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  1. I didn't, truth be told I saw your name pop up in the the 'last post' section of the main forum which drew my attention, and then upon finding yet another OTF forum I came to see what it was! I realise how the evidence might point you to your conclusion though...
  2. no sorry I wasn't saying it shouldn't be in here, its not unfunny! (the dots showed where I went and looked for the translation thread, not how they came across as a sarcastic way of showing how you should have done something differently)
  3. I think its just a badly worded piece of text. My guess would be it should really be he will no longer be ATTEMPTING killer through balls, implying that the coach wanted him to stop because the player thought he was some kind of passing genius but just gave the ball to the intercepting defender each time. It might be worth logging as a bug somewhere to see if I am right................ but I just went to find the right forum for you and see you have done so and got an answer already....
  4. Godly or God-like perhaps, but God Gimnastica is a bug
  5. What is this supposed to be? Not only is it arguably verging on racism (lack of malicious intent and content noted), but one of the world's tallest people is chinese http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bao_Xishun Its almost like people from all countries can be of any height....
  6. Maybe the skin you downloaded came with that added, but its a pack that exists seperate from a skin, and can be found on the first page of the skinning section of this forum http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/346956-DAZS8-TV-LOGOS-and-COMMENTATORS
  7. I find the easiest is imgur. Upload a photo to imgur, and then once it is done it give you a 'forum code' which you just input as a post here, exactly as it is
  8. It isn't ridiculous at all. younger players may be excited by the challenge of being away from home, whereas when they get older, start having kids etc, they may want to go back to where they are from. It isn't the same kind of homesickness as a young player who can't cope with the change, but it is homesickness nonetheless. (As someone who has lived in 5 different countries in the last 5 years, I know how they feel)
  9. Upload it to imgur instead, and then imgur will give you a 'forum code' which you copy and paste into a message here
  10. I think this is the move the ME was trying to replicate
  11. As long as people are stating its case for inclusion on this thread (as you seem to be) and not evidence of some kind of bug, then I 100% agree with your post. Can leave IRL footballing bias to the football thread.
  12. not that that is what I am saying anyone here has done.............. as well as save-game editors you can also edit the list of set first names and surnames for any nationality in the db
  13. Does anyone have the panels for this for the fm base skin?
  14. You are going to have to point out to me what is remotely funny about this, as I have missed it...
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