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  1. I would also change up your shouts. With that formation, and using play out of defense with shorter passing means less options for defenders to move the ball forward considering there is no linkup between them and the midfield - this is compounded even more since you're trying to focus passing through the middle. Normally with this formation I notice most movement forward is done more on the wings.
  2. I'll generally as a rule try to always keep 2 or 3 as attack in a formation like this that has a defensive midfielder. If I'm going up against a tough opponent then I'll put a more defensive CM in, but with my asymmetric I even use a complete wingback on attack as well. I had a lot of success in FM14 doing this, so far in FM15 it's been even better because of the amount of successful crosses I'm sending in.
  3. I generally keep players in their best position/roles anyways, and letting the AI handle it is also beneficial in that they fluctuate the training intensity more often, and in better detail, than I can be bothered to do myself.
  4. I wouldn't change formations, I'm having great success with the asymmetric - switch between both a left and right sided version. Changes I would make for you: Positions: Wide Target Man -> Would change to (depending on player) a winger, inside forward, or I personally use a raumdeuter to great success there Attacking Midfielder -> Would change this from support to attack, I personally use an advanced playmaker here if that fits the style of player you're using Regista -> Would change to Defensive Midfielder Shouts: I personally don't like pass into space, play out of defense or drop deeper (unless defending a lead). I'd probably remove all of those, especially since you're playing a low tempo which is generally for using control/possession tactics not passing into space - which also doesn't make sense since you're using 2 target men. I would definitely add Look for Overlap, I've found this year is very effective in my fullbacks getting assists from crosses on the overlap, more so than any previous iteration.
  5. Would say it depends on your assistant. Playing at a top level, I always let my assistant handle all training unless I'm switching to a new tactic and want to focus on tactic training until it's maxed.
  6. GK---Frederic Lohe---All around good keeper, no real weakness or strength DR---Cataldo Cozza---Decent all around, poor in the air and not much pace DC---Marcus Hoffmann---Good in the air and above average work rate DC---Markus Husterer---Better core attributes but will be battling with Herzig for the starting role DL---Tom Moosmayer---34 years old, but good mental attributes that come with that age DM---Christian Lensch---Not much between him and Bourgault, Lensch has very good teamwork and decent speed but is abysmal in the air and equally abysmal strength MC---Domagoj Duspara---All around decent midfielder, best stamina on the team MC---Niko Opper---Good work rate, teamwork and passing AMR---Fabio La Monica---On loan from Koln, decent speed, not much else AML---Dennis Dowidat---Good first touch and passing STC---Abedin Krasniqi---Well rounded striker but low stamina and being poor in the air limits his roles and/or playing time The tactic I chose to work on is a standard counter attacking tactic with high tempo with tight marking and pressing to force mistakes and more counter attack opportunities. I've been given a transfer budget of £0 and am currently £13,000 under the wage budget. The key position I need to fill is AMR.
  7. No one was arguing about how arsenal or barca play, rather pointing out that by the definition barca would be high tempo but everything in game (player and staff attributes) as well as any barca tactic theorycrafting, which is based on the match engine, barca is by these definitions slow tempo.
  8. I haven't tried it on fm14 yet, but in fm13 I found it caused my teams to play less probing passes and instead string together 4 or 5 vertical short passes quickly. It resulted in more chances, but also a lot of loss of possession. Set to control with retain possession, either of these seemed to take precedent over tempo, just as setting to attacking results in more direct passes even with short passing selected, maybe it gave more creative freedom. Fm14 so far control and possession based tactics seem more viable than they did in fm13, so maybe using them along with a more high tempo, to compensate for the lowered tempo from retain possession, will work better.
  9. The problem is the definition, which you have correct, and how that translates to the match engine are different. Arsene has a high tempo because his teams generally transition to counter quickly where Guardiola's is low because his teams counter less, and play more of a methodical possession game. It doesn't mean you can't play short passing with high tempo, my main tactic in fm13 did, but you also have to allow enough freedom that they can make a direct pass if the opportunity is there so that your side transitions at a high tempo as well. Many tried to replicate the barca style in fm13, in my experience it is not a high tempo that dictates one touch passing, it's limiting players run with ball so they make more probing passes rather than stringing together 4 forward short passes every possession - which works but looks nothing like barca when it's given away quickly and often because they're trying to quickly transition using only short passes.
