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[Suggestion] Mental Development (Player/Staff)

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Sending your player to a leadership course gives you the opportunity to hopefully increase this mental attribute. I would like to see more options for mental development, compensating weaknesses and boosting strengths. Different "psychological courses" could be used for influencing "aggression", "bravery", "composure", "vision", "teamwork", "work rate". Due to complexity, it should not be sure-fire success. Depending on personality, determination, age, experience and other factors, the degree of failure has different odds. Some players like to be send to extra courses, others do not or just with scepticism which influences the success. 

For example, a player who collects several yellow and red cards due to overreaching ambition could be send to a "anti-aggression course" in a sense of punishment instead of a money fine. 

Of course, every psychological course should have chances and risks. Failure could mean moral damage or, at worst, decline of the attribute that you initially want to be increased. If you ask me, there should be courses for your staff as well. 

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