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Difference between Ipad and PC

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The two are totally different games - the PC game is intended to be a hardcore realistic simulation and tends to take a long time to play through, Football Manager Handheld is a less 'intense' product - its designed to be realistic, but it plays much faster than the PC game and is more streamlined.

Basically if you played out PC titles a decade ago then you'll know roughly what to expect with FMH, for example there is a 2d representation of the match but no 3d. there aren't any team talks and instead of a media conference before each match there are sporadic interactive news items depending on whats going on in the world etc.

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Cheers. Part of me knows that I'll have more fun playing it on an Ipad than on the PC as it's not so hardcore but another part of me wants to believe I can be successful

playing the PC version. Decisions...

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