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Isn't it a little nuts how many players become unhappy and thus transfer-listed in the first few months of a new game (FM13)? In my current save, it's December and here's a list of players (that I know of) transfer-listed:

Christian Eriksen

Marouane Fellaini

Thiago Alcantara

Edinson Cavani

Marek Hamsik

Samir Nasri


Radja Nainggolan

Alan Dzagoev

Stevan Jovetic

I could almost build an all-star team here, assuming I had the funds.

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Is their asking price much higher than their value? If so then I don't think its too big a problem in effect, even if its not described very well.

Players transfer listed because of wanting to move on don't seem to be as unhappy and disruptive as those transfer listed outright or by request due to lack of games etc, so I just see it as them forcing their clubs to set a value for them ,which isn't too different from what goes on really.

I mean its been known for years Eriksen will go at some point, and Falcao has been giving interview recently about which Italian team he wants to join etc.

If they are all missing training, fighting with manager etc, or if they are all available for less than their value, then I would see it as more of a problem.

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Only the more combative personalities seem to be missing training, etc. (Luis Suarez was just transfer-listed and is unhappy, so he skips training from time to time). Usually what happens is the AI will set an asking price that isn't outrageous but still above value -- but because AI-managed clubs don't seem to make offers to players when the transfer window is closed (e.g. September through December), the listing clubs gradually lower the players' asking price until it matches value (maybe because of a perceived lack of demand).

For example, Cavani was listed in my game in early October and his asking price was around £35m, IIRC. Now it's late November and his asking price is £20, which exactly matches his value. Ditto for Jovetic and Thiago -- haven't checked on all the others. So in January I could get Cavani + Jovetic + Thiago for the cut-price of £42m altogether. Not peanuts, but that's three world-class young players.

Edit: Many of these players are actually being shopped for below-value asking prices, e.g. Hamsik is available for about £14m on December 20.

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