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Reducing young talent player wage demands

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Hi all,

I've notcied something weired in the game and i don't know why it happens. When i bring in young talent from my youth team into the senior team and then want to resign him for a longer future with my team he asks for insane wages like e.g. established pro players that have been in the senior team for a long time. So before signing him up for those crazy wages what i did was force them into loan status to other teams. When the season ends they come back and then i re submit contract negotiations with them and they accept on signing a cheaper contract than before going out on loan. Has anyone else encountered this ?

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because that's how it should work?

if you're being kept (as an 18yo) near the first team, then you'd probably expect to be named for a few games

if you're being farmed out on loan, then it gives the signal that he's not as required as he's still developing, or isn't good enough

could be the same guy in both scenarios, but I'd personally be requesting more money in the first scenario compared to the second one

that's certainly how I manage

everyone that I don't feel can make an impact for the first team gets loaned out

and anyone that I feel can make the step up gets retained (even if it's just a cup run for them)

the u18s are kept well-stocked that I can have them do both the reserve and u18 games, so there's no issues there

unless I suffer a MASSIVE injury crisis, but then I'll just sign some golden oldie on a 1-year deal and he'll spend most of it in the reserves

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I find I can usually get away with giving young players a low fixed weekly wage but a high appearance fee. This works for me since I will only generally play them in a handful of first team games. I'm also assuming if I loan them out, they don't get their appearance fee for each loan appearance, though not 100% sure.

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