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  1. I noticed the CPU AI is still buying out lots of players (mainly depth players/goalies) the first month into the sim. This is leading teams to accrue cap penalties unncessarily. There doesn't seem to be much logical reason to buy these players out, especially when they tend to sign other players in their place who are objectively worse quality. I noticed in one case Ottawa signed then immediately bought out a player in the same day! You can use the save I uploaded 'Isles.sav' to look into this further.
  2. Just a minor thing, it looks like the game is calculating in-season extensions with an extra year on several menus (contract offer screen + news items). It appears the one year remaining of the contract (5m) is being tacked onto the extension (8y). Save 'isles.sav' uploaded.
  3. User reported a save to me where he is getting this error fairly early into the game, full debugging required to determine root cause of the error. Crash happens around Oct 23-24th, save game name Piestany_1.sav
  4. DB issue with extra teams in playoff round, should be fixed in our next DB release.
  5. Looks like with the addition of the USPHL and FPHL league structures into Pivot 6.2 we found there is likely a hard coded limit on playable league structures per any one nation. The game currently will crash at the end of "initializing game data" if you select all leagues. We found un-selecting any ONE US league will fix this issue. Is there a integer limit per league structures per any one nation set somewhere in the game? This can be reproduced with the Pivot 6.2 DB on Steam.
  6. Please upload the game to SI using the instructions in the thread and post the file name in this thread.
  7. This sounds like more of a database issue then a problem with the core game itself. Would need to know what exactly you are editing and with what program (and it's version), screen shots would help too. You may be better off making a post here: https://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=110
  8. Can you PM me to send me this save? This might be a database issue vs a game issue.
  9. But it might have been the best two seasons in hockey existence, give Holos a break :). Kidding aside, can you upload the save to the SI Cloud and provide the filename in this thread?
  10. It appears the NHL Entry Date date is different on Olympic Years then normal years, which is leading to scheduling issues if we try to create a modified real-life schedule for 2021-22. Is there a reason for the draft date to draw on June 18th vs June 23rd/24th for Olympic years? What is the logic for the draft date draw as this should be tied to the end of the SCF (max 7 games). It appears to properly schedule in non-Olympic years. This can be recreated with any database but I uploaded the one I'm working on (xECK29x-Rosters-v6-Test.zip). Olympic year dates: Non-Olympic year dates:
  11. We have known of this bug for a bit but it just happened in our online league, a player who accepted a transfer after his KHL contract expired never transferred over and eventually dropped to UFA. Please see saves NTHLv4-1 File 5.sav and NTHLv4-1 File 6.sav
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