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  1. Try giving Sassoulo a run, they are a club looking to develop domestic players and players from their own academy.
  2. Just picked up FM21 and starting an Inter save!
  3. I just picked up FM21 and thinking bout doing the same edited file I did for FM19. I used one of the Jamaican edited nations file on steam and changed their continent to Europe and upgraded the Jamaican PL and the second division. Played it for about 7 seasons, was pretty fun but noticed the teams weren't improving as quickly and was signing too many foreign players and letting the domestic players go for pennies.
  4. Thanks for the link. What are you trying to do with your midfield? I want to play with a midfield triangle with a playmaker, a B2B and a defensive mid. I've settled on a combination of a RPM + B2B and a HB in the DM strata position, it's very steady.
  5. Been trying to find a true 4-5-1/4-1-4-1 formation, if you get it working please update, I would like to take a look at it.
  6. I decided to do my own Jamaica save and put them in Europe.
  7. No I will not be buying FM21 this year. Up until FM13 I bought every Football Manager game since I found a copy in a local game store in high school, but since I get so immersed in some saves and adult Life is a constant buzz kill, I've hadn't had the opportunity to just sit and game anymore, and also other than some minor tweaks and more aesthetic updates every year it's basically the same game just with roster updates. I'm still enjoying FM19 and especially after creating a new database universe I’m hoping to enjoy this save for at least another year.
  8. Thank you for the help, I was able to change the continents tab.
  9. Pietro Pellegri is a beast on FM19. On one of my previous saves I had him at Inter and played him as a CF-a and he was magnificent scoring and assisting almost every match.
  10. I put both Celtic and Rangers in the League One(so they can compete in the FA Cup and League Cup), both clubs got promoted to the Championship but it looks like only Celtic is strong enough to get out of that division.
  11. Nobody uses a true 4-1-4-1 any more. A flat midfield with your triangle in the middle and the lone striker up top.
  12. nfhockeyfan, I'm looking to swap a nation from CONCACAF and putting them in CONMEBOL, how did you swap Canada and San Marino? Thank you for any help.
  13. Don't use any external scouting systems to check CA/PA or anything else under the hood.
  14. I think this is considered a general discussion. Does the AI develop a counter to your tactics and formations over time so that way the user doesn't build a superteam so easily? I know in each season the AI will play you more competitively at the closing end of the season than at the beginning but what I mean is, does the AI or can it, over time adapt and evolve their own playstyle to either alter the way they play to mould your own or just develop a counter to your ”super-tactic?” I could possibly give an example like SAF adapting over time to be able to stay at the top for 26 years comes to mind. When Pep Guardiola came onto the scene everyone assumed he’d dominate football forever with his tactic and players at Barcelona, but even though he left and changed and evolved his tactics over time so has world football been able to adapt and catch up to his playstyle.
  15. I'm currently running 4 nations and 6 leagues with an estimated game speed of 5 stars; adding another league drops that down to 2 and a half stars. Managing Inter and Gremio and adding Liga NOS would be fun too, is it worth it?
  16. I still play 2D classic mode, I just love it and can see my tactic better, but yes I do have goals in 3D mode.
  17. Nicolo Zaniolo is a great playmaking and goalscoring mezzela, Roberto Gagliardini is a good shout too.
  18. This is an excellent question becuz I wonder if it's just a cosmetic role in game.
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