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  1. Attributes are weighted by position, so the more positions the person has the more the attributes will be weighted and the more the CA will be affected. Depending on the position some attributes have no affect on the players CA while some will change it dramatically. Here's a thread that studied it in detail.
  2. Is this out yet? I saw FM18 was announced today and it made me wonder about FM17 and how this was going. I only buy FM for this database now and will skip any version till it gets one so looking forward to trying FM17 soon, sometime around a sale would be perfect lol. They really need to change their editor and allow you to export rosters, or allow it so you can easily bring your mod to the new version. Having to recreate it EVERY time is just a pain. Game needs to look at OOTP and copy the ability to import your season into the new version of the game, that or allow some way to this easier. I hate starting a new version and having to recreate everything again.
  3. Thanks for giving me a reason to buy this years version. I didn't expect one this year since you just did one last year. They really need to find a way to let you import the years before database so you wouldn't have to start from scratch every year
  4. Last I saw he said it was doubtful for 2017. I think he normally takes a year off between them. I won't buy 2017 till he makes a DB for it and won't at all if he doesn't
  5. They really need a way to import old databases into the latest version so we don't have to wait 6 months for a great DB such as this This is really the only DB i'll play with so the wait is the worst part for me
  6. They really need to work out a way to allow you to not have to create this from scratch every year. Allow some kind of import of last years DB into the new years editor, or at least something so we don't have to wait so long for what I consider the best DB on here. I won't play the game till i can use this DB. So any idea of a release date?
  7. This losing needs to be fixed. It impossible to think that i could ever lose a game, let alone have a player score when i didn't want him to.
  8. maybe Posh won't let him. Am sure it's not "Impossible" to sign him, just need the right factors otherwise you can't. If he won't sign does that mean he stays a free agent for life after his contract expires? edit him onto your team theres a fix otherwise let him spend time with Posh
  9. just do a future transfer then and make it for no money or even 1$, won't show as exch but to not pay a cent make it happen before the start of your season and you won't be paying anything
  10. try duplicating them and see
  11. to many players and your will get upset thinking thier next so watch that. As players are tempermental i stoped doing that as it's bad enough as it is In the editor you can't change the wage buget? i don't know what the turnover stuff means but finanaces are also tied to your rep increase that and you can have alot more money. Just use FMRTE to set it to whatever you like
  12. what do you mean by exchange status? by transfer listed or loan then no but you can edit thier history to reflect a transfer. That's the transfer fee part. It won't come out and say transfered on such and such a date for this amount but you can tell he was transfered and for how much but just not what day
  13. as they said you could edit the rep or edit your chairmen and hope that gets you a change but would be a pain to test so good luck with that
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