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  1. Almost two months away from the game, i return to see this still hasnt been fixed. Laughable.
  2. The football being played in the Beta was a pleasure to watch. Now the highlights are 90% players running with the ball and getting tackled or shooting/crossing straight into a defender a yard away
  3. For the love of god, spend the next year working on nothing but goalkeepers. This is the only year ive been able to enjoy the 3d match engine but goalkeepers still being horrific have cut that short
  4. i really don't understand this. CA shouldn't even be considered when giving players their attributes. You most definitely shouldn't even have to consider dropping other attributes to justify raising another to where it should be. I've seen CA mentioned a few times in this thread and it seems an awful way to decide stats when they don't affect on pitch performances, which is the most important thing about attributes.
  5. Really enjoying the match engine this year. Is the best since fm12 in my opinion. Still goalkeepers are a big problem though. Shot stopping has improved but movement, especially from balls that go from one side to the other (I.E crosses from left to the far post). Too often goalkeepers just stop and dive when they reach the middle of the goal, so with the angle its pretty much an open goal for the attacker. Also penalty animations are inconsistent. The game has lost that feeling of certain events leading to those moments that leave you feeling like you've been "Fm'd" (which is a huge positive)
  6. i'm often finding players with high determination (17+) attribute are constantly dropping to around 13/14. Is there a trick i'm missing here that's causing this or is it possibly a bug?
  7. In terms of questions and answers in the press conference, this one is probably the worst.
  8. its laughable that we're still stuck with this version of the match engine. Not long ago we was informed there was often upto 10 builds of the match engine internally and yet we don't even get something on the public beta to test out. This Match Engine isn't acceptable for a £40 game and players are practically testers. Stop messing about, add something new to the public beta and lets work on the game as a community because that's what we've been expected to do with this horrific release. Seen better defending on foosbal table than this release. Seen better finishing as well tbh
  9. Its time for FM to open up to modding. Let players use old match engines. Let the modding community create their own. For me personally there have been 2 match engines in this decade where i've felt like i can enjoy the game whilst setting up the teams to play however i want them to play. I said it last year and i feel the same way again this year. Excluding the match engine, the game is fantastic, but everything you do comes down to those few minutes where the match engine is left to do its job. Its failing horribly again. Give me Fm12 Match Engine. I'll take the inbalances back then for the
  10. players in my team have not been given any holiday time after the Euros. England lost the Semi final on the 7th and Chillwell is available for selection in my next game on the 12th
  11. This picture shows what it should look like when players shoot from this angle. From the angle of the camera, sure it looks like a simple pass. Though put yourself in the players boots. He had so little time between receiving the ball and having to make a decision (in FM players are taking multiple touches with loads of time). If he takes another touch here, a recovering tackle could be made by No 8. Also the defenders positioning is decent. From our angle we can see the ball across is still on, but again in the players boots he has so little time and its difficult to spot the attacker (In FM
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