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Tactics or just lack of ability?

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Hullo, I've been trying all evening to find a formation and set up that works. I'm a lower league side in the BSS, so my players aren't the best, and I just cannot find a tactic that works for me, and it suddenly dawned on me that maybe my problems are more than tactics, maybe my players are rubbish. Problem is, how can I tell? Is there a way of seeing if your players aren't good enough for the level they are at? Or should I keep trying new formations and tactics till I find one that works?


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Not to sound rude but there is also a 3rd option of, you don't understand how tactics work?

You can see how your team is compared to others in the league you're in. From the squad overview screen choose the report tab then the comparison tab. Now you should be able to see how the team compares to the resr of the league.

If you've been trying a lot of tactics and can't get anything to work then to me that suggest more than just the players you have available. I suggest you give these a read;

How to Play FM13: A Twelve Step Guide

FM 13, Dummy Guide to Tactics - 442

Tactical Systems - Stafford Rangers goes on a trip

Or if you decide you need more specific help then this;

Asking For Help - PLEASE READ THIS

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Haha, no it's not rude, you're probably right. I've read some of those already, tactics just seems to go in one ear and out the other with me.

I'll give the others a read though :) Thanks.

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