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4-1-2-3 DM Narrow (3 Advanced Forwards)

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Just wanted to see if anyone had been playing a similar system to mine and what results they got. I'm about 10 seasons into a Tottenham and it took me about 5/6 seasons of tinkering to find the perfect system and get things going.

I have been using the below for a few seasons now and although it is beatable, I am well on the way to becoming dominant for the foreseeable future. It seems like a ball over the top is this year's FM weakness. 


                                                          AF-a   AF-a   AF-a

                                                           MEZ-a        AP-s


                                                FB-a    BPD-c   BPD-c   FB-a



Mentality: Positive

TI's: Focus Play Through The Middle, Distribute over Opposition Defence, Be More Creative, Extremely Higher Tempo, Counter, Counter Press, Prevent Short GK Distribution. 

I also use a split block for pressing (3 forwards and the mezzala) 


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Yes, I'm using a similar tactic albeit a bit different than yours. 

   F9   P/AF   F9

   AP-a   B2B


WBL-s   CB-c   BPD-d   WBR-s




Shorter passing, slower tempo, dribble less, wide, play through the middle, standard line, pass out the back, high pressing.

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