the hall of fame. I wish they'd tweak it so only the best of the best who finish their career with 1000+ points as a forward, 700+ as a dman, etc. Mike Riberio shouldn't be a hall of famer. Don't restart the NHL schedule until after the Olympics are done and players are back to their teams. Defensive players have less value play wise than offensive players. A 5 star defensive guy will struggle to hit 7.00 rating in the nhl. In general balancing defence properly into the game is pretty important. During free agency, a player's desired roles and desired salaries often do not match. It makes signing a player very difficult. Do not lock Role during the contract offer (especially considering this is the ONLY time in the game role is locked). This would allow us to change the role if it does not meet the salary needs. Practice injuries are way too frequent, especially near the end of the season. I am letting my coach manage practice. Teams should line up and shake hands at the end of a playoff round Add a GM stat for positive records set and negative records set Fired two assistants then a coach soon after joining a team. The press release said 3 head coaches were fired since joining the team. Make the press release more accurate. The timing for the firing of GMs is terrible. Instead of firing GMs in early July, fire them at the end of their team's season (which is typically at the beginning of the playoffs for the bad GMs). When the GM is fired in early July the new GM misses the draft and the important part of free agency. Training camp try outs need to change. Either have better players apply or don't have any players show up. Right now, it's mainly a click "terminate tryout" exercise. Since the game left Early Access retired players rarely move on to a career in coaching/scouting/managing after they retire. It was pretty common in the Early Access game to see a guy move on to a career in hockey. In a recent league a grand total of 2 NHL players have become coaches/scouts/managers since retiring. In player information another Team is showing as wanting a player. When you approach the team to trade, they have no interest in acquiring the player. Put a Scout button in the top bar. Warn me if a contract offer will put me over the salary cap. Include all pending offers (bids) in this calculation Low Demand Trades that are offered after the season is over and before the draft starts should take into consideration that the team can waive someone they will not re-sign and keep the offered player. It is unnecessarily difficult to complete a trade during this time period. 3-on-3 face-offs are buggy. There are 2 guys for the same team at the face-off position (taking the face-off). Another game had nobody take the face-off. Add an expansion draft. The game is rarely resolved in 3 on 3 overtime. The simple but not preferred solution it so increase goal chances. The more elegant and preferred solution is that the AI better utilizes open ice. Much of 3 on 3 play in the NHL is about getting someone open for a clear shot/break away. AHL salary ranges are too broad (every 5k). When the salary range is typically between 30k-50k you don't have many choices for salary. Better negotiation in general. If an older player wants a contract with this much money for this many years, he shouldn't take a one year contract over a longer contract. Just better communication with the players during free agency as to what is important to them. Better clarity about contractual obligations and transfer dates at the point of signing a prospect instead of after the contract is signed. Bump up the # of player rights you can have up to 90 like its supposed to be. Fix the All Star game selection. Auston Matthews won 8 straight Art Ross trophies and in that span of time he only made 1 appearance in the ASG. The ASG is based off of reputation right now, so only "superb" or "star" players get in, even though they might not be having an allstar season. It should be based off of point totals. Sometimes the D man will shoot into the corner and the puck bounces straight back and far (often in front of the net). This should be adjusted so the puck shoots along the boards. Possibly an error with an attempted clear. Players need to stop dumping the puck 3 feet before the red line and taking a stupid icing. It's not even a failed pass, it's just bad AI. Pre-season stats are erased after the last second of the last pre-season game. There is usually a week between pre-season and the regular season. Please erase pre-season stats at the start of the regular season. Pull goalie AI needs improving. The goalie should not be pulled for a center ice face-off. I'm sure the strategy is pretty standard. Please apply the standard strategy. Goalie pulling aggressiveness as a slider in the tactics menu. You could go from never pull/last 30 seconds with control or faceoff in other team's zone to full Patrick Roy "we're down by 2 to start the third, **** it get him out of there" Fix the network games taking such a long time to navigate between screens. Every time you click on something, it lags about two seconds. Minimal Demand In the player filter there are two boxes for Age (min and max). Please make it so you can tab between the boxes. It looks like it tabs you over but does not accept the typing. Remember window position when closing the application and open it in the same position for next startup. Currently, it seems to open in the center of the highest numbered monitor (or largest...not sure). Pretty sure a lot of icing is not called. Still trying to nail down the specifics. One possible scenario is if the puck crosses your goal line twice before being iced the icing is not called. Need help with this one. In the AHL, teams lose to teams with 3/4 to 2/3 of a roster. This does not seem realistic. The solution is probably complex (e.g. increase generation of exhaustion; have exhaustion have a greater impact on gameplay; etc). Scouts don't seem to completely cover an assignment. For example, if I say "scout the NHL", I still run into NHL players with no scouting report. Intended? Scoring on the first or second touch after a face-off is insanely high. Over ten games, face-off goals occurred in 15 out of 60 goals. 25% seems way too high. A couple of times some national team fired their GM after the first game on WC (no matter if win or lose) Watching games with "highlights only". About once every 5 games a goal is scored and no highlight is played. Why would a team in first place ever initiate a trade with another team in their division? It's happening. Make salary cap similar to the NHL by calculating it daily. This means that if you only have .5M under the cap then halfway through the year you could call up a 1M player if needed. Add the option to "Reject All Trade Offers" Any action that will affect salary cap should show you the before/after affects of the action. Make it so you can turn off this information. For example: "Putting this player on 24 day IR will change your salary cap number from X to Y"
  6. The team I GM'd was 15th in NHL East with 3.5 months left in the season when I was fired. One year later, they are 8th in the league and 5th in the NHL East. The "Personnel" (coaching staff, scouting staff, etc) is 100% the same. The NHL roster is exactly the team I built except for one player (Charles Hudon...certainly not a franchise player). It would be nice if my Judging abilities or reputation continued to increase over the past year since this is my team that is successful. I was letting the coaches handle everything they could so I was not messing up game day in any way. It's purely a matter of some draft picks paying off.
  7. Only 4 players can be inducted per year. This off-season, we're at 10 and counting...
  8. NHL numbers are way lower. Last 2 minutes is always terrible because of the instant goals.
  9. Discovered this during my first off season. If I go to free agents and leave the screen without hitting the OK button, then the Free Agents button on the Front Office will not work. I need to go to Scouting and click Player Search in order to look at players. If I hit OK in the free agents screen then the Free Agents button in the Front Office works fine.
  10. Add the win-loss-tie record to the pre-game scouting report. Possibly some last 10 game stats as well.
  11. Twice I've gotten the "IN GAME_RINK:::get_faceoff_position() - Invalid position !" error. I cannot nail it down but I believe it happens after I delve deeply into the menus/reports. Possibly something related to contracts/salary cap. It is not consistently date related because I've loaded saves and gotten past the error with normal game play.
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