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When I'm hiring a Coach for my team, I generally know at that time that I'm looking for specific deficiencies in my team.  It would be helpful if during the hiring process, this could be highlighted. 

It could be a point of agreement with the new coach, or it could be note to be used after the new coach is hired.


Let's say  I know that I'm hiring CoachA to be a Defensive Coach.  Defined at the time of the hire.  The hiring screen can show me that I am either missing an existing defensive coach, or this new coach is an upgrade.

The new coach may agree to be a Defensive coach or not.  If he agrees, FM takes note of that.

Then when he accepts the position, he is automatically placed into that coaching responsibility for me.  Rather than some other responsibility.

During the hiring process, I should have the choice to replace an existing coach with the new hire.  So when the new hire joins, the existing coach is let go at that same time.  But this only takes place IF the new coach accepts the position.

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