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  1. I'd imagine it's supposed to be another word for rooster - I believe that image previously had the words 'another word for rooster' instead of the bird
  2. I know it isn't officially implemented into FM, but you do tend to see prices rise furthur into the game - although this is presumably for different reasons. For example, in a holiday game I once did, there were several transfers which cost well ove £120mil - Ronaldo's current world record transfer was about the 50th most expensive ever.
  3. New Features announced in Podcast 1: Entertainment factor is now calculated by the match engine - match feedback now contains feedback about the entertainment levels of the game Supported types are modelled, with Loyalty, Passion, Affluence, Temperment and Patience influencing their behaviour Improved animation for contact points for kicking a medium-height ball Multi-box class has been re-factored Calender time-bar now shows previous results rather than just fixtures When asking for a new contract, trophies and allowing time to see through youth movement can be discussed When a new stadium is built, there is an 'expected attendence' field which can increase attendences more realistically For a full list of announced new features: http://footballmanagerwiki.co.uk/index.php?title=Football_Manager_2012
  4. Two months since a post in here, ouch! Anyway, with the announcement of FM12, the work begins once again - if anyone sees any think that isn't on the FM12 page, let me know and I'll put it in! http://footballmanagerwiki.co.uk/index.php?title=Football_Manager_2012
  5. The forums are fine - in a way, I think it's useful for visitors to the site to be able to see discussions that take place about the site. The team guides are something that, like you, I've always looked upon with some scepticism, and that's something I've never been afraid to show - this is an area of the site that Stig focusses on, along with player profiles, and one which I've left him to do the majority of time. Whilst I'm not particularly involved in this, I feel as though Stig has done, and is doing, a good job with this area of the site and although I'll continue to focus on other areas, I'm not about to intervene in an area which I'm not particularly involved in, especially when the person who has done it is doing what I see as a fairly good job. The main reason for the new home page is that it is a lot easier to customise and change which, as it is me who does things like that, is important due to the lack of time I have. Rather than spending a lot of time coding, I can use the time to make improvements to the site. To be honest, I think you've picked on a very strange point here. The interview with Ter, to choose the example you mentioned, was done in September 2009, in the weeks prior to the release of Football Manager 2010. To choose such an old example (which, I believe, is one of the only examples around) seems rather strange - I can't imagine many people judge websites on what happened almost two years ago. You've a valid point here, and one which I really don't know how to get over. Users provide the basis of the majority of wikis, the one you've linked to having 29,950 users compared to our 166. Part of the reason we have done competitions in the past, which may make the site seem more like a fansite, is to try and attract more people to sign up to the site, but unfortunately this hasn't particularly happened. I think I'm going to talk to JJay, our webmaster, about reducing the security on the site, meaning people will be able to edit before signing up. In case you weren't aware, the reason for this being introduced in the first place was that we had a lot of 'Spammers' on the site. I'd be more than happy to do a 'trial' run to see if this returns if the site were to be unprotected. Another plan for the coming months is to reduce the number of articles from other websites that we have on the site. Ideally, we wouldn't have any of these and we would write our own but unfortunately one can't be an expert in all fields and sometimes, especially with so many editors, it is best to increase the number of places that someone can access the same article rather than not having any content on a page. If you look on my user page (http://www.footballmanagerwiki.co.uk/index.php?title=User:Arsenal_2111) you'll see a list of articles which I hope to have written as soon as possible - school work means it's not always easy to fit work in. If you have ideas as to how we could increase the number of regular editors we get then I'd be extremely grateful to hear from you. At the moment, we don't, and despite trying various things this doesn't seem to be changing, meaning that what you've mentioned above - which I'd agree should be the aim - doesn't seem to realistic in the coming months. Your comparison between us and the UESPWiki, whilst understandable that you're looking for an example, isn't the best you could have chosen. On their website, it says 'The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995' - that's 16 years of collecting knowledge. We've been going for around two years, so it's understandable that we're not quite at their level. Also, at present, on the entire site, there are just nine pages which are 'Protected', meaning only admins can edit and make changes to them. The interviews make up three of these, and I cannot see that there is any good that could come out of these pages being editable - an interview is an interview, you can't edit what was said in it. Absolutely any content page is editable by users - it's only the 'official' pages which are not. Thanks for your reply!
