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Good Game and please SI if u have time..

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Wanted to thank SI for the work and I like the demo, just fix the injurie thingy and the game will be splendid.

Hoping that you also have time to fix some updates, like beckham to milan, redknapp, mihajlovic and so forth, would also be cool if u could update Zarate who is almost exactly the same as last year, but has clearly proven he is better, but maybe he has higher PA this year what do I know.. also Maicon should be better but whatever thanks anyway!! kissseessss

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I was wondering this too. Will the release date patch have an updated db?

It would seem quite pointless as they can be done easily with the editor and would only increase the download size but it is something I wondered.

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Sounds like most of your issues are data issues, can put them in the data thread (not that I care, just that is where the people who can actually address these issues will read them). Updated moves and such will be released in a community data update if SI doesn't do it so that should be no problem.

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