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  1. this is pretty ominous... wtf SI? and the prize for the worst name in 2020 goes to... (Valencia's chief scout)
  2. oh... so we'll ignore the fact I've poached a 17yo Argentinean regen, before he's even played a competitive game this is awkward
  3. my striker got 25 league goals last season (and won the golden boot), which isn't bad considering I thought he underperformed for most of the season he started the new season, and has 9 in 9 to start off the new season (which is currently shared by at least 2 others) I'm basically playing someone putting up Aguero-like numbers as a "lone striker" and I'm disappointed in him
  4. to piggy back this, I've actually seen that "testing changes only" button in my save... are you actually in a registration/transfer window? I saw mine when I went into "squad registration" in October - so I wasn't able to register any new players it appeared because I was able to get a WP for a signing that I made in the summer (and got the WP on appeal in October)
  5. players can't play for more than 3 clubs in a 12-month period, so were they onloan at any point during the last 12 months? ie... player appeared on January 1st for ParentClub player is loaned out (for regular first team football) in January - plays games for Team2 You sign player (as team 3), and wouldn't be able to play them until January 1st of the following year
  6. how many nations league games did he play? the rule would have changed VERY RECENTLY (like September 2020 page 79 is your friend here - https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/fifa-statutes-2020.pdf?cloudid=viz2gmyb5x0pd24qrhrx 9.2.c.iii would be the case he'd be arguing A request to change association may be granted only in the following circumstances... the player... at the time of being fielded for his last match in an official competition in any kind of football for his current association, he had not turned 21 years old; he would qualify under this clau
  7. I dunno, tying it to the "league rankings" could be fairly easy to code - especially given that they're dynamic (finally there's an incentive to make the Polish Top Flight do well) although whether it satisfies the licensing criteria could be another question of course, the issue lies if that some leagues are actually rated lower than their "eligible" counterparts (I'd imagine that the "Band 5" aren't rated too highly within FM)
  8. for argument's sake, I started a brand new save at Barcelona, and did this specific scouting (of Gaya) at gamestart, Alba is actually rated better than him, and Gaya can only marginally become better potential wise) your scouts aren't the issue, you're literally setting them an impossible goal from the "initial scouting meeting", your option is TAA or TAA, literally there's no other choice you've got to temper your expectations, because you're Barcelona - any 3.5* player is going to be better than Alba at gamestart (which is fairly difficult) unless you've basically gutted t
  9. do people generally have VERY little idea that money doesn't necessarily matter to stuff like this? you can pay me as much as you want, but I'm not taking my old job back - I took a paycut to take my current role, and I'm FAR happier than before of course... I must be broken because I'd openly turn down my old role if it was offered to me, but there's WAY more to life than money - particularly if the new club is based to the location for his old one (moving across country isn't exactly easy/cheap) of course, you're probably treating them like a faceless robot, but moving a whole fa
  10. because 99.999% of people have their head buried in the sand, and think "well, it ain't gonna change" - so the effective 'bribing' that was in last-years version was still expected to work (which essentially the "submitted with a wage over XYZ would be sufficient" was) it's pretty notable in other companies (when they're restructuring / going bankrupt), as to how many people are just "well, nothing will change, my job is safe" - and it's the VERY few that are panicking and sorting their affairs out (before the masses are plonked onto the same unemployment queue) heck, I'm pretty
  11. pretty sure it was the idea of the G14 back in 2000 might regain some traction in the forthcoming years (with players not really getting a break until Summer 2023) - because of the impacts of COVID Euro21 sees no European-based summer break (next year), and then WC22 will disrupt the schedule accordingly (so goodbye Summer-break in 2022) Summer2023 is the next "extended" break, and this "player welfare" talk is only going to get louder (heck, Klopp and Guardiola are talking about it now)
  12. I wonder what that language definition would be in FMspeak - would "basic" be suffice, or would you need "good" or better?
  13. it's an ideal guide for "if I was to sell/buy him, this is the starting point" I think it's a combination of contract payout, reputation, and form obviously other circumstances affect the sell value too (such as your insane desire to get the player) if you're paying 5x their recommended value, then (you should really take the hint) that they don't want to sell, and that you really want the player I've seen players move for 90m (heck, City spent that much on Fede Valverde in Summer21) - is he worth 90m to me? probably not, but City wanted him, and they needed to pay a lo
  14. if you got the "points WP" (shown as the 2nd post in this thread), then it's VERY similar to what was actually implemented might just be a hotfix to remove the "international WP" (the OP) - although no idea how that'll be savegame compatible
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