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  1. Loyalty and Agent's fees now come from your transfer budget On that note, for anyone complaining that this breaks LLM, try keeping all the terms the player demands as they are, but setting the loyalty and agent's fee to £0 each time. about 70% of players (not calculated but an estimate based on 5 seasons of experience) accept it on the third go. It works pretty well, although it perhaps makes the system a bit transparent
  2. When have I ever nit-picked before? If you ask me being rewarded with an EPL job for being one of the worst managers of all time is a bug somewhat more formidable than your common house-nit
  3. I don't think anyone using countries like Wales or Sweden as examples to show success with leagues of comparable size to those in Eastern Europe actually counts as them thinking such places are in Eastern Europe. It seems to me like the two of you that have tried to point it out have done a pretty poor job of sounding clever
  4. I just had my first instance of this being ridiculous. I could understand it in matches in torrential rain at a low level, but at the Emirates? no chance On a well-kept pitch players get wet, not totally brown down both sides Still playing the same match that prompted my earlier comment, and the rain has stopped and all the mud has gone from the players! I like that weather can change during a game, but sadly I didn't notice if my players are clean from changing kits at half-time or if the mud magically disappeared
  5. I really do think the ME is much better than it was last week. I don't think I'm ever going to get over the rewarding of failure issue though, although to be honest if they did fix it I'd probably never play anything else, so maybe its for the best
  6. FMC is stripped down with some features removed, with the intention that players who don't want to put lots and lots of effort into FM can still enjoy it, as the regular mode requires a lot of time and concentration to have success as it has expanded so much in recent years, and normally processes slower.
  7. Does your google work properly? Demo is 6 months then it stops, but saves can be carried on once you buy the full game (although personally I'd always start over to get a bigger database)
  8. Where does our money go? Why do SI sell an annual chart-topping game yet don't appear to have an adequate bug testing team? I'm sure the licenses for the clubs/leagues/players don't come cheap, but does this account for it all? I'm not ruling it out Don't get me wrong I am 100% in favour of the beta methodology, I really appreciate the manner in which SI release regular updates when required and the forum support which is (normally) quite active
  9. Fair enough, I only said not necessarily a bug, which is factually correct even if there is an issue
  10. This isn't necessarily a bug! If no-one wants to pay more than 850,000 for him then no-one does, tough tits
  11. I signed a South Korean player while managing Ukraine/Leeds, and he scored his first international goal for his country. The option was there to speak to him to I did, said well done, he said "don't expect me to score a lot", and my only available responses related to being the South Korean national manager.
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