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  1. Think i did this request in the past, but if not here it goes again. Having the possibility of setting up child competitions on already child competitions using the normal version and not the advanced rules. To try to explain it better ill give an example: Having a parent Competition like "Division 2" that has some child sub competition like Zone North, Zone Center and Zone South. Now what i wanted is for example to have a "Zone North - A" and a "Zone North - B" competition as a child competition of Zone North. (and for example their top2/3/... play later for zone North title or the bottom ones for relegation) This is kinda possible using the group option, but i would think would be more interesting to have an actual child competition were you can change the name and rules as you fit.
  2. Well, looking for the list of the game features the one that jumps as my favorite is the create your own club mode. Will be looking forward for that one. On the things i was expecting to find and didn't, the transfer system was the one i was expecting some new features. The somehow lack of bids for some players that would have in normal circumstances some market could be solved by the implementation of a "ask agent to find bids for a player for a % of the total value" option. Considering that in real life that's what happens in most cases, i was expecting something like that to be implemented already. In general i tend to agree that the price of the game might be too high this days. I do understand that making a game like this every year has it's costs and, because of that, the price might be already on the lowest possible, but 60 euros for a game that doesn't bring that much new content to the last years version might be too much, specially for some of the countries that are having some serious financial issues and with really high unemployment rates. Will be looking forward for more info on the game tho.
  3. Neil, any chance of seeing Miles with a mustache on the next video that he will be in?
  4. Guys move to important stuff! (This discussion is getting bored) On a related note, what about a "Miles with a mustache" movement?
  5. Mustache feature was the big announcement this year for sure!
  6. Wining FM for me is beating the most difficult challenge i can imagine in game. For me that is picking a club from Andorra and make the Andorra League the number 1 competition in the world. (Was never able to get it)
  7. From my testing this tactic is not a good one for lower level clubs. (Mostly amateurs or semi-professional teams) It was already noted by the OP that it doesn't work very well if many changes are made on your squad, so if you play on the bottom levels of your league chances are that you will have to change a lot of players every season. Then there's the defensive problems of the tactic that, in the lower levels clubs are most noticed. In my case, in some games, is like there's no defense playing at all. Would like to mention that this tactic does not deal well with the "defeat after defeat" effect caused by the drop on the moral of the players. Now, if you get a good team and you are able to keep it, the overwhelming effects of your attack are enough to mask the problems of the defense. Not the best tactic i played on the latest patch but is surely one of the best.
  8. This days i don't play FM that much. The only moment i do is when i play a lan game with a friend. Since we both updated the game to the latest version i started to see what is been talked, the zombie defense from player controlled teams, strikers scoring less and less, weird transfer offers, etc... In 3 official games i did with my team i conceded 11 goals, with a actually good defense line. (way better then last season, and i didnt do that bad last season) When it comes to offers, it's been pointed out that you need to negotiate players, but i must say that if you set a price for a player at 10M that is valuated for 6M it's not normal for you to receive bids of 4-5M. And, in this latest update if you negotiate them you will get at most a bid close to the value of player. (wasn't able to get a value above the fm value of the player, same happen to my friend in this save) That is NOT normal for your star players. Watching this type of behavior i started to do some test saves to see what could be used to counter this situation and the results i got were unbelievable. I picked up a 11 close to the best possible, put it against a team like Real Madrid (without some of their star players that i put on my 11) and, whatever i did on the instructions of the team i would always be defeated (sometime by large amount of goals) we are talking players like Neuer, Varane, Marcelo, C. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Aguero, etc... doing stupid mistakes. It's weird seeing a player like Messi having a behavior of a regional player, loosing balls like crazy and not being able to pass anyone! Hope this get fixed!
  9. Released a first version of the update. Has a 5 seasons test on it and looked to be all good. If you find a bug please post it.
  10. Let me be clear about this, the update is FULLY compatible with the latest FM patch. If you have a issue with the update not working you should remove all other leagues and play with Malta only.
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