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  1. I am in 2031 and manager of USA and Real Madrid. I am getting a request on 5 June 2031 to assign shirt numbers to the USA squad that I picked for the upcoming Gold Cup which starts 10 June. I have a friendly arranged before this competition on 6 June against England. I 'must respond' to the shirt number request, but when I get to the team screen it says no upcoming fixtures that require shirt numbers being assigned. I presume this is something to do with the friendly fixture before the Gold Cup. I cannot continue with the game because I cannot respond to this shirt number request. But I cannot assign the shirt numbers. I also cannot cancel the England friendly. So I'm completely stuck, which is really annoying! Any ideas?
  2. nope I'm American. Strange that the game has this rule but not apparently the actual league - unless they changed it just last year.
  3. I've won the cup, the league, got to European Cup semis with PSV, but never ever get nominated for manager of the year. My players cleanup in the player of the year categories. It's weird as there are like 8 names on the shortlist for manager of the year but never me - what gives? Is this a bug?
  4. i've actually worked it out. Go to staff. Click on staff member and then click on 'reports' tab. Other staff members can then suggest players to sign.
  5. I haven't played FM2013 in a few months since my previous PC crashed. I am starting a new save in N.Ireland (very fun leagues to play btw). I seem to remember that I could get members of my staff other than my scouts (e.g. asst manager) to recommend players to sign to me (and not just loan signings but free agents and other players). I can't remember how to do this - does anyone know or am I mis-remembering?
  6. In my game York City were back in the Conference and sold Matty Blair for over 1M
  7. Since reading this thread and following the advice of having my back four set up like this (Left-Attack, CB-stopper, CB-stopper, Right-Support), I have had much more success - in a 4-1-2-1-2. Using my team comparison (Gateshead, 4th place in BSP, media prediction bottom half of the 24 teams) - the overview is this: decisions - 1st first touch - 1st passing - 1st strength - 22nd work rate - 1st teamwork - 4th leadership - 6th aggression - 5th This seems like I'm doing great using my slow tempo, short passing game. Looking at the DEF, MID, ATT comparisons individually though I'm usually only in the 7th-12th range on most measures (except for MID-passing and MID-creativity where we are 1st). In defense we are 16th or lower for tackling, marking, positioning, pace and acceleration. Given that info - Could my low Defense ratings compared to other teams be related to changing my back four from all having a "DEFENSE" setting to having my fullbacks being Attack/Support ? Or is it simply that I need to get better defenders in ?
  8. I too am getting a ton of injuries now. I found that the Hydra started to be less efficient following the patch. However I put my WBs back into a straight back four though kept then denoted as WB. This and turning off long shots for my AMC appears to have enabled good results to continue.
  9. I was on a dreadful run of about 3 wins in 30 games with two different sides in the BSP before using this. It took a few games to bed in, but now it is really taking off. I'm not yet dominating possession but do dominate the shot count and am winning regularly. In many ways it reflects the modern game whereby full backs are playing more often up on the halfway line (think Evra, Cole, Janovic, Kolarov) and one of the centre miss anchors to receive the ball. Having two poachers is a bit strange - has anyone tried this by varying the forwards' roles!
  10. In my game Hereford have just signed Tonga's U19 coach Toma Faupula. Before that Wrexham hired his predecessor as Tonga's U19 head coach - Kavakava Fonua. Two in quick succession seems a bit unlikely ?
  11. Is there a way of requesting your team to switch from semi-Pro to Pro status? I'm Dorchester Town and we're semi-pro. I got us to the Bl Sq Prem but we are always a bottom half team. It's hard to compete with the newly relegated teams from the NPower when they are big professional clubs and we only train twice a week.
  12. ok thanks guys. I was simply hitting the button and not the drop down arrow. Thanks for the help.
  13. I played the first 3 ever Champ Mans, then had a long layoff before picking up the iphone handheld version last year. FM13 is my first foray into a desktop version since probably 1997. Quick question. I saw a Hint&Tips come up saying how I could get my Asst. Coach to recommend a list of loan signings. However, it flashed off the screen just as quickly and I couldn't see how. Does anyone know how to do this? thanks. Also - which would be the best place on these forums be to discuss lower league management (I'm with Dorchester in the BSqSouth - I never found the game fun just launching into managing a top club. Prefer to work my way up.)
  14. I think the game is great. One quick issue - I have a player/coach (Paul Jermyn at Dorchester) who plays in the senior team and manages my U18s. Often he is able to do this on the same day at opposite sides of the country. Seems like an odd quirk.
  15. I'm having good success with 3-5-2 in the Blue Sq South, particularly against sides playing 4-4-2
  16. I'm with Dorchester Town in the Blue Sq South. - On my Boardroom>Overview page in the Staff pane it gives a list of staff roles with the number of Current and Advised Positions. It has a category of "General Manager" with my board recommending one. How on earth do I sign a general manager - that options doesn't seem open to me under staff search.
  17. I just hired Dean Ashton as my assistant at Dorchester. I got an Argentinian player who doesn't speak any English in on a free. Dean seems to feel it necessary to tell me after 2 minutes of every single match that he can't speak English. Is there any way to get Dean to stop repeating himself?
  18. One of their games vs me was rescheduled for this reason. Is this pretty common then?
  19. I have a couple of Canadian players on my short list from ages ago, but still get news updates on them. Burton Albion have been trying to sign both of them and they agree contracts etc. Then they obviously don't get a permit (this news doesn't actually appear on the news screen). This process keeps cycling through again and again and again. Surely in real life Burton would give up after being constantly turned down for work permits? I delisted both from my short list as I was getting so bored with the news updates.
  20. This isn't my experience. 75% of my for sale players get bought pretty quickly.
  21. For my 18th and 19th games of the Premier League season, I played Liverpool home and away. The fixtures occurred on the 19th and 23rd Dec. Pretty unusual, though I'd imagine not completely without precedent in the Prem (I know these back to back fixtures used to happen in the olden days). I expect this is because the fixtures are randomly generated such that you play each team once per half season.
  22. The same sort of thing happened again during the January of the same season . I'd pre-bought an Argentinian regen central D, 'Luis Castro'. I got him from L2 Bristol Rovers. At the beginning of Jan I confirmed the transfer and he joined my first team squad (York City in the Prem). Without ever playing a game for me or even for any team other than Bristol Rovers, he was then named as the Premier League divisional player of the month for the previous December (announced on Jan 4th)!
  23. FC United of Manchester are also storming through the lower leagues in my games. I had a regen I was interested in called "Martin Martin". It made me think about trying to get a whole team of them, along the lines of "Neville Neville" etc.
  24. I have a regen - "Tommy Dickinson" - who is 16 and i snapped up from Vauxhall. He is with 100% certainty the reincarnation of Steven Gerrard (he appeared 12 months following Stevie's retirement with the exact same positional stats which are very characteristic). Everyone at the club is going crazy for him. I started the season by sending him to a div 1 team for some games. He played 8 games with an average rating of 8.00. He then got injured so I brought him back with an eye to give him a few sub appearances when he gets fit. Lo and behold though, he won the Premier League Player of the Month - and I can't even give him a game yet as he's not fit. Pretty impressive stuff.........
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