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  1. This is meant for a small percentage of clubs, spread randomly around the world. As part of the 5 year plan, I think it would be an interesting idea to have the board decide to initiate a club rebrand. As with other 5-year plans, depending upon your standing and time with the club, you may have some input into their decision. Club Rebrand - The club may look to change their colors, badge, stadium name ( if available ), other options available to them. Their decision to do so will impact the social impact of the team for a while, depending on how far ahead they announce the changes, get fan input, or in fans like the changes or not. Or the board may investigate the change, and decide not to pursue them. This does occur throughout world football. Juventus changed their badge. Leeds attempted to but decided against it after fan protest. Watford kept their same badge after a fan vote. Chicago fire changed their badge and currently the fan base is unhappy and season tickets have dropped tremendously. Louisville City FC tried to change their name, badge, and colors. Fans were unhappy. The team owner came out and apologized and reversed everything. Countless clubs "modernize" their current badges with minor changes. Clubs will sometimes rebrand when they join parent / child affiliations. Doing so will bring in even more money to to the clubs. There are the City and Red Bull branded clubs. ex: Melbourne City changed colors, it's name Philadelphia Union USL club to rebrand as Philadelphia Union II In short - it happens throughout the world now. It impacts the clubs. It impacts attendance. It impacts affiliates.
  2. When I'm hiring a Coach for my team, I generally know at that time that I'm looking for specific deficiencies in my team. It would be helpful if during the hiring process, this could be highlighted. It could be a point of agreement with the new coach, or it could be note to be used after the new coach is hired. Let's say I know that I'm hiring CoachA to be a Defensive Coach. Defined at the time of the hire. The hiring screen can show me that I am either missing an existing defensive coach, or this new coach is an upgrade. The new coach may agree to be a Defensive coach or not. If he agrees, FM takes note of that. Then when he accepts the position, he is automatically placed into that coaching responsibility for me. Rather than some other responsibility. During the hiring process, I should have the choice to replace an existing coach with the new hire. So when the new hire joins, the existing coach is let go at that same time. But this only takes place IF the new coach accepts the position.
  3. I could really use a change to how the Coaching Assignment screen is presented. Just a simple matter of sorting the coaches. Today, each time a new coach is added, there's no telling where he or she will be added into the list. At the end or in the middle. It's a constant search. The simplest thing to be to allow the user to be able to sort coaches alphabetically. Or by job function. Changeable per the user's will.
  4. I was doing some scouting when I found this newgen with completely red skin.
  5. The appears to have been the only game played today with invisible kids. A further 4 games played later looked normal.
  6. I started FM20 today, played several different games before I noticed where I have a few players running around the pitch with invisible kits. Showed in the screenshot, there are 2 players among the group of 5 in yellow. If one of those players walks in front of another player, you can see through the invisible kit to the player standing behind him.
  7. Regarding the main menu - On game load, when my saved manager is standing in the team room, complete with the team kit. At this point, FM is aware of the manager and the team last played. The manager is standing in front of a white wall. I suggest that the wall should be replaced with one of two options: 1 - a photo of stadium 2 - a window, with a 3d render of the stadium, as if the manager is in the grounds
  8. When attempting to sell players, my initial attempt is to always attempt to sell with a 50% Percentage of Next Sale. I would like to set a default option of setting of setting the default Additional Clauses. I would also want it if I attempt to sell a player, setting my options, again with a non-negotiable clause, then the offers coming back into me - those offers match my offers. All too often offers made to me do not match those offers I've made non-negotiable, which defeats the purpose. It wastes my time having to go through the various transfer requests to either decline them ( and deal with an unhappy player ) or negotiate back to my original want.
  9. We should have the ability to create Scouting assignments separate from the actual scouts. For example, - I would like to create a South American scouting assignment, with various attributes. I would like to create another South American scouting assignment, with various attributes. I would like to create a European American scouting assignment, with various attributes. Now, I would then like to assign my scouts to the Scouting assignments I have created. What this means, is I have the ability to a) move scouts between assignments easily and b) retain the assignments I've created even though I lose scouts through retirement, poaching, firing, etc. This becomes a logistical issue with bigger clubs with 20+ scouts. When I've lost a scout or one is poached away from my club, it takes a while to determine which scouting assignment I've lost, then either rework current assignments, or I need to hire a new scout and recall that missing assignment while I wait for the new hire. It's worse if I look to replace multiple scouts at the same time.
  10. I haven't seen this mentioned in searching, and wanted to pass it along for possible use in regen face generations. https://github.com/NVlabs/stylegan - source code on github which is used to generate a wide variety of realistic faces. http://www.whichfaceisreal.com/methods.html - this is a site using the source code listed above. It is meant to test your ability to determine if the image is real or fake. May be nothing, may help. Just thought I'd pass it along.
  11. Well, mystery is solved. I had other files in: <custom FM16 dir>/Graphics but, in addition to that, I also had: <custom FM16 dir>/Download/graphics In the Download/Graphics, I had downloaded, unzipped, organized, etc the various downloads. One of which was the metallic logo pack containing the team logos ( but not under 21's or under 18's ). Once I removed /Download/Graphics, it started working as expected. So FM is looking in /*/graphics for any graphics data. That, or any subdirectories to find config.xml files. I didn't do further testing on this end.
  12. Thanks - A 2nd copy - that was my first thought as well, but I've searched the entire FM16 folder structure and can't find any other graphics. The only other place I had them was in the FM15 directory, which I've also deleted. I didn't download them via steam. The shared SI folder is empty. Didn't know about that one. I agree with you in theory, that a 2nd copy is being referenced or is somehow redirecting my graphics. I just can't make heads or tails of it. Especially when I can update other graphics. Meaning that I know I'm in the right directory structure, know what I'm doing, etc. I'll dig around further for the specific logo file jpg file. Maybe I can find a duplicate copy somewhere, which could direct me. Perhaps FM16 is reading multiple locations for graphics?
  13. Let me add to this - I can update the logos for the under 21s and Under 18s. But not the main club logos. I can see I'm using the correct ID, so really not sure what's going on.
  14. After the latest patch, I have been unable to update team logos. I have previously installed the metallic logos into the game, along with a few other graphic sets. I was originally able to update team logos, kits, player faces, etc. without issues. I haven't noticed until today that I am currently unable to update the team logos. However, I'm able to update all other graphics ( face, kits, etc ). This include when I remove the entire set of graphics folder from the FM16 folders. At which point, all custom graphics are removed from the game with the exception of the team logos. They remain as the metallic logos. It's as though they are forced-cached into the game, while no other graphics are. I do not use caching in the game, and reload the skin when I make changes. But I have also used the procedures to verify the integrity of the cache. I've also deleted the cache folder and rebooted. I'm at a place where I am unable to make any change to the team logos. But I can change the other graphics.
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