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  1. Wow! fitness training doesn't build fitness -- what a misnomer. No wonder some people are having trouble with the game, it's confusing. I think I understand what you mean, it helps to increase the stamina attribute. Again, thanks.
  2. I find it strange that there's no need for fitness training during preseason considering the players will be back off their hols nod unfit. However I have noticed that the players are almost fit at the start save lacking match fitness. Maybe it's down to luck but considering it keep happening in my saves it has to be down to training. I'll have harder look and see what's the cause. Thanks for your help.
  3. I don't know. Like I said I do one week high intensity fitness in first week of preseason. I didn't mention this, but I then do a month of tactical training on high intensity until the season starts. Am I not doing enough high intensity fitness training? I used to do two weeks in previous editions but since fm15 I've been getting injuries or players stamina going down quickly so I thought I was over exerting them.
  4. Can someone point me in the right direction in terms of training if it's my training that's causing the injuries. I can't find anything comprehensive.
  5. Hunt3r I did one week of high intensity fitness because I noticed if I did two weeks my players would get injured. To be fair my prayers are beginning to cone back from training and I coped ok but boy was it infuriating. Honestly, I've noticed injuries are a problem until the game has a final patch then they're not so prominent.
  6. Hi sporadicsmiles, thanks for your input. I have my players do one week of high fitness training then let them work on other training aspects at an average intensity so I don't think it's my training. I do rotate the team so others get game time during preseason. I'm used to having the odd annoying long term injury but this getting beyond a joke.
  7. Nearly half my squad have gone down with long term injuries (up to 3-5 months) and I'm now down to the bare bones. I know injury problems can be bad in real life but it's taking the enjoyment out of the game. If the injuries were spread throughout the season even to key players I wouldn't mind but at the start of the season is frustrating. This injury thing happens in almost every edition until rectified in the final patch. Come on si, get it together.
  8. Wwarrddy. That was a very enjoyable read. Brilliant. I'm glad you're enjoying the game. I haven't bought it yet - I like to wait until the final path - but I can't wait to buy it. I'm definitely going to try LLM.