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  1. I know that if keep winning they eventually shut up, but i have to deal with the morale drop that costs games. In the portuguese every year the big 3 have to sell a few of the best players and no player in real life acts like this. If i refuse to sell i understand but not like this.
  2. So i had a 29 year old Rafa in my Benfica save playing great, Man Utd came with an offer of 60M€ and Rafa begged to accept the offer, which i did because it was too good to refuse for a 29 year old and in the portuguese league. Half of the squad became angry because i let a legend leave. This doesn't make any sense. All players want to go to a bigger club and bigger league. I respected the player wishes. But it gets better... I get another offer for one of my stars but it's to low so i refuse but i'm willing to sell if the come back with an improved offer. The same players all angry at me again because i didn't let the player leave... What? Are the players morons? This break the immersion so much
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