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  1. The boars has roles/contracts like Chairman, Director, Managing Director, etc. The role Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Fiancial Director can't be chosen. Please add these roles so we van have real clubmanagement. There is also such a thing as likeTechnical Advisor. These functions are usually filled in by former players and it would ne nice to have these former players ingame too. So please introduce this role so we can add players as technical advisors. For example: Martin Jol who in real life is a icon of the club Den Haag but also technical advisor at Ado Den Haag.
  2. Martin Jol in real life is a technical ADVISOR and so officially he is not a technical director. He's part of the direction and management team. I can understand why you want to see him back as member of Ado Den Haag and personally I would set him as Technical Director besides director Mohammed Hamdi (who should be Managing director as he is CEO in real life) and Jahin Wildemans (CFO IRL) who should be set as Director as the role Chief Financial Officier or Financial Director is missing. In the latest update of FM20 (db 20.3.0) Martin Jol is set a director of SVV Scheveningen and not part of Ado Den Haag staff. Maybe this is something the researchers are willing to change? P.s. I will create a new topic in the feature request section to add the CFO role.
  3. In the game you see descriptions like "de opvolger van .. genoemd" "Volgens kenners de nieuwe ..." The names you see here are based on the famous players who are defined at the national team of the players nationality. For Dutch players it means the game looks at the famous player of the Dutch National Team. I think it's important to get every position (of a 4-3-3 system) covered and get a variety of players/styles. I therfore suggest to add following legends. They are player who left their mark on the dutch national team. In comparison to other countries like Germany and England we have a small amount of players, so it's justified to add some. If you need some clarification, please let me know. Sources used: http://101voetbalmomenten.nl/101-voetbaliconen/ https://sport.infonu.nl/voetbal/148642-het-nederlands-voetbalelftal-van-de-eeuw.html https://www.meemetoranje.nl/statistieken-nederlands-elftal/meeste-interlands-nederlands-elftal/ Rinus Israël (commanding centreback) http://101voetbalmomenten.nl/101-voetbaliconen-42-rinus-israel/ Abe Lenstra (clinical striker) http://101voetbalmomenten.nl/101-voetbaliconen-58-abe-lenstra/ Goalkeeper Stanley Menzo (no exceptional player) most definitively has to be replaced with Jan van Beveren (commanding goalkeeper) http://101voetbalmomenten.nl/101-voetbaliconen-10-jan-van-beveren/ Willem van Hanegem (midfield general) http://101voetbalmomenten.nl/101-voetbaliconen-35-willem-van-hanegem/ Johan Neeskens (tenacious midfielder) http://101voetbalmomenten.nl/101-voetbaliconen-71-johan-neeskens/ Ruud Krol (solid centreback) http://101voetbalmomenten.nl/101-voetbaliconen-35-willem-van-hanegem/ Faas Wilkes (cultured forward) http://101voetbalmomenten.nl/101-voetbaliconen-98-faas-wilkes/ Rob Rensenbrink (Flamboyant left winger) http://101voetbalmomenten.nl/101-voetbaliconen-81-rob-rensenbrink/ Wim Suurbier (explosive rightback) https://www.ajax.nl/streams/actueel/club-van-100-wim-suurbier.htm Johny Rep (cultured right winger) https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_Rep Adri van Tiggelen (strong fullback) https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adri_van_Tiggelen Arie Haan (industrious midfielder) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arie_Haan I personally would further add: Clarence Seedorf (cultured midfielder) Ruud van Nistelrooy (clinical striker) Klaas Jan Huntelaar (clinical striker) Philip Cocu (tenacious midfielder) Ronald de Boer (flamboyant midfielder/right winger) Mark van Bommel (midfield general) Micheal Reiziger (solid rightback)
  4. If you don't mind asking me: I noticed that the dutch third division "Nederlandse derde divisie Zaterdag' and the "Nederlandse derde divisie Zaterdag" are fully available in the pre-game editor. What's their role ingame? Do they provide promoted teams on the background? Can I activate them so i can actually see the table with league standings?
