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  1. Chocapik

    CDKEYS - Pre order and Beta?

    I also received the key instantly and the beta works fine.
  2. Chocapik

    CDKEYS - Pre order and Beta?

    After you insert the cd key in Steam it's the same for everyone. The diference is that you pay 25€ more because you don't want to insert a cd key.
  3. Chocapik

    Slow saving.

    Are there any news on this? I don't have much time to play the game and it feels i spend more time saving than playing.
  4. Chocapik

    Slow saving.

    I always saved uncompressed.
  5. Chocapik

    Slow saving.

    Thank you Neil. I hope the fix comes quick. I save after every game and i waste more time saving than playing.
  6. Chocapik

    Slow saving.

    It seems to take twice the time or more here after the hotfix.
  7. Chocapik

    [FM15][SKIN] Slymlyne

    I did remove all folders before but i tried it again and it's better now. Great work by the way.
  8. Chocapik

    [FM15][SKIN] Slymlyne

    The players atributtes don't display correctly.
  9. As the title says. Every time i quit the game there's an error. It also happens with the editor. My other games don't do this. This is for the editor. Assinatura do problema: Nome do Evento de Problema: APPCRASH Nome da aplicação: editor.exe Versão da aplicação: Carimbo de Data/Hora da Aplicação: 545a58fe Nome do Módulo com Falhas: editor.exe Versão do Módulo com Falhas: Carimbo de Data/Hora do Módulo com Falhas: 545a58fe Código de exceção: c0000005 Desvio de Exceção: 006b2143 Versão do SO: 6.3.9600. ID de Região: 2070 Informações Adicionais 1: 5861 Informações Adicionais 2: 5861822e1919d7c014bbb064c64908b2 Informações Adicionais 3: 84a0 Informações Adicionais 4: 84a09ea102a12ee665c500221db8c9d6 Leia a nossa declaração de privacidade online: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=280262 Se a declaração de privacidade online não estiver disponível, leia a declaração de privacidade offline: C:\Windows\system32\pt-PT\erofflps.txt
  10. The first option of feeder clubs is not the same.
  11. Around 700h. Every year i have less and less time to play.
  12. Chocapik

    FMC for FM 2014

    Good job
  13. You can't. SI decided you can look at the pictures/regen faces or you can see the silhouette. That's it.