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  1. In general the UI just seems sluggish, like if I move my cursor it takes a while for the item underneath to become highlighted. Even dragging stuff in the tactics is a bit sluggish, in general even clicking buttons doesn't feel snappy. This is a problem I feel like has been steadily getting worse since FM 12 or so. I thought it was maybe because I was running the game on machines with only average specs in recent years, but now I've installed the game on my new Surface Book 2 (16 GB RAM, GeForce 1060). This is a pretty fast machine but even lowering the resolution to 1900 x 1440 doesn't se
  2. Oh they had it last year? Of course the one year I skip...
  3. Since 2012 at the start of every single match I have to pause the simulation, and then command + click on every player on the pitch. I don't just want to know who is on/around the ball, I want to be able to quickly see where everyone is on the pitch at all times. But what if I accidentally click randomly on the screen? I have to do the whole song and dance over again. Please, please add this as a simple checkbox so we can see names hovering over players on the pitch at all times. I'm desperate for this and hope I'm not the only one. I would even pay for this feature. Please!
  4. Is this option what we have all been waiting for (we actually get semi-randomly generated players, not the real players with fake names)?
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