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  1. I believe it is a bug they are working on fixing.
  2. All three :-/ I've started a new career, I'll have a look around to see if I spot anything.
  3. Never mind actually.. I accidentally saved my other save over it
  4. Hello. Last year, around March-May, I experienced a bug in FM2012 in which random dates appeared in players history, eventually causing to crash at a certain point. It was fixed by the guys at SI, and Alari said that they'd never experienced it before. Well its back. I havent crashed yet, but I sadly probably will in the future. I go to have a look at Evra's history, and last season, apparently he played 8 games for Bradford. No fee, and he just came right back to us. This is the only current recorded date in which I have found, however I am trying to find others. Currently uploading a picture now. Has anyone else experienced this bug since? Idk, it seems weird that it would happen in BOTH FMH2012 and FMH2013 for me. Thanks for any help guys. EDIT 1: Here is the original thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/303296-Random-dates-in-player-info EDIT 2: Here is a pic of Evra http://i1091.photobucket.com/albums/i398/nonfrightcyberman/104_zps35f9cf21.png
  5. No matter if all their stats are 20 they'll concede as many goals as someone with half his stats.
  6. Can you please make a christmas sale for FMH2013? Or at least a sale soon? I bought FMH2012 when it was on sale at 4.99 in april, and I'm 50p off, and I won't get any money til January, I CANT STAND THE PATIENCE
  7. Im pretty sure there's a thread like this already, but; Javier Hernandez (Chicharito) Chris Smalling Nemanja Vidic Neymar REGENS Steve O'Connor Francisco Crespo Helder Leao Ian Elliott
  8. I know have a player called Steve O'Connor, signed for 600K from Hampton & Richmond, he's scored 134 goals and 52 assists in just 3 seasons!!
  9. Yep. Do what he says. Although, if you have an internet connection, it will load game centre. Simply go to Aeroplane Mode in your settings, return to the game and go to hall of fame. That should work.
  10. Im back! I have a problem with this - When I try and make United transfers, no matter what order I transfer them in Buttner is the only one that appears.. yet when I have a look in the editor it shows that they are all there!
  11. I used to do that with files, I put .dat or .tga .jpg etc but it would already add it so I would have two .jpg, just change it back to save1 (I think its called) or whatever th save was before, it should automatically add the .dat and It should work.
  12. I use 4-1-2-3, Usually gets me results, but isnt promising
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