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[Suggestion] Set status Deceased instead of Retired and keep history intact

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Why is all player and non-player history is lost after setting a deceased (!) person as a retired person?

Take for instance Johan Cruijff. Obviously this great worldwideknown player died a few years ago and is set as "retired person". Al his playing and non-playing history like international apps/goal/award/trophees/clubs he played for is lost! That's such a shame!

Why isn't there an (database editor) option to set a person as status "deceased" with a decease-date but will keep all player history intact.  This way the person is "clickable" at clublegends for instance and details will show.

If someone agrees with this please upvote this topic. I'd like to get an official respond of the SI-team to hear if something like this is possible, please.


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