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Ok, I know there is countless threads for young players already but i am only starting this one because i am being a bit more specific and i couldnt find another one. I have basically 'gutted' my youth team and want to bring in a new bunch. However, i want them to be 'home grown'. For example.... Victor Moses - English, Chris Gunter - Welsh, John Fleck - Scotish. Money isnt too much of a problem as i am Liverpool with 33m left to spend having already spent 5m+ on coaches with high 'working with youngsters' attributes and a couple of players. Thanks in advance

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Firstly, if you don't feel it should be in a youth player thread, it should certainly be in the Liverpool thread. Even in the wonderkids thread someone would have answered you.

To answer you:

There aren't many.

Victor Moses

John Bostock

John Fleck

Sean Scannell

Jack Wilshere

Henri Lansbury

Rhys Murphy

Chris Gunter

Danny Welbeck

Jordan Spence

Jack Rodwell

Jose Baxter

Thats all I can think of ATM TBH.

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The reason i didnt put it in the Liverpool thread was because i wouldnt just be using the players for Liverpool, It is so i can get them in future for other teams, I only picked Liverpool because they have money and decent youth facilities. Anyway, Rodwell, Murphy, Lansbury and Wilshire aint interested, Baxter, i have offered a contract to, Scannell, i am negotiating a deal for and i have already signed Fleck and Moses

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