  5. How realistic is this? Feyenoord only losing one game (away-game against me)
  6. Shouldn't the full name "Scheveningen" be "SVV Scheveningen" (club-ID1038) ? https://www.svvscheveningen.nl/ Shouldn't the full name of "TEC VV" be "SV TEC" (club-ID37049067) ? https://www.svtec.nl/ The colors of DVS '33 Ermelo are wrong..blue- white instead of black-yellow (club-ID 37018549) https://www.dvs33.nl/ The colors of VV Titan are wrong..blue-white instead of red-white (club-ID 37018592) https://www.vvtitan.nl/index.html The colors of VV GOES are wrong..blue-white instead of red-white (club-ID 37043237) https://www.vvgoes.nl/ The colors of TEC VV are wrong..blue-white instead of orange-white (club-ID 37049067) https://www.svtec.nl/ The colors of OFC are wrong..blue-white instead of yellow-black(club-ID 37049048) https://www.ofc-oostzaan.nl/ And shoudn't the full name be "OFC Oostzaan"? The colors of SteDoCo are wrong..blue-white instead of red-black (club-ID 37043236) https://www.stedoco.nl/980/team-informatie/?sznid=6 Shouldn't the full name of "Echter VV" be "EVV Echt" ? (club-ID 856120) https://www.evvecht.nl/Home Shouldn't the full name of "Noordwijk" be "VV Noordwijk" (club-ID 1026) https://www.vvnoordwijk.nl/ Shouldn't the full name of "Katwijk" be "VV Katwijk" (club-ID 1021) https://www.vvkatwijk.nl/ Shouldn't the full name of "Sparta Nijkerk" be "VV Sparta Nijkerk" (club-ID 851549) https://www.vvspartanijkerk.nl/ Maybe rename "VVSB" to "VVSB Noordwijkerhout"? (Club-ID 862782) Also strange color -> pink instead of purple. https://www.vvsb.nl/ Shouldn't the full name of "Gemert" be "VV Gemert" (club-ID 2344) https://www.vvgemert.nl/ Shouldn't the full name of "UNA" be "VV UNA" (club-ID 851684) https://www.vvuna.nl/ The colors of Blauw Geel '38 are wrong..blue-white instead of blue-orange (club-ID 37002197) https://www.feyenoord.nl/academy/teams The colors of VV Hoogland are wrong..blue-white instead of red-white (club-ID 37049093) https://www.vvhoogland.nl/ The colors of Sportlust '46 are wrong..blue-white instead of red-white (club-ID 37018533) https://sportlust46.nl/ The colors of Aalten ZSV are wrong..blue-white instead of red-white (club-ID 37049002) http://azsv-aalten.nl/ Name should be changed from "Aalten ZSV" to "AZSV" The colors of VV Smitshoek are wrong..blue-white instead of black-orange (club-ID 37018541) https://www.vvsmitshoek.nl/ "Zwaluwen V" should be renamed to "VV Zwaluwen". Color should be changed from bleuowhite to black-white (club-ID 37066085) https://www.vvzwaluwen.nl/ Shouldn't the full name of "Capelle" be "VV Capelle" (club-ID 995) https://www.vvcapelle.nl/ Shouldn't the full name of "Spijkenisse" be "VV Spijkenisse" (club-ID 851550) https://www.vvspijkenisse.nl/ The colors of FC 's Gravenzande are wrong..blue-white instead of red-blue (club-ID 862437) https://www.fcsgravenzande.nl/265/team-informatie/?sznid=3 Shouldn't the full name of "Staphorst" be "VV Staphorst" (club-ID 37006288) https://www.vvstaphorst.nl/ The colors of VV Eemdijk are wrong..blue-white instead of green-white (club-ID 37049093) https://www.vveemdijk.nl/ Shouldn't the full name of "Berkum" be "VV Berkum" (club-ID 37002225) https://www.vvberkum.nl/ The colors of NSC Nijkerk are wrong..blue-white instead of blue-yellow (club-ID 37018550) https://www.nsc-nijkerk.nl/ Shouldn't the short name of "SDCP" just be "SDC Putten" (club-ID 37009778) https://www.sdcputten.nl/ Shouldn't the full name of "VV Flevo Boys" be just "Flevo Boys" (club-ID 22341) https://flevoboys.nl/
  7. Every club has youth scouts who look at (local) clubs and youth-tournaments to discover young players for their youthacademy. Let say players in the age region from 6 till 15 years) I would like and option to distinguish between a role "scout" and "youthscout". The youthscout should have attributes, but you don't really send them on assignments in the game. They are just part of staff. A youthscout with good judgementability's would increase the change of higher quality youth-intake every season. Like all other staff you should use real names (they ar easy to find as many names are just published on the websites of the club). You could even make difference in naming of scoutingroles. Like national or international (youth)scout, international senior scout, international talentscout, etcetera. You could even introduce the role "Head of youthscouting" like many clubs have nowadays.
  8. I was hoping this also would be fixed with latest winter update patch. But started a new game and still have to play first round of Dutch Cup with Ajax.
  9. Hoped this was resolved with recent winter patch. But it hasn't. Still just 2 days of rest between competition match and CL which causes the players to be tired.
  10. And as commented many times: Gravenberch should be youngest goalscorer. It's a shame most of the clubrecords aren't set correctly as I provided the info allready on 13th of november (see below). It feels a little bit disrespectful to the community who are trying to help and putting in time and effort doing research and providing the info on a silver plate. Even if they do it out of own free will. I know there a LOT (!) of changes made and things like records aren't seen as the most important things but it helps making the game more realistic. And I am grateful to any of the researchers here. But it feels like a missed opportunity.
  11. And who set the amount wrong? 108 million Euro (!) instead of 75 million (or 86 including the bonusses). Update: the pre-game editor says 86 million. What's going on here?
  12. This looks stupid: it should be displaying my name as I am the one coaching the oponnent. When i set the language on English I get my name displayed -> "Faber understands <my name> attempt at mindgames". So this is a dutch translation issue. Please fix.
  13. Bruna Varela is for the second consecutive season on loan at Ajax. Shouldn't his first year add up to the number of days untill naturalization?
  14. I just started with winterupdate with latest db. The affilation with Sparta is added Sparta also plays in the Eredivise. The attribute "cannot play in same division" is NOT selected in the pre-game editor. But ingame there is still the note that the affiliation will be ended when clubs play at the same division. This isn't correct. What's the status of the investigation?
  15. Hi Red, noticed that the winterupdate has been released Started new game right away At first glance it looks very good. Nice job!
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