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  1. WayneRooneysHaircut

    Spurs: Improbable wage demands (transfer market)

    Thanks Ari. Something seems amiss.
  2. Time to turn in your coaching badge... Kidding, kidding. Never had a bad season using that tactic, but again I havent used it in some time now. Details?
  3. WayneRooneysHaircut

    Reduced injuries

    Would love a "no injuries" unlockable.
  4. WayneRooneysHaircut

    Spurs: Improbable wage demands (transfer market)

    Any update Mods?
  5. WayneRooneysHaircut

    Work Permits

    Interestingly I could sign him with Arsenal last night. (Who you would think the game would consider less likely to play than at Tottenham) Will test with several other teams today.
  6. WayneRooneysHaircut

    Work Permits

    Why does Carlos Fierro get a work permit with Wigan but not with Tottenham? This reminds me of Sime Vrlasko from last year, who would only be granted a work permit with a specific handful of Prem teams.
  7. WayneRooneysHaircut

    What a run!!!

    Would like to see an answer to that as well.
  8. WayneRooneysHaircut


    I stopped a save with Ranger after I went unbeaten in the league and won 2 cups. It was too easy, and I couldnt force myself to push through the other leagues before getting back to the SPL. Perhaps I could have holiday'd, but the novelty wears off quick with Rangers for me.
  9. WayneRooneysHaircut

    FMH 2013 Update 3 (v4.3) out now!

    * Improved player contract requests for sugar daddied clubs Can this be explained a bit further? Ive had some difficulty splashing cash as Spurs with Sugar Daddy on. (Players wanting MORE than the 300k I can offer) What exactly was altered in the update?
  10. I agree with the above. As long I can remember certain players (almost seemed hard-coded in some way) will always attract interest when a bid is made. You either have to wait until the end of the window, or sign them when the window closes, for the January window.
  11. WayneRooneysHaircut

    Spurs: Improbable wage demands (transfer market)

    Started a new game to test again last night. The above wouldn't sign, plus Vidal, Varane, Marcelo, Kroos, Hamsik. Has to be because of reputation, even with Sugar Daddy turned on. Marc, to what extent does Sugar Daddy help reputation?
  12. WayneRooneysHaircut

    Spurs: Improbable wage demands (transfer market)

    I was trying my best to blow it all on two players, but found it virtually impossible to get a world class player to sign. (Was this game built by an Arsenal fan?)
  13. WayneRooneysHaircut

    Spurs: Improbable wage demands (transfer market)

    Haha. I was playing (or attempting to play before going to sleep in anger) with Sugar Daddy on. Levy was getting overridden by our new chairman (Roman Abromovich's brother, Stan) who was pumping a cool 99m into the transfer budget. :-)
  14. WayneRooneysHaircut

    Spurs: Improbable wage demands (transfer market)

    Tried it and couldnt up my wages. I had 99m transfer budget, and my wages were under budget, but no matter how much I moved to wages my max wage would not increase beyond 300k.