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Hey man, thanks for replying. Yeah I've also done the same things you mentioned- won the ACL and Fifa World Cup Club a number of times.

Well the rating does change because the Indian League starts off pretty ****** too. Like a 1 or 1/2 a star or something. What I meant to ask was can it go higher then 2 1/2 stars?

And I think answer is a no. =(

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Out of curiosity, has the number of Champions League slots for India increased and do India Teams sign some good players?

Just to see if the leagues are really dynamic :)

Hey ClemB, yeah the continental qualification is dynamic now. India's at the top actually in my save file with 4 group stage slots. Well when it comes to signing good (at the least 3 stars) players it depends on the league's and the buying club's reputation and whether or not they've a slot at continental competition for the next season. But I've seen some clubs sign players from South America, Africa and a little from Europe (like lower league clubs). The only drawback is that foreign players can no longer have Indian citizenship (plus a club can only have up to 4 foreign players max due to the league restrictions) and the same applies for Indian players playing outside India. The nation's youth rating has gotten a little better over the years as well but the improvement is very slow and takes a lot of time. I've had a couple good players come up from the current club that I'm managing. Their physical attributes are amazing and then next is the mental attributes.

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