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  1. I wish I can enjoy a small club save but I watch too much football and don't know anything below 2nd divisions, so trying to find an FM story I can relate to is difficult.
  2. Can't wait for further updates on this
  3. Why are there so many Journeyman saves with small and/or irrelevant clubs? I'm just looking for a a long-term save with fallen giant, like a rebuild of Inter.
  4. Sounds like the exact thing for me
  5. Does anyone know of any good soccer playlists on Spotify?
  6. I'm posting using my smartphone at the moment, but what I did change was moving a midfielder a little deeper and changing his role to DLP the 2 Central mids are BWM(D) and AP(A) a bit more stable for me and not so many fast breaks for the opposition.
  7. You know what would be cool, if while your managing a certain team and have a big match you can listen to stadium chants, not the generic noise on FM but actual chants get to your blood pumping for that big match.
  8. Does anyone listen to background music or white noise or chants while playing FM? I usually listen to podcasts while playing, helps stimulate my mind, helps with the immersion and look up prospects.
  9. Thanks for the response, I love the thoughts from everyone on this thread, truly immersive. Okay so I've been using this tactic for 12 competitive matches with some inconsistencies, the team moves the ball around up front nicely but with some defensive mistakes causing us drop points.
  10. Question...can you move the CM(D) to play DM instead? Would the formation still hold up? I like this tactic, a slight variation to my 4-3-3 Attacking tactic, a bit more solid, but I don't like the way strikers exploit the space behind the WBs, the CBs aren't that fast to cover that space at times
  11. Yea I praise any player with 8 or above
  12. Right now I'm managing L'pool on FM15...yea I agree he's playing really well over that span and consistently too for a LB, that's why I'm so surprised. I try to judge my players higher so my rating of the ratings is more serious for me.
  13. Hello fellow FM fanatics, haven't been on this site in a couple years. I've been wondering, how do fellow FMers' rate the average ratings of players in their respective saves? This is my rating system of players on my team or I'm scouting for my team: 9.5 - 10 = perfect match 8 - 9.5 = very good match 6.5 - 8 = average match 6.5 or lower = very poor match for him I've been wondering this because how do you compare a player without base stats? I have a LB who is 6'5 with a pace of 17 and strength 15 but has an average rating of 7.28 in the league with 26 appearances so far in the league.
  14. I love having a team cause I can seamlessly insert players who has potential and drop any out of form player. But I have never once had a player win World Player of the Year or the Balon d'Or since playing FM.