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Assistant Coach Recommends Possible Loan Players

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I played the first 3 ever Champ Mans, then had a long layoff before picking up the iphone handheld version last year. FM13 is my first foray into a desktop version since probably 1997.

Quick question. I saw a Hint&Tips come up saying how I could get my Asst. Coach to recommend a list of loan signings. However, it flashed off the screen just as quickly and I couldn't see how. Does anyone know how to do this?


Also - which would be the best place on these forums be to discuss lower league management (I'm with Dorchester in the BSqSouth - I never found the game fun just launching into managing a top club. Prefer to work my way up.)

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Re your question about lower league management discussion, there is a LLM forum on here, a few further down the list from this forum. If you do venture in there, though, be warned they have very strict rules about what can and cannot be discussed in there, so you have to read their rules and regulations before posting anything. If you were to inadvertantly break one of them, then they're likely to send someone through your internet connection to beat you with a big stick :-)

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Hey jalapic,

There should be a button called "Get Advice From Staff" with a dropdown menu and can be found when you're looking at the senior squad. The Loan Player Recommendations are in there.

As for where to post about discussing lower league management...well, it depends on how you're wanting to. It you wish to discuss players, post tactics, or the names of anything, steer clear of the actual LLM section. There is the belief that if you do anything like this there, you're contributing to environmental, social, political, economic, and virtual collapse of all mankind. However, if youre not discussing these things, you're all good! :)

If you want to discuss in terms of naming names, tactics, etc, then it would likely be in the Tactics & Training area or Good Player & Team Guide.


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