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[FM11] Reino Manager Portuguese 3rd Divison + Regional Divisions (incl. Youth Leagues)

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Portuguese 3rd Division + Regional Divisions (incl. Youth Leagues) v1.0.1


Main Features:

- 3rd Division and 1st Regional Division Activated

- Youth national League Activated

- Accurate dates on the start/end of the leagues

- Some club bugs fixed

- More then 200 clubs added

Known Bugs:

- Stadiums Pitch types like Gravel, clay or sand are appearing as grass. (FM bug)

- 1st Youth Division is not storing the champions history. (FM bug)

- 1st Youth Regional Division is active in game but is supposed to be inactive since it's missing some clubs that will be added in future. (FM bug)

- Playoff games are played every 3 days instead of a weak. (FM bug)

Note: All bugs are already reported on Bugs Forum.

To be implemented on future versions:

- All Portuguese Regional Divisions

- 1st Youth Regional Division (with all clubs)

- Extra regional competitions

- Some player squads

How do i install the update?

Download the file. Extract it from the zip file. Copy the .dbc file (from the zip file) to the follow folder: (Depending on your OS)

Win Vista/7: C:\Users\<user>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\editor data

Win 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\editor data

Win 98/ME: C:\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\editor data

Mac OS X: /Users/<user>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2011/editor data

Instructions to start a new game

The options on the red rectangle must be selected for a better game experience:


Compatible Versions:



Version History:




- Bug on the "Liga Orangina" and "II Divisão" prize names corrected.



- Rio Tinto Stadium Corrected. (changed to "Estádio Cidade Rio Tinto")

- Rio Tinto president is not Nelson anymore.

- Salgueiros 08 status changed to Semi-Profissional


(Version of the link: v1.0.1)

More Informations


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We can't play it with another league updates like FMEUROPe which add all competitions to france.

It's really annoying. You probably change something in French structure.

Do you have a xml version ?

I don't think so. My guess is that there was some sort of corruption created by the editor that cause that problem. Maybe wait for the next version.

Nice upload people! Any new version when the patch get released?

This year editor version had a lot of bugs. Some of them were unbelievable (Like corruption on the unique IDs). That bugs caused some problems on the editor that makes really hard to correct. Because of that the editor got a few delays but, as far as i know a new version will be available after the new patch. For now don't ask a date cause it depend on how the editor is after the patch.

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