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  1. Match engine is still a really dull watch. Movement is still practically non-existent (though I did see a striker make a run in behind before the ball was played once 😱). There’s never any intensity when in possession. This often results in long balls from defenders when you want to play out of the back Still a load of balls wide going out of touch. Though there is an improvement there. Seen a few through balls played in behind fullbacks Wingers choice of when to try and get past players is baffling at times. I’ve seen my full back and winger in a 2 v 1 vs opposition fullback and the winger just runs straight into the player and loses the ball. The same is happening when I’m good crossing positions. They just run at the player or cross way too late Goalkeepers animations are still hilariously bad, and I only see 3d highlights after goals. i could go on a bit more, but why bother. This update is an improvement but still sucks. What sucks even more is that after less than half a year of release, you will now give up with any major updates for this game and come out around October telling us why FM20 will be the most realistic FM yet 🙃
  2. Id take unbalanced but fun to watch/play over unbalanced and boring to watch/play, all day, everyday :')
  3. FM12 for me, but imagine if FM19 had that ME...
  4. Without this being 100% fact, it follows the pattern of previous years These have been the release dates for the last few previous games 16.2.0 December 16th, 16.3.0 March 4th, 17.2.0 December 15th, 17.3.0 March 1st, 18.2.0 December 14th, 18.3.0 March 1st, 19.2.0 December 11th.
  5. Good stuff. Not gone unbeaten myself this year but had 3 draws and 1 loss (lost in final 5 games ) with Dortmund in my first full season with them. (2021 In game). Sat 3rd with 3 losses half way through the next season now....
  6. I like to use the IGE to play a save as chairmen. Now SI are against this mode but being able to set staff roles in the editor would allow me to do this with IGE. All i want is to set a staff member to a role (assistant manager) and then i can do everything else in game. Bit frustrating not being able to do this.
  7. in game, he's definitely up there. I'm a Liverpool fan so there's no bias here, just opinion.
  8. I don't understand how Lukaku is still happy at United. They signed Icardi at the start of the second and Lukaku has never been a key player since. How on earth is he still at the club and happy? One of the best striker in the world happy with this game time?
  9. There's room for improvement. You should watch what you call "daft" when you miss the point by such a margin. flexible patch releases does not equal earlier release date. Let me explain so you don't miss the point and make yourself look "daft". SI recently opened a public beta (Great idea). During this beta a number of issues were raised and bugs were reported. Update 19.2.0 was released. Said bugs and issues from beta still present. The release could've been held off until a later date to give more time to solve these problems. Now this is where communication could have helped. A simple statement (informing those who spent their time reporting these issues and bugs) to say that certain issues and bugs were unable to be solved, should have been released. This statement could have gone two ways. A) To inform the community that the update will be rolled out at a later time to be able to try and fix these. B) To inform the community that these issues where unable to be fixed in time for the scheduled update, and to ask that players continue to report problems in the relevant threads. No one is expecting a magical fix for everything and the game to be perfect. But those who spend a hell of a lot of time reporting issues are more than deserving a bit better communication for their efforts
  10. The one to Mane was brilliant. The exact kind of thing people are frustrated not to see enough of. A packed defense, a good run with the ball and forward pass into the box.
  11. Best thing to do is either put them altogether and post a link to a youtube video or something. That takes time, so if not just step by step screenshots are pretty useful
  12. Stats in the game only offer limited feedback. Have a look at the assists. You may find that a lot of them aren't really from creating good goal scoring opportunities, but are instead just passes/crosses that lead to a goal. I expect a lot of those assists would have been crosses or a short pass that resulted in another player scoring from long shots. That's been my experience anyway
  13. I'd like to be as optimistic as you. A lot of the problems reported since update 19.2.0 were reported in the beta, so i am struggling :')
  14. I hope so too. Still a lot of progress to be made with communication as well. Much has been spoken about this in recent times. Having some of the SI team show up and reply to the odd comment here and there isn't really enough. Clear statements regarding current problems and plans to fix them need to be made, and need to be made on a consistent basis (bi-Weekly at best, Monthly at worst) Also back to the updates. These have been the release dates for the last few previous games 16.2.0 December 16th 16.3.0 March 4th 17.2.0 December 15th 17.3.0 March 1st 18.2.0 December 14th 18.3.0 March 1st 19.2.0 December 11th Not much flexibility at all.
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