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  1. Just wanted to see if anyone had been playing a similar system to mine and what results they got. I'm about 10 seasons into a Tottenham and it took me about 5/6 seasons of tinkering to find the perfect system and get things going. I have been using the below for a few seasons now and although it is beatable, I am well on the way to becoming dominant for the foreseeable future. It seems like a ball over the top is this year's FM weakness. AF-a AF-a AF-a MEZ-a AP-s DLP-d FB-a BPD-c BPD-c FB-a GK-d Mentality: Positive TI's: Focus Play Through The Middle, Distribute over Opposition Defence, Be More Creative, Extremely Higher Tempo, Counter, Counter Press, Prevent Short GK Distribution. I also use a split block for pressing (3 forwards and the mezzala)
  2. Just to update: Premier League & Champions League double! Mainly thanks to Mbappe's 43 goals!
  3. Sorry, just checked back and it was 350k - not 250k. I play him as my LF in a front three (4-3-3 Narrow) as an Advanced Forward. Also have Kane, Haaland and Lautaro Martinez and they've all been chipping in but Mbappe has cleaned up the most.
  4. I agree However, Mbappe is currently spearheading my title challenge in my 5th season. 9 points clear in mid February so it's looking promising! My opinion: Buy him at all costs!
  5. Just bought him for Tottenham in my 4th season in an extremely lucrative deal involving about 50 clauses lol. It was £60m up front, £50m in instalments, then another £110m spread over things like winning EPL/CL bonuses etc. Then he wanted 600k wages and I was capped at 250k so I had to offer loads of incentives there too. Hoping it's worth it though as I needed to make a statement and challenge City, United & Liverpool for the title. 3 seasons in and only a League Cup so far
  6. Maybe give Kane a support role so he drops deeper and links up more like he does IRL? I use him as a Complete Forward on support and it works well. Other than that your other player roles look good.
  7. I used him as a LWB for Spurs. He played a fair chunk of games but didn't fulfil his potential. He only became a 'good player' at three star ability so when Man City put in a £40m bid I had no hesitation. However, I'm sure he would progress a lot better as a left winger, playing more games.
  8. Thanks pal. Typically, I lost 2-0 to Arsenal in the next game Sure, here it is.
  9. Here are some screenshots to back up my claims. This is probably my most successful save ever with Spurs so I'm quite proud of it
  10. Laporte is great too. If you unsettle him, you can get Donnarumma for around the 50 mark. Brandt on the other hand will cost more. The asking price always puts me off but he is a great consistent player on the game.
  11. I'm currently about 12 league games into my season (W11 D1) and yet to concede a goal. I will try and provide screenshots tomorrow.
  12. Dier and Wanyama are perfect for DM unless you've sold them? Thiago Maia is also good. Julian Brandt is affordable with that budget and can play both sides. GK- if you can, Donnarumma. Or a cheaper option Fruchtl from Bayern. Both turn into greats. CB- Rugani or Romagnoli. These are all obvious options in general but great players who will improve Spurs' squad.
  13. Into my 7th season now. Won the league 3 out of 6 times and got to 4 CL finals, winning only 1! Still using my 3-5-2 WB formation and it's still as effective. Only changes I've made is going from attacking to standard and switching wing backs from support to attacking. I've kept the English spine of the team in Dier (CB), Alli and Kane. The only other player I have from the original squad is Winks.
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