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  1. good to see a first time winner last year too (in Liverpool), really brings a tear to your eye seeing another underdog story with ManCity, Leicester and Liverpool all winning for the first time in the last 10 years, it's really good to see the established order mixed up
  2. likely would have been given a week off because of the dreaded RST icon I've not seen it happen (well, unless I've done it in the training tab), but this article happens as a result of that
  3. because it's changing IRL? not exactly sure how it's coded, but the 2022 version (which is the first expansion) is set to have the following structure https://apnews.com/article/9604791fe91547db96ce19ed5b97012b With eight slots, Europe will be the best represented continent at the Club World Cup even after rejecting four additional places, helping FIFA drive ticket sales and broadcast revenue. All the Champions League and Europa League winners from 2018 to 2021 are set to qualify — although that could be dependent on UEFA determining the maximum number of slots per country. Clubs from England and Spain have dominated those competitions in recent years. Should a team enjoy multiple wins across the competitions, the free slot is due to go to the most recent Champions League runner-up. --- likely because Spurs finished runners up IRL in 2019, then they're best placed to fill out the rest of the allocation
  4. I didn't think I actually did that well post-patch Healthy dose of confirmation bias likely (2 losses in 3 games) My last game pre-patch was the Carabao Cup final
  5. checks schedule my first game was on 12/09/2020 (as a Prem team), Millwall also played their first game on 12/09/2020 in season 2 (or 2021), it changed to August 1st for Millwall (still in Cship), and mine was August 7th in season 3 (or 2022), I saw my first fixture changed to July 30th (thanks WC), in season 4 (or 2023), my first fixture is scheduled for August 12th there's been an adjustment due to the virus, and quickly adjusts itself back note: first day of my save (or when I started it IRL) was November 27th
  6. Board: We are pleased with your management of the team. Last season's successes remain fresh in the memories and your current performance takes that into account. B- Me: Asks for new contract Board: We are underperforming this season (we're not), and are on our worst run to date (again, we're not) - denied What?
  7. Two of my players have come asking for new contracts (in the two ingame weeks I've played), despite only one such player in three years pre-patch might only be confirmation bias (I think most of them were "preconcerned" anyway), but slightly concerning
  8. Analyzing Data of 4? and Tactical Knowledge of 2? yeah... that'll do it you'll likely have more joy just flat out scouting each player individually, rather than scouting the team
  9. just open up the editor and it pretty much tells you how the attributes are weighted now - like there's literally no guesswork anymore all the attributes are listed in one place, with a "weighting" depending on the position, and then how the game will scale it based on the CA that you've listed it as same for staff as well
  10. because of how the fixtures constantly keep piling up, I'd just recommend signing depth players my first team hasn't changed much over 3 years, but you can really see some developments when your backup changes from Wilshere/Gauld->Vera->Gagliardini->Maddison in terms of specific players ST - Ali Akman - he was released on a free (at end of season 1), and didn't renew his contract Didn't get a WP though, so had to loan him out for ~6 months (just got constant gametime), but kinda excels as a 2nd choice ST DC - Diego Costa - he plays for SEP, and can cover a DM role pretty well too ( seems fairly obscure, but can cover the roles pretty competently, and doesn't complain too much with a "squad player" contract AML - Roberto Alvarado - plays in Mexico for CruzAzul Fairly cheap, and is pretty competent as an AML for a Europe-pushing side (I tend to play a winger-support, although have customised that role a bit) personally I'd also potentially look at the youth options - I tend to trawl through the national youth teams, and just find players playing for non-top sides (I found a decent Scottish DR prospect playing for Aberdeen, and a decent English DM playing for TNS)
  11. today still has another 17ish hours to run (it's 6:40am here), give it time
  12. are you still playing FM20, because it's definitely in the tactics page in FM21 I'm in January 2023, and the latest player (Alvarado - the AML) joined me in January 2021 (although he does also share the same nation as my DL)
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