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  1. Just incase you didn't see the wink in my post, it wasn't a serious post - and thanks for the credit at the bottom, I had seen that I'm not as frequently as I was before, but yes I am most definitely still around!
  2. It's like an Off Topic Thread reunion in here Now bring back jams From a brief glance at the squad, and from the little I've seen of him, shouldn't Cissokho be better than he is?
  3. Pft, Purefun's from last year was better. Excellent thread HoPeY, did you write all that history yourself?!
  4. To put it simply, just put the below each side of a link and replace { with [ {img} {/img}
  5. I'd make two saves the same, and take the second job on one. That way, if you don't enjoy it, you can carry on like normal. Not too realistic, but better than ruining a save.
  6. It only works for about 2 minutes I think.
  7. For me, end of release (so September time) would be best. That way you could make it more FM specific.
  8. Agree with this, Imageshack seems to make a popup whenever I open a link for it?
  9. It is neccesary imo, some people may not want to go into a thread that has player naming so they can find players themselves (although after this long I'd be shocked if people didn't know most players now!) It was pretty unanimous in the other thread that player naming tags would be a good idea, they don't hurt anyone but warn those who don't want to see things.
  10. Threads can be deleted? Out of interest, why are most threads closed instead of deleted then? I'm trying to start my new game now, but the game has gone to a 'choose language' screen. But it doesn't have a confirm button? Strange game...
  11. Thanks for the quick reply mate, much appriciated.
  12. So if I were to start a thread now, not get to two seasons by the time the rule was reintroduced, would my thread be closed until the second season was over?
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