  6. It's normally Jammy, but that's a minor technicality!
  7. What is it exactly that makes you think it's turned into a fansite? That's definitely not what we're planning for the site - whilst things like competitions may make the site seem like a fansite more than an information source, they are intended purely to attract more guests to the site, to try and increase widespread knowledge about the game. That, for what it's worth, has been successful. Whilst there have only been 1,679 visits to the April/May competition page, there were over 270,000 page views overall in the same time period. Compare this to the 185,000 that we got in January/February, and you can see a marked improvement which I have no doubt is linked to some of the changes we've made. Since the formation of the site, we've been aiming to pass on knowledge from people who know large amounts about the game to those who may need assistance in certain areas. An increase in over 40,000 views a month would, to me, make it seem as thought we've been successful with this. If just 10% of those 40,000 views have resulted in someone learning more about the game, that's still 4,000 pieces of knowledge we've passed on. That's the aim, and as far as I'm concerned we're well on the way to meeting it! As always, if there are things that you'd like to see changed on the site, we'd really appreciate your comments on it - feel free to email jammy@footballmanagerwiki.co.uk with your comments, I'd love to have a conversation with you! Well, thanks for what I suppose is a compliment, but it should most definitely not be a sticky, it's purely a discussion thread for the site. Basically, footballmanagerwiki was made as a result of this thread and it has been consistently used since then as a thread for discussion about the site - the majority of this is from the site's staff. If you look in the fansites forum, you'll see threads which advertise the sites (of which, like you correctly pointed out, we have) whereas this is for discussion. I'm not necessarily saying that this thread should be in this forum but, given that it has been so notorious over the past couple of years, have to say I don't see any real reason for it to be moved, deleted or otherwise. If you disagree with this, feel free to say and again I'll try my best to answer any questions you may have! Cheers guys
  8. Hey guys, just to let you know we're back online now - sorry about the delay! The winner of the competition, which attracted over 80 entries, is now finished and I'll be announcing the winner within the week. Hope everything's going okay, let me know if anything needs doing!
  9. Yep, seems to be down again I'm afraid - I'll ask JJ to see if he know why it may be
  10. 54 entries into the competition now, doing pretty well!
  11. We've now had 17 entries to the competition, which is more than I was expecting in all honesty! Still over a month to go - it'd be good if we could reach 30 entries by the end! The facebook group has also grown a lot - to 42 members now, from about 7 earlier in the week. We got a mention on the Football Manager group, which I think got us a lot of extra views/entries/fans!
  12. FEBRUARY ON FOOTBALLMANAGERWIKI.CO.UK TWITTER | MAIN SITE | FACEBOOK On the 20th of February, we celebrate our 2nd birthday as a site, and have a fantastic competition to celebrate! You can get a years subscription of Football Manager Live absolutely free, just by answering a simple question about the game! To find out more about this great competition, please visit the main site and search for 'Competition' - who knows, you could be the lucky one! February's Editor's Pick is an article about Skipping the Start Up Videos. If you want to know how you can do this, either click here or search for 'start up videos' in the search box! made by the community for the community
  13. rightyo, the site's updated again, there is now a competition running with a year long subscription to FML on offer! what i've done: (sidebar) moved links into two separate boxes (sidebar) removed 'selected articles', 'help', 'facebook & twitter' and 'about' (sidebar) added 'FMW in pictures', 'competition', 'facebook', 'twitter' and 'community portal' which now leads to... this thread in the fansites forum - doubt it'll get many views but ah well! the header on the main page is slightly changed competition added (including own page, T&C page and mention on Feb 11 picture facebook and twitter both updated - hopefully they'll start being used a bit more at some point!
  14. What, so have categories? If that's what you mean, I reckon it's a good idea. So, if you gave players who have FM09 and FM10 profiles the following categories: [[Category:Player Profiles 2009]] [[Category:Player Profiles 2010]] and then made them sub categories in the FM09/FM10 categories etc If that is what you mean, I like the idea
  15. Alright then, will do. Will be interesting to see if there are many entries for it...
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