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  1. The Tracey thing is really odd, ANA just loves releasing him, even when he was made a -9 PA.
  2. So it's not working in 1.5 but working in 1.4.1? Did you upload the save game via the instructions? If so please post the file name of the save you uploaded. Also you could reach out to me over Steam or DIscord and I can take a look in the interim.
  3. They will fully apply even if there is no league structure. One other note on this topic would be having a transfer rule for junior clubs that play in professional leagues (ex: EVZ Academy playing in Swiss League (NLB). We would need transfer rules per club UID that would set min/max ages for those clubs or just better logic in the game to treat junior clubs in Domestic League competitions differently.
  4. Hey Javs! 1) Agree with the transfer rule addition, this came up in closed beta testing too. 2) We can fix that, we simply have to create transfer rules for all those leagues though :(. Hit me up on Steam if you want to help with that.
  5. Great share, thanks for this, we know the financials are extremely frustrating to work with but this does clearly highlight an issue.
  6. Can you PM me on Steam/Discord/Reddit/here? Happy to take a look.
  7. You just need to make sure you have the latest version of TBL (unsub/resub to be sure) then start a new game. Existing saves cannot be fixed.
  8. Please upload saves if you experience it, the more we have the easier it will be to find the bug,.
  9. it appears the header on that database isn't being read properly according to the DB Settings Editor and it's locking up trying to read it in the Editor itself. Let me see if I can get the header fixed and I can post a fixed version on Steam, if I can get it working I can upgrade it even to 1034 so it supports the new 1.5 features. Edit: Got it working 1992-93 jbo Rosters v0.9.zip
  10. This was caused by the Champions Hockey League and/or Continental Cup. Likely due to the new transfer rules for those leagues. I have pulled them out of the live DBs and updated new versions.
  11. That's a bad bug, the KHL and NHL are the only two leagues with waiver systems, I bet the pools are merging, I wonder if an AI KHL team (if enabled as Enhanced) could claim NHL waived players also?
  12. Already reached out to Riz but posting here as well. This is happening with Pivot both 1034 and 1025 headers, and even older DBs so it appears to be client related, likely a bug with NHL awards as this happens even only when using just the NHL as Enabled.
  13. It was recently requested that we post any AI issues related to poor trades between AI teams or offers to/from the player that were accepted or denied, buyouts of young players/potential prospects and signings of odd players (typically really poor quality newgens). I wanted to share some screen shots of that happening and will upload the save games. My personal thoughts on some of the goaltending related items below is lack of flex-ability when it comes to loans (i.e. I can't loan players to leagues outside of the region for the nation I am a GM in (NHL can't loan to Europe). This may be
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