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Can you use a mouse? f.instance on a tablet.

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I like FMH very much, as I loved CM0102 more than any other versions. FM got a bit to complex for my interest, so FMH is right up my alley.

However, I dont like using my fingers to touch the menus. I misshit a lot.

If I buy the game to a tablet, is there a way to use a mouse-cursor?

If not, please make it possible.

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It depends on whether such a thing is implemented on the tablet and how they undertake the drivers for it.

To explain the game works off information given by the OS, that is it monitors the screen sensors and then uses that information to determine user clicks etc.

As such if the mouse 'fakes' touch input on the screen then yes it'd be possible - but unfortunately I have no experience at all with this side of things presently.

PS - The game is designed for touch input and I think you'd find it easy enough to use, simply put I designed it for big fingers clumsy people such as myself ... ;)

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