  10. Problems I've encountered in the beta so far: Youth player contract rejected, "The following contract terms weren't acceptable: #NAME? #NAME? #NAME?" Far too common for loans to fall through because the buying club doesn't have the funds to complete. Ask Assistants Advice for individual training on U18 or u21 also resets the 1st team. Would be preferred to have these separate as it is for assigning coaches. Match engine looks a lot better than last year at this time, only real oddity was the goalkeeper not wanting to run to clear a ball outside his box and instead let an opposing player run from the half and get a 1 on 1. I've seen a few other similar incidents, it's basically coming down to players not reacting at all when the ball is not in possession of either team.
  11. I haven't played FMC at all, no need to, but I think the guys do a great job with FM in designing features that are optional. For example all the micromanagement on the final day of the transfer window may be tedious for some, I enjoy it, and it can be skipped for those that do find it tedious. Media interviews I find tedious, and others enjoy, I have my assman take control of that aspect. It's a pretty win-win situation they've designed for many of the features, can put a team on virtual auto pilot if you like, which it sounds like you do, by combining your assistant and DOF to take over a majority of the tasks.
  12. As a fellow American, I would recommend not picking a favorite team so quickly. With NBC picking up nearly every epl game, its an easy choice now to pick a league. Id watch games and let the team find you. I was always an arsenal fan because I loved watching them play in the henry, bergkamp, pires days but felt like a bandwagonner if they became my team during that era. I adopted middlesbrough during their european run, an aston villa fan since the gareth barry days and most of my jerseys wereaston villa players that left (barry, young then milner). Wasnt until arsenal hit that low spot after selling van persie that I felt comfortable declaring arsenal my team from there on out because I always enjoyed watching them and that style I enjoy has been their identity.
  13. The introduction of Steam Workshop is a bigger feature than we've had since the 3d match engine. Giving the players the tools to make more game modifications is a step in the right direction, especially given the strong community FM has.
  14. FM puts a lot of weight into reputation, so good players/staff who haven't really proven themselves yet will often sign for teams below their ability. Easiest way is to go to the 'jobs' screen and place an advert for the staff role you want to fill and after a few days you'll receive a list of staff who applied for the position with your team.
  15. I understand what you're saying, you want complexity, but you want something to explain the complexities better than just throwing you overboard. The majority of us FM players have had these features slowly introduced to us so we weren't posed with this problem. I won't go into every feature, there's a vast amount of information on this and other forums. I'll just give you a basic overview: Once you start a game you want to get a feel for your team, who your best players are, their best positions, depth at positions etc. Assistant screens are very helpful in this but don't blindly follow them, if you're wanting to base your team around quick counter attacks then that 3-star winger with 18 acceleration/pace may be a better choice than the 4-star winger with 12 acceleration/pace. You want to set up your training, which is much simpler than it used to be, and coaching. You can usually just use the assistant managers recommendations until you're more comfortable with customizing these yourself. You'll want to set up a tactic so your team can begin to become familiar with it before the season begins. Rule of thumb is keep it simple, you just want to get the formation and key aspects setup - the rest of your tactic you can tweak based on what you see on the field. Setup scouting, or let the AI do it. Check your board to see what your staff limitations are and make any board requests you like, usually starting off I'll ask for any staff additions I need and request a feeder team. I forget the name of the screen, but you'll want to setup whether you or your assistant controls team talks, friendlies, and press conferences - as well as who managers your reserve/youth teams. These are personal preference, personally I usually have my assistant manage the 'warm up' friendlies and I manage the last couple. I always have my assistant take over press conferences - they're boring the first time you do them, mind numbing the 435th. Take a look at the league registration rules you're playing in, FIFA is an arcade game but FM for the most part takes these rules seriously, and literally, so make sure you understand the homegrown, foreign player etc rules. Identify players that either aren't worth their salary, or one of the many dozens of reasons you don't want a player on your team and transfer list them. Players with higher values can sometimes sell for 3x their value while others you can't offload for free no matter how much you try - too many factors for me to list are involved in this. Identify transfer targets you're interested in and have your scouts give you scout reports on them which will give you more information on the player and ideas of the wages they'll demand and transfer fee their club demands. ^^^ Everything above are things you do before you ever advance a day in FM, after you're all set up then it's about delving into the world of the transfer market. The transfer windows will be your busiest time and the first time you take over a team is definitely the most work to do. Once you have this all setup and begin your season you'll develop a routine and months will start flying by.
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