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  1. fm 2013 sack agent

    ahh okay, thanks. happy new year.
  2. Hi all Can you interact and get your player to sack his agent? I was reading on here an interaction about getting them to sack the agent and it works 50% of the time but that may have been with fm12 or fm14. I can't find the option in fm13? Thanks R
  3. 13.2.2

    well I guess if I keep practicing maybe one day I can be as good as you Bradley one can only dream thanks
  4. 13.2.2

    lol thanks
  5. 13.2.2

    so I can upgrade from 13.2.1 and it wont destroy my tactic? I take it the match engine is the same? Thanks Ryan
  6. been using with wolves - not winning the league but it's doing a great job of keeping me mid table (prem) thanks!!
  7. works well for me, the onion bag is being rattled i repeat THE ONION BAG IS BEING RATTLED
  8. Really enjoying this tactic Set passing to short when it's dry and direct when it's wet. Thanks
  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhh I see now Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know where I can find some details on each of the play styles you can select during instant results? Like: Smash and Grab Play for the Draw Accept the draw Just a basic breakdown of each one? Thanks Ryan
  11. I agree with OP. You use this option to filter out the shocking moves if you offered a silly amount, you just want it to show you the players you have a good chance of getting if you can secure the transfer.
  12. android tactics

    btw those tactics worked a treat "Solid 4-1-3-2 formation (idevices)". one thing i did forget at the start was to set the player tactics, i only setup the formation and missed the other bit. once i did the player tactics the good times rolled. cheers +1 for android tactics