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  1. For some reason the NACL does not work on any of my FM23 saves.
  2. Thank you my friend. I created my own version of the Italian leagues on FM21 with an 18 team first division, 24 team second division, English FA cup style league cup and kept everything else pretty much the same. I drastically increased the league finish winnings and tv money which helped the clubs keep their best players.
  3. I love to play in the Italian league, I play every FM version as Inter or a Serie B club, could I download your DB to play it?
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yea I tried googling it but was still a bit lost. I'll keep searching tho, thank you.
  5. I just got FM23 and got a logo pack but how do I fix the Man Utd no logo issue? Thank you.
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