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  1. Managed Inter, in my 9 seasons managing them I won 3 scudettos, 1 Coppa Italia, 1 EL, 2 Super Coppa and 1 European Super Cup.
  2. I'm enjoying your run with Arsenal, it's refreshing to see a story update about a big club as I don't manage LLC.
  3. You can try a save with Inter and rebuild them. They are a fallen giant looking to get back to the top, with some good players and good young talent, and owners with money.
  4. I try to immerse myself by playing some football podcasts or other pods I'm subscribed to, I also like to have some footy playing in the background all so I can get myself mentality focused on FM, I've been playing FM for so long I realized that if I'm not focused on it I just press continue all the way thru and not actually get myself really immersed and on task.
  5. After playing FM15 for almost 3 yrs I bought FM17 on summer sale and even though it's a lot more nuanced with the social media feed and other small details I'm liking this version. I hate plug and play tactics and it looks like FM17 you have to be more detailed and a lot more hands on during matches to get good results. And it looks like finances are a lot more crucial than ever before with transfer prices and fees really high, I don't think a club manager needs to worry about the club's finances too much as his main priority is how his team performs on the pitch.
  6. I wish I can enjoy a small club save but I watch too much football and don't know anything below 2nd divisions, so trying to find an FM story I can relate to is difficult.
  7. Why are there so many Journeyman saves with small and/or irrelevant clubs? I'm just looking for a a long-term save with fallen giant, like a rebuild of Inter.
  8. Does anyone know of any good soccer playlists on Spotify?
  9. I'm posting using my smartphone at the moment, but what I did change was moving a midfielder a little deeper and changing his role to DLP the 2 Central mids are BWM(D) and AP(A) a bit more stable for me and not so many fast breaks for the opposition.
  10. You know what would be cool, if while your managing a certain team and have a big match you can listen to stadium chants, not the generic noise on FM but actual chants get to your blood pumping for that big match.
  11. Does anyone listen to background music or white noise or chants while playing FM? I usually listen to podcasts while playing, helps stimulate my mind, helps with the immersion and look up prospects.
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