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  1. As much as I'm against the move, the bold statement seems ridiculous.
  2. Sometimes you don't need to say something so bluntly for it to appear in a certain way. If someone doesn't want to use Steam, they won't be able to play the game. So, if they don't like it, what exactly should they do? They won't be able to play FM12. To me, that seems like an extended version of 'if you don't like it - tough'. Personally, I really don't like Steam. I'm not going to say I won't buy or play FM12 because of it, because I probably will. But that's not to say I don't strongly disagree with the decision - and that includes making us use Steam as well as the motives behind it, as I really can't see it affecting piracy levels (especially in the way you're hoping). Whilst I'm likely to play FM12, I'm becoming more and more disillusioned by action such as this and I have to say that I'm not sure how much longer I'll be a player of the FM series.
  3. arsenal_2111

    Oldest and Youngest users on OTF?

    How can you be 'about' 13?
  4. Transfer listing someone is just making them openly available for transfer. Offering someone to clubs involves actively letting clubs know that you want to sell the player, and giving them a price that they need to pay to get him.
  5. arsenal_2111


    Someone bothered to create the English leagues down to the 11th tier? Wow. That makes me a little sad inside.
  6. arsenal_2111


    SEPTEMBER ON FOOTBALLMANAGERWIKI.CO.UK TWITTER | MAIN SITE | FACEBOOK So, Football Manager 2012 has been officially announced. Excited? You bet! Only the initial announcement came in August, meaning we've still got plenty to look forward to - September should be full with announcements about the game, so look out for podcasts and blogs that are sure to come. Not a fan of looking all over the internet to find out more about the game? All information that has been released can be found on our FM12 page, including a full list of so-far announced features - check it out regularly to see if there's anything you've missed! Just because we're getting excited about FM12, it doesn't mean we're ignoring other areas of the game! September's Editor's Pick is an article about Fake National Teams and Players. If you want to know more about this, either click here or search for 'fake' in the search box! made by the community for the community
  7. arsenal_2111

    Android Phone

    That's the one I use, nice and plain. My Desire HD updated itself this afternoon, and restarted. Since that, all the apps and messages have gone. Piece of ****.
  8. arsenal_2111

    STATS for new FM12

    On the history page, click on a specific year to see all details for the player - it takes longer, but you can see this information.
  9. I'd imagine it's supposed to be another word for rooster - I believe that image previously had the words 'another word for rooster' instead of the bird
  10. arsenal_2111

    Inflation in Football Manager

    I know it isn't officially implemented into FM, but you do tend to see prices rise furthur into the game - although this is presumably for different reasons. For example, in a holiday game I once did, there were several transfers which cost well ove £120mil - Ronaldo's current world record transfer was about the 50th most expensive ever.
  11. arsenal_2111

    Football Manager podcast series 5

    New Features announced in Podcast 1: Entertainment factor is now calculated by the match engine - match feedback now contains feedback about the entertainment levels of the game Supported types are modelled, with Loyalty, Passion, Affluence, Temperment and Patience influencing their behaviour Improved animation for contact points for kicking a medium-height ball Multi-box class has been re-factored Calender time-bar now shows previous results rather than just fixtures When asking for a new contract, trophies and allowing time to see through youth movement can be discussed When a new stadium is built, there is an 'expected attendence' field which can increase attendences more realistically For a full list of announced new features: http://footballmanagerwiki.co.uk/index.php?title=Football_Manager_2012
  12. Miles comfirmed that you don't need to, no. There'll almost definitely be some new additions to the editor, but for all we know these could only be little changes - that seems likely, as it wasn't in the initial release...
  13. arsenal_2111

    FM 2012 pre-order

    Do you remember who it was who offered that last time? Try checking their site - the promotion may not start yet, though...
  14. arsenal_2111


    AUGUST ON FOOTBALLMANAGERWIKI.CO.UK TWITTER | MAIN SITE | FACEBOOK August is all about the excitement that inevitably arises as a result of the announcement of the next release in the Football Manager series - in this case, Football Manager 2012. As soon as information is released about the game, you can be sure we'll be trying to get it on the site. Included on the FM12 page is full list of the features which have so far been announced, meaning that footballmanagerwiki.co.uk is the only place you'll need to visit to find out about what's new in the game! August's Editor's Pick is an article about Contracts. If you want to know more about this feature, either click here or search for 'contracts' in the search box! made by the community for the community