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how do i give a lower league team a massive wage budget ?


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The maximum wage budget is set as a percentage of turnover, Football League rules which I presume SI have implemented.

White Flag is correct, that is a point I tried to make but failed miserably, glad someone could spell it out more clearly.

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If you really want to do this, one way is to use the editor to create future transfers of your players - set them for the first few days of the season (early July). Once you get the windfall of income from these transfers your board will give you more money for your transfer budget and more money for your wage budget (depending on what % of net revenue you are allowed to reinvest).

Step by step:

1. Take a player you don't want (eg reserve player)

2. Create a future transfer dated for early July 2011 (after the season start) in the editor

3. Make the buying club someone who can afford it (like Man City)

4. Set the agreed price at say £50m

5. Man City get screwed

6. You get their cash

7. Your board drastically change your wage and transfer budget (depending on how much you are allowed to reinvest)

8. Your fans might credit you with a fantastic piece of business

I think Arsenal did this in real life with Adebayor, Nasri, Toure and Clichy didn't they? :)

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to many players and your will get upset thinking thier next so watch that. As players are tempermental i stoped doing that as it's bad enough as it is

In the editor you can't change the wage buget? i don't know what the turnover stuff means but finanaces are also tied to your rep increase that and you can have alot more money.

Just use FMRTE to set it to whatever you like

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