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  1. I'm curious as to why people want to play from July then have "agreed" transfers go through in January, when those transfers were NOT agreed in July. So in game terms, Mata's transfer to Man Utd was agreed by Chelsea and David Moyes some 5-6 months AFTER "John Smith" took over the reigns at Old Trafford as a rookie manager? In what way would Juan Mata arriving to play for John Smith's club in January be "realistic", when his meeting with David Moyes can't have happened? The game becomes unrealistic as soon as John Smith arrives for his first day at work, it's the nature of the beast. :-)
  2. George Burley was sacked at Hearts in 2005 for playing his best team. Mad Vlad wanted him to play less talented Lithuanian players in the side over the brilliant starting 11 Burley had built. Burley refused, they hit a stalemate and Burley "left the club by mutual consent" while they were still unbeaten at the top of the SPL miles ahead of the rest.
  3. The very first CM game from SI (with Domark I think) did this very thing. You could pick any team from the top four English leagues and start them in any league, because the game generated brand new fictional players from the very start. There were no real players featured until CM93, which was the second incarnation of the game, if my memory serves me correctly.
  4. I usually play in the beta with Hearts, the team of my blood. Then in the full game, I'll pick a low-ranked team close to where I live at that time. Right now that's Manchester, so it's looking like Stockport, Stalybridge, Hyde or Macclesfield. Of those, the closest to my house is Hyde (it would have been Droylsden, but for last season's relegation from the Conference North) so I might go with them. EDIT: AA Routplanner tells me that Stalybridge is 1.5 miles closer to me than Hyde, so I stand corrected! So perhaps them, then. Or Oldham Athletic if I fancy a start a bit higher up.
  5. The Old Firm have done that for years. Players who excelled at other SPL teams were frequently bought by Rangers or Celtic and hardly ever played. It looked sometimes like all they were doing was signing certain players to remove the threat of them playing against them. That's in real life, though, I don't know if FM is quite sophisticated enough to implement these sort of "spoiler" tactics. Chris Killen and Derek Riordan from Hibs to Celtic were cases in point.
  6. Ok, here goes... <deep breath> South Africa: 14 July 2012 Australia: 1 Aug 2012 China: 16 Jan 2012 or 14 Jan 2013 Hong Kong: 19 Jul 2012 India: 14 Jul 2012 Indonesia: 1 Aug 2012 Malaysia: 1 Dec 2011 or 29 Nov 2012 Singapore: 14 Jan 2012 or 12 Jan 2013 South Korea: 4 Feb 2012 or 2 Feb 2013 Austria: 23 Jun 2012 Belarus: 29 Feb 2012 or 25 Feb 2013 Belgium: 4 Jul 2012 Bulgaria: 6 Jun 2012 Croatia: 26 Jun 2012 Czech Rep: 10 Jul 2012 Denmark: 20 Jun 2012 England: 17 Jul 2012 Finland: 3 Jan 2012 or 25 Dec 2012 France: 2 Jul 2012 Germany: 26 Jun 2012 Greece: 12 Jul 2012 Hungary: 26 Jun 2012 Iceland: 31 Jan 2012 or 29 Jan 2013 Ireland: 24 Jan 2012 or 22 Jan 2013 Israel: 2 Jul 2012 Italy: 15 Jul 2012 Netherlands: 28 Jun 2012 N.Ireland: 17 Jun 2012 Norway: 20 Jan 2012 or 18 Jan 2013 Poland: 28 Jun 2012 Portugal: 18 Jul 2012 Romania: 2 Jun 2012 Russia: 14 Jun 2012 Scotland: 3 Jul 2012 Serbia: 24 Jun 2012 Slovakia: 26 Jun 2012 Slovenia: 14 Jun 2012 Spain: 2 Jul 2012 Sweden: 15 Feb 2012 or 13 Feb 2013 Switzerland: 26 Jun 2012 Turkey: 10 Jul 2012 Ukraine: 18 Jun 2012 Wales: 13 Jun 2012 Mexico: 26 Jun 2012 USA: 16 Jan 2012 Argentina: 17 Jul 2012 Brazil: 1 Jan 2012 or 30 Dec 2012 Chile: 4 Jan 2012 or 2 Jan 2013 Columbia: 4 Jan 2012 or 2 Jan 2013 Peru: 22 Jan 2012 or 16 Jan 2013 Uruguay: 23 Jul 2012 Hope this is of help!
  7. After winning League 2 with Mansfield I was offered the job at St Patricks Athletic, which I declined. Later, towards the latter part of the next season MK Dons came calling, who were well below me in League 1 fighting for their lives. I never took that one either. I didn't apply for any of those jobs. I actually stopped applying for anything apart from international jobs after my board went nuts when I tried ambitiously to get the vacant Derby and Forest positions while in League 2.
  8. Yes, pretty much! I have never, ever, told any of my teams who to take penalties and in what order. I leave those decisions to the boys on the pitch, who (in my mind) are going to step up and take them if and when they feel up for it.
  9. Maybe I go about things the wrong way, but I don't allocate penalty takers at all, for penalties at any time. My thinking is that if we are required to take a penalty (or penalties in the case of a shootout) the player who feels most up to it will step up of his own accord. As yet, we've only missed a small amount in several seasons of play.
  10. I just looked in the editor (13.3) and Valencia are scheduled to move into the new stadium on 1st January 2016. EDIT: Just remembered I am running the correct names & German fix. I thought the changes it made were cosmetic, but maybe it changed more than I thought?
  11. Oh that takes me back! Way back in the late 90s on the old CM games, you'd put an "Arse" command into one of the game files. It introduced the possibilities of players behaving like, well, as it says on the tin! Punching, spitting, fighting, you name it. Not all the time, tho. Basically, it was irrational behaviour on the part of the players that wasn't in the game originally probably for legal reasons.
  12. I don't know if this will help, but I know you can find Kalsruhe in the German 3.Liga, and look in the Spanish Segunda B1 for Real Oviedo. They might be the closest you'll get to your definition of "Fallen Giant".
  13. I have several shortlists which I use to seperate different types of player into groups. Now, every player is for me a potential signing, but the only reason I have them on various different shortlists is to keep them easy to find if and when I decide to make a move. I'm not interested in agent offers or being updated on when one of them last used the toilet. My Personal Assistant is under instruction to never send me agent offers, and every shortlist except my "default" one is unticked on every aspect. So why am I swamped with agent offers every day? Is this part of the game not working properly, or am I missing something obvious?
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