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  1. I get that they're in like the many tenth tier divisions below but it's still funny that they aren't even there in the database considering that an Indian amateur football club called 'Kuki Sporting Club (Kuki SC)' with an obscure reputation level from my local community is there both in the editor and game (although you can't play them unless you fiddle with the editor).
  2. Well it looks like I did miss something. It seems competition reputations & champions league spots get updated after every 2 years now in Asia?
  3. Hi guys, I just bought & started playing FM 17 about 3 months ago. Currently playing in India in the mid-year of 2018 and I'm 2 seasons in. I've noticed that the league and cup reputations don't seem to change like in FM 15 (Did not play FM 16) EXCEPT for the European leagues & cups (I've leagues from EU, South America & Asia added). I remember in FM 15 this would update somewhere on the mid/last week of January every year (You get an update in your inbox on Champions league spot changes & league reputations) but it's not happening in time around. The AFC champions league
  4. Because the Hero Indian Super League is not an official league of the country. It's a franchise that was started for the purpose to grow football in a country that is madly in love with cricket, to push and maybe inculcate future Indian football superstars. Although the AIFF (All Indian Football Federation equivalent of the FA) is planning to push the franchise to make it the top tier Indian league in the future. I'm sure a mod that makes you play the league would be released soon. But it messes with the ACTUAL league set-up so I don't usually download it. Eg- teams from Super League qualifyin
  5. Hey ClemB, yeah the continental qualification is dynamic now. India's at the top actually in my save file with 4 group stage slots. Well when it comes to signing good (at the least 3 stars) players it depends on the league's and the buying club's reputation and whether or not they've a slot at continental competition for the next season. But I've seen some clubs sign players from South America, Africa and a little from Europe (like lower league clubs). The only drawback is that foreign players can no longer have Indian citizenship (plus a club can only have up to 4 foreign players max due to t
  6. Hey man, thanks for replying. Yeah I've also done the same things you mentioned- won the ACL and Fifa World Cup Club a number of times. Well the rating does change because the Indian League starts off pretty ****** too. Like a 1 or 1/2 a star or something. What I meant to ask was can it go higher then 2 1/2 stars? And I think answer is a no. =(
  7. Right that's what I thought as well. That every nation in Asia needs to do well in terms of leagues and international matches. I'm currently playing with 2 head coaches and managing 2 clubs in India and trying my best to just bring that up and about. Planning to move to another nation maybe Singapore in 5 years time.
  8. Cool! Well I did take my team to the Club World Cup finals once. But sadly we got our butt whoop by Juventus FC. I'll skip through a couple of years and see if the reputation changes.
  9. Hmm, ok. Well I decided to post this in another forum as well and the response that I got was that maybe JUST maybe it might improve if clubs from Asia and their respective countries do well. But they weren't too sure either. Anyway, thanks for your input mate.
  10. Hi guys not sure if this is the right place to post this but I would like to ask about the Asian Champions League ranking in FM15. I've been playing for quite sometime and am currently in the year 2021. I'm playing as East Bengal in the Indian League. My question is- Does the ranking of the Asian Champions League ever go up or down? Is it dynamic? Will it ever be at par with the European counterpart? Looking at the World>Competitions>Cup, the Asian Champions League has a 3-star reputation and has been the same ever since I started my save. Any info would be helpful. Thank you. Here's a
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