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Neil Brock

Bug Reporting Guidelines

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When reporting bugs, we always suggest you doing a quick search before posting anything to see if the issue has already been rasied.

If it's a technical issue you're encountering, such as the game not being able to be launched or it crashing - please create your OWN THREAD (even if you think someone has an identical issue)

Also, please post sensible and clear headers for a new thread, if you post something like 'My Game is Broke' then it gives us no idea what your issue is and makes it harder to keep track of, please use something like the example below:

[15.0] EHM - News item duplicated

Then when you create the thread, in the main body rather than writing long reams of text here (which can be very hard to follow) please keep each point simple and clear.

If you raise a bug, please always try and provide a save game where we can reproduce the issue. This will give us a much better chance of being able to find the issue and fix it quickly. For news and interaction issues, we normally need the save game from just before the issue occurs. Remember to let us know the file name if you upload it to our FTP.

When you raise an issue on our bugs forum, if you can provide easy to follow steps to reproduce we can get to the bottom of the issue as quickly as possible.

Steps To Reproduce

When a save game has been uploaded to the FTP (details on how to do so can be found here - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/405113-FTP-Details) you should try to give steps to recreate the bug. An example of how a perfect bug logged is shown below:

- Load save game "sibha_crash_selecting_World_Cup_team.zip"

- Select 'World' -> 'International' -> Mens -> Europe

- Select 'Featured' from the tab bar

- The game will crash

Save Games

Nearly all bugs reported will require a save game. Save games uploaded to the FTP should be BEFORE the bug occurs.

This will allow the coder to step through the game and reproduce the bug in debug and then fix the bug. If the save game is after the bug or on the same day then the coder cannot use the save game to fix the bug.

Saves can be found on your system within My Documents -> Sports Interactive -> Games or

For issues related to news items, ideally we're looking for saves just before the issue occurs that reproduce. If not a save which at least shows it will always be better than nothing.


If you hold 'Alt' and 'F9' at the same time, a screenshot of the game will be generated at My Documents -> Sports Interactive -> Screenshot

Please remember we'll try to respond to raised issues as quickly as we can, but please refrain from bumping your thread. Generally we work from the bottom up, so if you bump your thread it just means it'll take us longer to get to it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, we're very much hopeful that with your help we can make sure EHM: Early Access Edition is the best Eastside Hockey Manager playing experience ever.

The Sports Interactive Testing Team.

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